Friday, 30 January 2015

#SmearForSmear || What It's Like & Why It's So Important

Okay so this might seem a slightly strange, kind of invasive thing to post on the internet but I think it's something you would all benefit from reading and previous lifestyle posts on things like anxiety and confidence you have all found really helpful. 

The idea from this post came from when my little sister who's only sixteen and a friend told me they would never get a smear test and that it was scary and they'd rather just not bother. That was then I realised that it isn't widely spoken about, it's a bit of a private topic so most people won't share their experience or put off going for their smear. I was really unsure whether to do this post or not but having asked my friends they agreed with me that it was a good idea and something that's important to be shared.

I also saw the #SmearForSmear campaign going about and I thought that this would be the perfect way and opportunity to share this post with you which I've already had typed up just not published.

Smear tests are something us woman all get told to go for, here in Scotland it's over twenty and in England I think it's over 25. Despite us being told to go, it's still quite a daunting experience for us woman who've never had one done before and there's not a lot of information available online as to what it's actually like. Obviously the less something is talked about then the more scary it seems and I know how I felt when I got the letter through the door. Part of me deep down knew I wanted to go because why not take up an opportunity that could potentially save your life? However the other part of me felt sick at the thought of having to go and have a complete stranger do a very private examination. I also feel the smear test age should be lowered to 18 everywhere because the reality is most people have sex before they're 25 and now a days even before they're 18 so I think it's so important that safety is put before morals. That's not to say that I think people should sleep around or have sex before they're 18 but the fact of life is a lot of people do and they should be allowed to have the examination too. Even if it was just a case of being able to ask for a smear before the age that you're requested to go, there should be no limits on safety. There was a story in the news recently of a 23 year old in England who was refused a smear, despite having cervical cancer history in the family and she sadly passed away from cervical cancer after repeatedly being refused a smear.

First of all in the waiting room I felt really anxious, I got so worked up before I went in and I want to stress that all that worrying was more upsetting than the examination. I actually booked mine with a female doctor which I think helped a bit for me because obviously she will have to get this done too and knows exactly how you're feeling. So my first point would be if you're feeling a little nervous about it then ask reception for a female doctor at the time you book it. The second thing I'd advise doing is getting someone to take you either a family member, partner or close friend. I got Gary to give me a lift down because I knew if I had someone waiting on me I wouldn't back out and cancel my appointment last minute. 

For me when I got in the room there was actually a student doctor there and they asked me if it was okay if she stayed. This is not something thats likely to happen but if it is don't be afraid to say no!! I know they're doctors of the future and they need to learn but for your first smear test you don't really need it to be anymore daunting than it already is. I politely said no I'm really sorry normally I wouldn't bother but not today and they were fine with that.

Before the doctor/nurse (I had a doctor cancellation but you'll likely get a nurse) does the test she asks you how your feeling and explains what will happen and then you get put behind a curtain to take your clothes off and get on to a bed. It obviously is not the most dignified experience but remembering that doctors see plenty of the same everyday and also pregnant woman have to go through it really helps. Your vagay-jay no matter what shape, size, colour will be nothing new to a doctor or nurse. Then cold jelly is applied to the area and a clamp is used to hold you open which is not as scary as it sounds, I promise!!! and the doctor uses a little instrument to gather some cells from your cervix. I'm not going to lie to you and say it was absolutely pain free because it wasn't but it's more uncomfortable than painful. I'm sure most of you have experienced period pain and that is exactly what it feels like, the highest point in a wave of period pain except constant for 2/3 minutes. It can be over quicker or slightly longer depending on how long it takes for the doctor to see your cervix clearly. 

As I said above, smear tests are not the scary painful experience you imagine it to be. For me the pain of waiting in the waiting room was more uncomfortable. When it's done it is a bit sore but more that dragging uncomfortable period pain feeling in your tummy/lower abdomen area. Then once its done the doctor leaves you to get dressed, you come out and they tell you that you'll get your results within 6 weeks and unless theres a problem with your cells thats you for 3 years. Mines thankfully came back clear but if it hadn't then I'd have given myself the best chance of fighting cervical cancer by going for the smear. It is worth a mention though that the smear can come back unclear and it doesn't mean you have cervical cancer, it can be an inaccurate smear or that insufficient cells were gathered.

I honestly can't stress how important getting this test done is, when you think about it whats more painful? the possibility of getting cervical cancer and having to have a doctor regularly down there and going for chemotherapy or a few minutes of a little bit embarrassment and low level pain? I know which one I would chose!

I want to add that even if you've had the HPV jag at school (equally important) which I have had, it's still important to get your smear test done every three years. 

I am so glad I went for it now because it's out of the way for three years and I can relax knowing I'm healthy. I'd love it if you would share this post with all your female friends because like the advert says 'together we can fight cancer' and if this saves one persons life then its worth writing! Also I'd love it if you shared it with the hashtag #SmearforSmear and share pictures of you with your smeared lipstick so I can see them all.

Knowledge is power.

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Flawless Palette || Review

It is no secret how much I am loving Make-Up Revolution and their Eyes Like Angels 32 shade palette fast became one of my favourite eyeshadow palettes. Therefore I obviously had to get the Flawless version of it which I have mentioned so much on my blog since I got it that I thought I should do an in depth post so you can see why I love it so much.

This palette is more versatile than Eyes Like Angels because of the range of gold, browns and champagne shades and it's mixture of matte and shimmers. It also has some red shades that are beautiful in the Winter, some blacks, some peaches, a blue and a green shade. It's the type of palette where if I was going away and could only take one eyeshadow palette with me it would probably be this one.

I can't believe how pigmented this palette is considering it only cost £8, it's certainly up there with Mac and closely follows Urban Decay. A few of the lighter shades like Raw, Paper and Almost There aren't as pigmented as the others and are a little chalky but they're still usable and for £8 it's nothing I can complain about. As with most glitter shadows the really chunky glitters like Molton Chocolate and Copper Shimmer do leave a bit of fall out but I do my concealer after my eyeshadow so its not a problem for me.

I've swatched all the shades from left to right in their rows below so you can see how incredibly stunning they are. I guarantee you if you don't have this palette then you will want it after seeing how gorgeous it is! These were all swatched without a primer underneath so they're even nicer when used with a primer.

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3
Row 4

The shades are blendable and they last all day on me with my usual primer I use. I adore Make-Up Revolution eyeshadows (and products) and I think for anyone wanting Urban Decay/Mac shades but are on a budget then this would be the perfect solution. It certainly would be ideal for anybody who's starting out in eyeshadow, inexpensive, pigmented and easy to wear colours.

Have you tried the Flawless palette yet?

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Salt Air || Library Of Fragrance

 Library of Fragrance have been a company that I have worked with for a long, long time now. They first contacted me about their brand asking for marketing advice on scents that I think would be nice, names, packaging etc so I feel a huge part of this company. I really like the concept of their products, what they do is they make fragrances out of everyday smells that often go under rated.

 When you buy perfumes (especially online) it can be hard to know what they'll smell like but with these what it says on the bottle is literally what you get. Ever wished you could bottle up that fresh rain smell, a new paper back or the smell of the air after a thunderstorm? That is literally what Library of Fragrance have done, they've stripped fragrances back and made a whopping 101 fragrances that are available to those in the UK. However they do sell their products in 35 other countries from France to Russia too.

 No matter what your favourite natural, unusual, under appreciated scent is, I guarantee Library of Fragrance will have it in their collection. Some of the more unusual ones are Fireplace, Leather, Stable, Riding Crop, Dirt and Play-Doh. There are a few that I think would be better suited as room sprays than fragrances though but who knows when layered with another scent they might smell amazing. When Library of Fragrance got back in touch and asked me to chose a scent to review I was overwhelmed with choice some of the ones I wanted to try were the fruity ones like Sex On The Beach, Peach and Sunshine. In the end I chose Salt Air because living by the beach it's a familiar scent to me, one that reminds me of home, tranquility and my calm place. 

 The packaging for these represents the brand in that it's really simple which I like, obviously I love a fancy Marc Jacobs bottle as much as the next girl but simplicity is refreshing and takes up much less space!! I almost want my own 'library' of these scents in my room all lined up, I think it would look stunning on my dressing table. They've also made the packaging as simple as possible so that they don't have to charge the consumer more money just for packaging costs.

Salt Air smells incredible and exactly like salty air, I'm not sure how exactly they've done it but it smells like holidays. It has the salty notes to it but then it also smells like sun cream, tanning oil, holidays and warmth. If I closed my eyes and smelt this I could almost picture myself lying on a beach with the waves lapping at my feet and the sun beating down, dreamy right?

As these fragrances are all linear scents (meaning the scent smells the same from when it's first sprayed to when it wears off) and have singular notes, they are perfect to be layered with others. I think this one especially would be beautiful with a spritz of peach or pina colada to really give it that sunbathing abroad, holiday vibe. 

It doesn't last incredibly long on the skin but I can usually get three hours out of this before losing the scent myself but I think it's still on my skin, just that I've got used to it because other people have commented on it. 

Another reason this brand is amazing is that it's perfect for both genders with it's massive range of scents, I personally think Black Pepper would be amazing for men. Dark Chocolate, Espresso and Musk would be great for boys too or for those who like a deeper scent. 

You can order any of their 101 fragrance line from their website and 28 of their most popular ones are available in Boots so you can sniff before you buy! Salt Air unfortunately currently isn't available at Boots but don't be afraid to buy online because they'll happily return your fragrance if it arrives and its not what you expected! They're £15 each which is a lot if you're wanting to buy more than one however I do love this fragrance and I'd still pay the £15 price mark to get it. My only criticism is I think they should have 2 for £15 or 2 for £20 so you get a little bit more for your money and can start experimenting with the scents. 

 This is honestly one of my favourite concepts in a brand and I hope you all know that I only ever recommend things that I truly love! I can't wait to try out more scents. Which ones do you think sound nice? Have you tried any?

Lots of Love,

* This post contains a product sent to me for PR purposes but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest

Saturday, 24 January 2015

My To Read List

One of my New Years Resolutions was to read more because it's something that I love doing but just never make the time to do. I don't think there is much more relaxing than sinking into a bubble bath (maybe with a glass of bubbly/wine in hand) and reading a good book. 

I've tried to read more before and failed but this year I really want to make the time for it and include more book reviews on my blog. I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of some of the books from my bookshelf that are on the 'to read' list. Let me know if there is any in particular you'd like to see a review on.

I have a few chick flick ones like Sophie Kinsella and Lindsey Kelk books, The Husbands Secret which looks more like its on the darker side of chick flick and I also can't wait to read the much loved Little Coffee Shop in Kabul. The last book that I'm looking forward to reading is Silent Night which is a book about the first world war when the soldiers stopped fighting to play football on Christmas night.

Have you tried any of these books? Are there any particular books you would like to see a review on/recommend me to read?

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Make-Up Revolution Concealer Palette || Review

I am a concealer addict, even if I don't wear foundation I like to have at least some concealer on to make me look alive because I don't get a lot of sleep. My biggest problem with concealer is I like to wear fake tan and that means I have to have a light and a dark and mix them while my tan fades which is a lotta hassle for a lazy girl. When I saw that Make-Up Revolution had a concealer palette I just had to try it given how impressed I was by their other products.

The palette comes in 3 colour schemes, light, light- medium and medium-dark. I being extremely pale obviously went for light but wasn't sure if it would be too light for when I fake tanned. However, t's perfect for when I fake tan and when I'm at my palest so I'm super impressed with the colour range of this palette. If I didn't know what it was called I would have guessed it was light- medium because the end few shades in this palette are ideal for me when my guide colour of fake tan is still on so if you're undecided between two palette colour ranges go for the lighter one.

The first three shades are my go to when I'm pale, I use the bottom shade to counteract any under eye bags because of it's yellow colour and then I go on top with either the palest colour or the one beside it. Both cover my eye bags nicely and the coverage lasts all day for me, I haven't had any problems with it sliding off my face or wearing away. I love the creamy consistency of it which is really easy to blend out and to mix with other colours.

I tend to reach for the darkest shades once I've just tanned and work my way through the palette as it's fading so I make use of every single shade. If I ever want to do anyone else's make-up too I've got the perfect colour range to do it with.

These concealers are very creamy but not too thick and are very easy to blend out under the eye or on blemishes. They don't slide about on the skin because I don't wear a primer and lately haven't been setting it with powder but it still stayed in place all day. They are so affordable too, a lot of concealers for one shade in the drugstore are the same price of this palette at £6 and aren't half as good.

This is my go to palette and whenever I go abroad this is definitely something that I will take because it has every colour range to get me through the holiday as my skin gradually tans. I think this is a must for every girl who likes to tan!

Have you tried this palette?

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Making Your Hair Last Longer Between Washes

Washing long hair has got to be the biggest chore for us girls especially if you, like me leave it to dry naturally. I used to wash my hair every single day to make it look nice without using heat and damaging my hair but little did I know at the time that washing your hair everyday is equally as damaging.

Over the last few years I've come up with a number of tips to make your hair last that little bit longer between washes and I thought some of you might find them helpful.

♥ The most important one I mentioned above and that's not washing your hair everyday. I know it can be hard especially for those who have oily hair and find their hair needs washed a lot but there is a reason for this. Your hair produces natural oils that it needs to stay healthy, when you wash your hair you effectively strip these oils from your hair making it clean. If you're washing your hair too often your hair over produces these oils to replace the ones you're washing away. So if you wash it less often your hair doesn't over produce these oils.

♥ To help train your hair to not need washed everyday your best bet is starting at a time where you know you don't need to do anything for a few days. That way if you have greasy hair so what nobody is going to see it. If you do go out however dry shampoo is a saviour, my favourite at the moment is Batiste's Tropical one because it smells lovely and helps refresh my hair.

♥ Clarifying shampoo is another must for anyone struggling with oily hair. It shampoos hair intensively and clears any blocked follicles and gets rid of any product build up which prevents hair getting greasy as quickly.

♥ Another good tip is to use a hair oil on your hair. I know, I hear you scream "why would I add oil to my already oily hair". Well it works, if your hair is sufficiently moisturised it won't need to overproduce natural oils, just don't go over board with it and avoid applying at the roots because that can leave hair looking greasy.

♥ Don't touch/play with your hair. I know its natural for a lot of us to want to fix our hair constantly or play about with it but by doing that you're actually making your hair greasy quicker. Think about how many things your hands touch a day, are they always nice and clean when you fix that stray piece of hair? Probably not! 

♥ Avoid using excess products. This is quite a big one but also one a lot of people don't really think about. The more products you put in your hair, the more clogged the follicles get, only use the products you really need too and if you can avoid it then don't use any.

 ♥ My favourite thing to do when I find my hair is due a wash is to just wear it up in a pony or a bun with a pretty scrunchy or hair clip which totally distracts from the fact that your hair is due a wash. These are also great for when you're training your hair to not need washed every day.

♥ My last tip is to plan ahead. Those days of "I can't I'm washing my hair" really is a legitimate thing. If you know you're going out Saturday night and want nice freshly washed hair and have a meal on the Sunday then make sure you wash it on the Friday night so that your hairs lovely for both weekend days etc. Washing your hair at night can also be a big help for both saving time and stopping hair getting greasy as quick.

Training your hair does take time but it is most definitely possible. My hairs gone from needing washed every day to being able to last 3 sometimes even 4 or 5 days if I'm lucky before needing washed which has saved me a whole lot of time.

I hope you found some of these tips helpful, let me know if you have any more!

Lots of Love

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Lush Fizzbanger || Review

I'm quite the Lushie and have tried many of Lushes products but most of the ones I have tried have been from their Christmas or Halloween range. My favourite scents are usually released around this time and I don't have as many baths in the warmer months. This is a bath ballistic from Lushes standard range and I got this in the Fizzbanger gift set which was based around this product, Fizzbanger.

 The first thing that struck me about this product is how big it was, are the normal range products always slightly bigger than their limited edition products?? It's a bright yellow colour and has a citrus smell. Lush themselves describe it as "releasing first a citrus apple and then a cinnamon, apple pie like scent with a hint of ylang yang". I think this is an accurate description because it does have that citrus scent but with a bit of something added not too sweet not too spicy just really fresh and nice. I'm surprised this isn't released for fireworks night because it contains popping candy and is called Fizzbanger.  Apparently this also contains 'Petitgram' which is used to calm breathing, slow the heartbeat and reduce anxiety. I don't truly believe that anything can fix anxiety but I certainly forgot about my stresses and relaxed while I was in the bath.

 In the bath this is a pretty interesting one, it explodes into yellow foam and then spins round like a 'Catherine Wheel' as Lush says and blue colour comes out and the colour goes from highlighter yellow to a lime green and then develops into a gorgeous rich green colour.

Another nice touch to this bath ballistic that I only actually noticed while I was draining my bath was it had a little sheet of paper in it saying 'BANG!'. I thought this was a really nice touch and it might actually be a transferable tattoo as I was trying to pick it off the bottom of the bath the words removed from it onto my skin so I didn't manage to get a photo of it.

This costs £3.35 which is slightly more than Lushes regular ballistics but considering the size of it and what a nice bath it gives, it's a lovely treat especially for those needing to de-stress.

Lots of Love,


Monday, 12 January 2015

2014 Favourites || Beauty Edit

I wasn't sure whether to do one of these posts or whether it would be silly given I have done monthly favourites throughout the whole year but I think it's always helpful to know which are the ultimate favourites of the year. Sometimes you can have a fad with a product and love it for a month but then later realise they aren't as great so here are the beauty related products that I've loved throughout 2014.

I've tried to roughly pick through my favourite beauty picks for different parts of the face because if I thought you would have found it interesting then I could have done a whole separate post on purely my lipstick 2014 favourites and the same for eyeshadow etc but I thought this was better. I've also got a Lush favourite thrown into the mix too.

L'oreal True Match Foundation

My foundation favourite for last year without as doubt is L'oreal True Match. It's got amazing buildable coverage, has the perfect colour range for everybody with different skin tones and it has an amazing blendable texture that looks flawless on the skin. I have normal skin but I have friends who use this with dry skin too and love this but it's not at all oily so I'm sure it would work for oily skin too. The best thing about this is it only costs £9.99 which i think is a barain considering this foundation beats any other high end one that I have tried.

Rimmel Lycra Flex Scandaleyes Mascara 

My mascara favourite of the year is one I would never have expected to be in my ultimate favourites from my previous history of trying Rimmel mascaras and that is Rimmel's Lycra Flex mascara. This mascara is amazing, before I was paying over double the price of this for Benefits They're Real but now I will always go for this one. It's packaging isn't the prettiest in it's bright green tube but it does give incredible length and volume and it's much quicker to use than my They're Real one.

Urban Decay Naked 1

My favourite eyeshadow for the whole year was probably my hardest one to chose because I've discovered so many amazing eyeshadow palettes this year. I've really started playing with eyeshadow colours and textures so I've absolutely loved my Make-Up Revolution Flawless and Eyes Like Angels palettes, also my Too Faced natural eyes and my custom Mac eyeshadow palette. However I chose the eyeshadow palette that I've used all year round and loved the most and that is Urban Decays original Naked palette. I know everyone must be bored of hearing about these by now but they really are just that amazing so that's my top eyeshadow palette for 2014.

Mac Chatterbox, Mac Russian Red and Kate Moss #30

As I mentioned previously I could do a whole post on my favourite lipsticks of 2014 but I've managed to narrow it down to three, my favourite Summer lipstick, favourite all year round and favourite Winter. My first favourite is Mac's Chatterbox which is my Summer favourite, it's a gorgeous pretty pink which looks amazing in summertime but I have worn it all year round just because I love it so much. My favourite Winter lipstick has been Kate Moss #30 which is a beautiful berry toned purple and I have absolutely loved this throughout Winter for a subtle take on the purple lips trend. My favourite red lipstick that just looks incredible whenever you want to wear it is Mac's Russian Red which is much loved by everyone and rightly so, it's long lasting, pigmented, stunning and smells amazing.

Tanya Burr Lip Glosses

I know Youtubers releasing products is a controversial one and a lot of people have said they don't think you get the quality for your money and for the most part I agree. However when it comes to Tanya's lip glosses I disagree because I love them, there are some shades that aren't so great but Picnic In The Park, Aurora and Afternoon Tea are amazing. I never used to wear lip gloss until Tanya's glosses but she has got me totally into them. They're pigmented, smell amazing and they look really lovely on the lips, I've even loved wearing them in the Winter (apart from the wind causing hair stuck to lips situ of course!)

Make-Up Revolution Sugar and Spice Blush palette

My blusher favourite will be of no surprise to anyone and that's Make-Up Revolutions sugar n spice blush palette. It contains two beautiful highlighters but my two favourites have been the pink shade in this and the coral shade next to it. They're such pretty blush shades and I love having different shades of blusher available all in the same palette, it would be perfect for taking on long holidays where you want variety but don't want to have to take lots. The only thing I would prefer is that the shades had names but that's just a personal preference thing.

Barry M gelly polishes in Almond & Coconut

Nail polish wise in 2014 I've been reaching for nude nails much more than colours and my two favourites have both been Barry m gelly ones. The first is Almond which is a taupe nude shade, it's nude but a darker nude and it goes with everything. My second favourite is Coconut which is an off white shade and it's another great one for chucking on and knowing it will go with absolutely everything.

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Stag

When it comes to eyeliners, I have never been fussy I've always just picked up a cheap black one from the drug store that was however before I came across Urban Decay eyeliners. They're so creamy and long lasting not to mention the array of colours they're available in. They are pricey but I personally think they're worth it.

Clinique Pore

This is what I like to refer to as my magic potion and it is without a doubt my favourite skincare item of 2014. Ever struggled with enlarged pores? you know the big ugly ones on your cheek, nose, t-zone because I know I have!! I don't suffer from these half as much anymore though and it is thanks to this, I've tried multiple 'enlarged pore hiders' as I like to call them but this is more an 'enlarged pore curer' which is of course much more beneficial for fixing the problem rather than disguising them. This is pretty high end for skincare but is there a price you wouldn't pay for good skin??

Eyelure 101 Lashes

I love wearing fake eyelashes when I'm doing anything nice because naturally I have rubbish eyelashes, they're quite short and there aren't loads of them so I really enjoy wearing nice full lashes. I hate over dramatic lashes because I like wearing them even if it's just for a date night or for a blog event so I like to wear ones that still look pretty natural but just give me that little boost. I like that they come in a set of three at the moment because it's better value than buying them individually and I love the Eyelure glue it comes with a lot better than 'Duo' glue.

Dessata Hair Brush

I love this brush, it's like a tangle teezer but in this beautiful rose gold colour. It also comes with a handbag compact version which as a girl who finds travelling light impossible really comes in handy for me.

Lush Melting Snowman

My favourite Lush product of the year is a fun one that I thought I would throw in because I absolutely adore Lush and use their products all year round. This one is my favourite Melting Snowman which is a Christmas release but I stocked up on this in the boxing day sale last year because I love him that much. He's a bubble bar so you only need to use a little of him at a time and he creates the most warming, spicy, Christmassy bath. I tend to have more baths during the colder months so it was obviously going to be a Christmas product that made it in here.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the products that I have loved throughout 2014, what have your favourites been?

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Urban Decay Naked On The Run || Review

I showed this stunning palette in my What I Got For Christmas post and I know you have all been dying for a review on this and swatches so here it is.

The Naked On The Run palette comes with five exclusive eyshadow shades, a full size Naked gloss in a new shade, a mini Perversion mascara, a bronzer, a blusher and a travel size eyeliner in 'Stag'.

Firstly the packaging of this is amazing, how beautiful is it. It is rose gold for a start which makes it my fave for packaging out of all my palettes, it also has gorgeous feather prints on the front in a brown, peach, green colouring. It is truly, truly beautiful! I feel like I actually need to polish it after i've used it so I don't leave fingerprints on it. For travelling I think it would be good, it isn't the most sleek of palettes that I've ever seen, it's quite chunky but it's manageable. Plus when you add in the fact that you have a lip product, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, blusher, foundation and highlighter packed in here. All you have to bring is your foundation, primers, brushes and eyebrow products which I think is not too shabby considering I usually take blush palette, eyeshadow palette and everything else individually.

The five shadows shades are:-
♥ 'Dive' a gorgeous metallic pink shimmer which looks like it belongs in the Naked 3.
♥ Fix which is a light beige colour that reminds me of like a dark blonde shade (amazing description I know) and is a matte shadow.
♥ Resist is a cool toned metallic brown which looks like it would do well in the Naked 2 palette.
♥ Dare is a darker brown matte which I love for blending other shadows out.
♥ Stun which is my favourite shade in the whole palette (I think.. it's a very tough call) is a gorgeous warm toned metallic bronzey brown.

Left to Right:- 'Bronzer, Blusher, 50/50, Dive, Fix, Resist, Dare, Stun'

 I am in love with the blush shade, it's such a gorgeous pink shade which really gives you that flushed colour literally. It is very pigmented though so a light hand is needed. The bronzer is also really pretty, it doesn't give as nice a contour as my Sleek bronzer but it works well as a bronzer just not as a contour.

Perversion mascara is something I had heard lots about but never actually tried for myself. I must say I haven't really reached for this as much as I do my holy grail Rimmel mascara but it is good for length. I find the brush too long so it's more fiddly to use because if you apply it in a hurry the chances of poking yourself in the eye are high. It also has a very wet formula so that can get messy if done too fast and has a tendency to make eyelashes stick together. If you have the time to put it on and aren't always running late like me though then it's fine.

I love the eyeliner Stag, it's a dark brown and I've been wearing it nearly everyday. It's such a creamy formula, long lasting, doesn't droop down your face hours later and leave you looking like a panda/like you've been bawling your eyes out.. you know the ones!

I love Urban Decay Naked glosses too which I'm sure you have all gathered by now so obviously was super happy that this comes with a full size gloss in a new shade Serro. I think this shade would suit anyone, it's very natural and goes perfectly with any look you can create from this palette for a natural 'naked' look. My favourite thing about this is that because it's a full sized gloss you can switch it out for any other favourite Naked gloss that you might have. I've also been enjoying switching it for my Tanya Burr glosses because they also fit perfectly in here, to be honest I think most lip glosses would.

I love this palette and it has come in so handy when I'm staying at Gary's house I don't have to carry 100 things with me, this is enough make-up for me alongside my eyebrows and foundation to get me by! Have you tried Naked On The Run? I think it's a must have for any Naked fans!

Lots of Love,