Friday, 31 July 2015

Boots || Haul

I went to Boots ... and I bought a whole load of things that I didn't actually need so naturally I'm going to share them with you so you can buy things you don't need too hahaha (amn't I an enabler!). In all fairness the majority of this haul resulted from my skin having got a good tan so technically I needed some new make-up to match it!

I bought a tanning accelerator because even though I have managed to get a bit of a tan, I'd quite like to darken it at any given chance. Yes I am a tanaholic haha. You can use this both for outdoor tanning and for the sunbeds too (not that I'm advising to use them) and it smells like oranges. It's really moisturising... as for does it make you more tanned? Probably not, maybe it would if you were under a really strong sun but I think I've tanned the exact same as I would have without it! So I think I won't bother buying anymore tanning accelerators once this one is used up.

One thing I did actually need was a new mascara and everyone has been raving about the Maybelline Lash sensational mascara so I thought I would give it a go. I've heard a lot of rumours about it being a really good dupe for Benefits Roller lash which I've been wanting to try. Since it's been so highly raved about I do have high hopes but I'm so fussy with mascara's and haven't managed to find many from the drug store that I actually like so we'll see how it goes. I'll definitely do a full review on this letting you know my thoughts on it.

Another tan inspired purchase was the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. I was finding that all my concealers were too light for me (you know that dreaded white under eye look) so I needed a darker one. I went for another cult favourite because I only really need it for under eyes rather than blemishes and anything that promises to brighten those dreaded eye bags sounds ideal to me.

I don't usually suffer from blemished skin so the main reason for me to wear a foundation is to give my face a little bit of colour. So recently I've been finding foundation far too heavy for what I really need so I decided to pick up a BB cream. The only reason I chose this one was because there was some kind of deal on with the concealer but it sounds like it should give a nice sheer coverage. I got this in the shade medium which I would probably class as 'dark' but you know what Rimmel are like with their shades!

I don't know how I ended up purchasing the Toni & Guy salt spray...I'm going to blame it on my friend Robyn for being an enabler. It was really cheap though and so far I have been so impressed, I definitely think a full post will be coming soon on this one! It's quite a small bottle but a little goes a long way.

I'm not going to lie,  the sole reason I ended up purchasing this one was because its erm.. unusual? name caught my eye. Hats off to Soap and Glory's marketing team because their clever names and packaging 100% work. I liked the concept of a tinted moisturiser and this one has lots of vitamins in it. Soap and Glory products usually are really good so I think this one will become one of my favourites. 

I had to stock up on my Eyelure 101 eyelashes. These are always on 3 for 2 which works out at about £26 for 9 sets of eyelashes which I don't think is too bad considering you can re-use each lash (if you're careful) about 5/6 times. I might do a whole separate post on how to look after fake eyelashes if you would like to read it? I did of course buy 3 packs but just for the sake of the photos used one. 

What should I be picking up on my next Boots trip?

Lots of Love,

Monday, 20 July 2015

Current Favourites

Since I haven't done a favourites post for June yet or one for May, I thought it would be good to do a current favoruites updating you on what I've been loving lately. Some of the products are new favourites and others are old ones that I've fallen back in love with.

I'm still obsessed with nude lipsticks, it's all I ever want to reach for. I haven't been brave enough to buy Velvet Teddy yet but Honey Love is like a lighter brown version of it and I love it. It's also a matte lipstick like Velvet Teddy so it's incredibly long lasting. I've been loving pinky nudes as well and my current favourite one has been my L'oreal Julianne one. If it was a MAC lipstick it would be a 'frost' finish and you can keep it quite sheer or build it up to be more opaque. It's not long lasting but because it is quite affordable, I don't mind having to reapply it a few times.

My favourite fragrance has been The Library of Fragrance Peach scent. This stuff is amazing, it smells exactly like fresh peaches and it's so nice for carrying in your hand bag and spritzing on now and again to freshen up. It's also a really nice one to spray in your hair so you can smell it wafting around you all day. If you're a Library of Fragrance fan and have a few other scents from them you can layer them together with this to create a unique perfume. 

I've been loving my Dusty Girls bronzer at the moment. Although strobing is in full swing just now, I for one still can't let go of the contoured cheek bones and bronzed glow craze. I do love a good highlight but I'm not packing away my bronzer wardrobe just yet! This bronzer is huge, the perfect size for swirling a brush round in. It isn't muddy or orange, just the right shade for both contouring and bronzing up the face for a sun kissed glow. It does have a little shimmer in it but nothing at all obvious. 

Since the weather has been warmer (slightly), I've been loving brighter, more colourful shades on my nails. The one I keep going back to is this baby blue from Nails Inc. I do have a lot of blues but this one seems to be the brightest and most true to a baby blue. It's called 'Wembley' and I got it in a set so it's slightly smaller than most Nails Inc polishes but I think (hope) you can buy it individually in the large size.

My last favourite has been Benefits They're Real mascara. I used to use this a long time ago but swapped it for a cheaper alternative and never really finished using the tube I still had. Recently I've been going to the gym and swimming everyday and I prefer to have a little bit of something on my eyes. I've been using this one because I know how stubborn it is and it's been great because I can do a full work out and swim and theres not a single smudge of mascara on my face! I don't think I'd buy it again though because it is expensive for what it is but I'm enjoying using it up while I still have it.

What are your favourites at the moment?

Lots of Love,


Friday, 3 July 2015

June || Instagram

June has been an amazing month for me after having a few rubbish months I think I'm starting to get everything back on track and have been up too quite a lot! I'm loving that the weather is getting much warmer so have seen some really beautiful sunsets, gone on some amazing road trips and done lots of exploring with my favourite not so little anymore puppy. I've still been keeping up the gym nearly every day, eating healthier and of course not giving up my beloved Lucas ice cream.

♥ Gym spa pools

♥ Bannatynes pool

♥ Any other lazy girls style up their swimming costume with their clothes before going swimming?

 ♥ Drinks with Aimee 

♥ Road trip with my fave 

 ♥ Old work shoes ft pup chewed laces 

 ♥ Valentines Day bath ballistic - good to myself! 

 ♥ Dressing like I'm off to Wimbledon for the gym because it's been so hot 

♥ "Mum what do you mean I have something on my face?"

I hope you enjoyed seeing a sneak peek of what I've been up to in June. These pictures are a mixture of from my personal account @whatabbyloves and my puppy's account @lucathespringer. Please do pop over and say hi!

Lots of Love,