Monday, 30 June 2014

Honey Love || MAC Monday's

Hellooo lovelies,

 Honey Love is one of the few matte lipsticks from MAC that I actually do enjoy using. I am very much a cremesheen or amplified kinda girl and I don't like anything too drying on my lips because I hate that feeling when you rub your lips together and it's all dry. So if I can find a lipstick that's matte but still feels nice and creamy on my lips then it's a winner and this is certainly that.

 The colour of this is definitely a brown nude which I never imagined that I would like but it's one of those ones you really need to try it to fall in love with it. It's completely opaque which I love because it gives you a true nude lip colour without your natural lip showing through at all.. if that makes any sense. It's a great colour if you want to go crazy with your eye make-up because it keeps things nice and simple on the lips whilst still being chic. Honey Love is one of my most favourite MAC lipstick names too because it's super cute and it sounds really summery and sweet.

 As always it has the classic black packaging and the standard vanilla scent/taste which I looove.

 Have you tried MAC Honey Love? What matte MAC lipsticks would you recommend?

Lots of Love,
A x x x

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Eucerin Cleanser || Skincare Saturdays

Hellooo my lovelies,

 Quite a while back I did a series called Skincare Saturdays on my blog and a lot of you seemed to quite like it but when I ran out of skincare that I actually used I stopped posting them. I've recently found quite a few new skincare products so I thought I'd start up this series again and share those with you!

 I've had this Eucerin cleanser* for a while now but I properly wanted to try it out before reviewing it because I know how important it is to get skincare right and I really don't want to recommend anything that would be bad for your skin. It's a dermo purifier cleanser and it's aimed for people who have blemish prone or oily skin, firstly my skin is not very oily, it's usually normal but it is blemish prone. So this review is based on people who have normal skin, oily skin or blemish prone skin.


Firstly the packaging, relatively unimportant but at the same time it is the first thing that draws us to a product. There isn't anything necessarily wrong with this packaging but it's just pretty bland and simple, it isn't something that would jump out at me on a shelf/website. However, this is a simple, no frills cleanser, it does what it's meant to do and nothing extra so I guess it's packaging does resemble that. I also quite like the white and lime combination but it's definitely not a show stopper in the world of packaging. I do really like the clip down lid design though because there has been no leakages, no loss of product and no mess which I'm all for!


 Onto the most important part, the product itself. It comes out the tube clear which I quite like because it helps reaffirm that the product is good for your skin and doesn't contain anything bad for it. Also I always find it quite weird rubbing in a coloured product when I'm meant to be cleansing my skin...anyone else?? It is soap and fragrance free which is obviously good for your skin but I prefer my products to have a nice smell but if you don't you will love this because it just smells clean and fresh.

  It also contains salicylic acid which I don't know a great deal about but I do know that it is great for fighting spots which is what this cleanser aims to do. I can't say I've noticed a massive difference in my skin not getting spots but it's a pretty hard thing to judge since spots can be influenced by a massive number of factors. However, this certainly did not break me out and I did notice that it seemed to reduce redness in any blemishes I already had on my face. Eucerin claims that this will leave your skin feeling clean, fresh and supple and I would completely agree with this, after using it my skin always feels squeaky clean.

 The dermo purifier can be used to remove makeup so you don't need to worry about using a makeup remover before this but personally I've been using my Bioderma to remove my makeup first and then this after to remove any excess makeup and to cleanse the skin. I do this because with the cleanser you have to avoid your eyes so I imagine trying to remove eye makeup with this would not be a great lot of fun.... Eucerin do have an eye makeup cleanser online though which would probably work quite well with this.

Price Point

 You can buy this product from Escentual for £9 BUT they have 1/3 off all Eucerin products for the whole of June so I'd totally recommend heading over there and stocking up as this is £6.00 at the moment. For £9 I'd say it is worth it especially if you have problematic skin then I'd recommend this one because its very fresh, clean and only contains things that are going to benefit your skin unlike a lot of cleansers. However, if you have dry skin I wouldn't recommend this because the salicylic acid in it can be quite drying as a few times after applying I wanted to use a moisturiser so it would definitely really dry out dry prone skin. As a Eucerin newbie I really like their brand and would definitely love to try a few more products by them in the future!

Have you tried any Eucerin products before? 

Lots of Love,
A x x x 

Friday, 27 June 2014

Nike, Topshop, Misguided & More || Haul

 Hellooo loves,

 I've been shopping agaaaain! Sorry I can't help it, I'm a shopaholic but at least that means lots of hauls for you guys! I do have another haul coming up soon too but I split it into two separate hauls otherwise it would have been a maaaassive haul so keep your eyes peeled for that. Firstly I want to apologise for the lighting, after the amazing heatwave we're back to really cloudy weather here which makes for really dark and grey photos but hopefully the sun makes a reappearance soon!

 The first thing I got is new shoes for work because I was in desperate need of comfy work shoes. As anyone who works in retail will tell you it is a feet KILLER so comfy shoes are a must.. I salute anyone who works in retail full time (your poor feet!!!). So I went with these brogues from Clarks, the style name is 'Hotel Image' and the colour is Mushroom. I really love brogues, there's something really quaint and cute about them but cut out brogues!? Even more amazing! They are really comfy although they did start to rub into my heels after I wore them with bare feet because mines are a tiny bit too big for me but they're fine now. They also look really cute with frilly socks or any sock that has a nice pattern because you can see it through the cut outs. Excuse the scuffed toes of mine, work ruins the tops of my shoes from always having to kneel on the floor (I realise I sound like a prostitute here but I promise you I am not hahaha). I also really love these outside of work too with pretty much everything so they are very well loved. They cost £65 but with my discount I got them for £16.50, bargain right?!

 The second pair of shoes I got I didn't actually buy and was a very lucky girl because my boyfriend treated me to these. As some of you might know I fell wearing my other running shoes and was so upset because the toe was scuffed and I had a poorly knee so he bought me these ones to cheer me up. I love having black free runs because they go with everything and they are the comfiest shoe but don't worry I still wear my old ones for running and walking in! If I could wear Nike free runs for the rest of my life I probably would... it's like walking on clouds and they're great for driving in too!

 The next thing I got was another work related purchase, more black Leigh jeans and it's scary how faded your old black jeans look when you put a new pair next to them eeeek. I love Leigh jeans because they're super comfy and of course I will wear them outside of work too!

 The last thing I got was a pink cardigan and I'm not sure why I bought this because I didn't need it at all but probably because it was pink I got sucked in (shock!). I think this would look nice with denim shorts and a crop top but I also love throwing it on with anything when I'm cold. It's from Misguided in a Small to Medium and it does sit quite big on me so if you're any smaller than an 8 this style probably will be too big for you.

 That's all for now but I will be back with another haul very soon! What is your favourite purchase that I got?

Lots of Love,
A x x x

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Festival Essentials

Since it's coming up for festival season I thought I would put together some 'essentials' that will definitely make your time a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. I'm not going to a festival this year so I'm super jealous of anybody who is going but if I was going to one, this is what I'd take with me!

 First things first is wellie boots, if you're going to a festival in the UK then there's a good chance that the sun will not shine the whole time for you (I'll keep my fingers crossed for you tho). However, even if the sun does shine the whole time, festivals always get really muddy with so many people walking over a small space so wellie boots are essential! I personally love my Hunter wellies because they're so comfy and just look a little more glam than your average green farmers welly!

 LADIES, the one thing we all dread when going to a festival is how will I cope with not having anything to style my hair with, how will I cope without being able to wash my hair etc. So my top things to take to combat this is firstly dry shampoo, I have this one for brown hair from Superdrug which I really like because it doesn't leave that horrible grey film in your hair. I really like the Batiste  and Ruth Crilly's 'Collab' ones too though! This will help give your hair volume and hide any signs of grease or excess oils. Another must have is pretty hair accessories, floral headbands and pretty scrunchies that will make your hair look a lot prettier and help you pull off that unwashed look. My last hair essential is a salt spray because this will add to the boho look and stop your hair looking lank so it's definitely one to pack (if you've got room).

Facial wipes are a must have and it's probably the only time you'll hear me recommend them but at a festival you're not really in the best positon to be whipping out your flannel and cleanser so your skin will cope for a few days! They're also really handy to have for wiping off any mud or spillages too. I'd also really recommend taking a hand sanitizer because if you're having to use the horrible little toilet cubicles then trust me you'll definitely want some of this. They're also really handy to keep on you for before you eat and to wash off any mud or dirt.

The next thing isn't really an essential but personally I think it is really handy and it's a battery powered razor. I think these are great because since you'll probably be showing a lot of leg there is NOTHING more annoying than spotting a pesky few hairs that you've missed and to get rid of any fast growing hairs! I'd also recommend taking a body spray because it's more travel friendly than a perfume and can double up as a deodorant too.

Make-up wise I have added a few things I would definitely take with me, obviously a lot of people like to go make-up free at festivals which is great but I know I definitely do not!! I would skip your foundation and just go for a concealer because you can cover up any imperfections with that and you don't want to be carrying a glass bottle round. The next make-up item that I could not even go a whole weekend without is mascara, it instantly perks up your face and without it I look facially naked so it's a definite must have for me. The last make-up thing I would take is a bright lipstick because it'll instantly cheer your face up and you'll not miss the rest of your make-up (too much). My two picks would be Rimmel London's 'in love with ginger' and 'as you want victoria' because you can't go wrong with a bright fuschia pink and a bright orange.

You definitely need to pack some suncream because if it's sunny you don't want to be getting sunburn especially if you don't have much with you to relieve it. My one is Hawaiian Tropic which is my favourite because it's oil based and it smells amaaaazing, like holidays and coconuts. Lip balm is another thing you musn't forget because again if the sun makes an appearance you don't want your lips to burn, it's the one part of our bodies (along with the soles of the feet) that everyone seems to forget about. Ideally pick a lip balm with SPF but it's not essential aslong as you keep them moisturised.

This ones a bit boring but still important to remember, make sure you take some form of painkiller because if you get sunstroke or a headache you don't want to have to miss out on the fun because you're lying in your tent alone feeling unwell.

 The final essential is earphones or ear plugs. Festivals can be really noisy places and quite often the party never dies down so if you plan on getting any sleep at all then investing in some ear plugs would probably be a really good idea!

That's all my advice lovelies, if you are off to a festival then please leave in the comments below which one you're going too and most importantly have an amazing time!

Lots of Love,


x x 

Monday, 23 June 2014

Impassioned || MAC Monday's

 Hellooo lovelies,

 One of my favourite lipsticks from MAC is Impassioned which is a gorgeous bright pink lipstick (yes another pink shade!!). Fun fact.. it also happens to be all the Saturdays favourite MAC lipstick shade too! Impassioned is an amplified lipstick so it is incredibly long lasting and one you really don't have to worry about wearing off quickly or losing all your lip colour on the rim of a glass. It's not at all drying, glides onto the lips like a dream and is in true amplified style, incredibly pigmented.

 Impassioned is more of an orange toned pink so it's not going to make your teeth look really white but it is going to come off more of a corally pink instead of a bright fuschia. I think of this as a watermelon pink because it really does look like the inside of watermelon! I love this shade in the Summer months, it goes great with a tan and it just brightens your whole look up. This used to be my go to lipstick for a night out because it's so pretty and fun but now I reach for it more as an everyday lipstick or 'going out for dinner' etc lipstick.

  I think this is a lipstick shade that would look beautiful on absolutely anybody, I suit it when I'm pale and when I have fake tan on and I think this would look stunning on a darker skin tone.

Have you tried MAC's Impassioned lipstick? What's your favourite Summer lipstick?

Lots of Love,

A x x x 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Orange Lips Collection || S/S 14 trend

Hellooo lovelies,

 As you're all probably very much aware by now the colour orange is massive this season especially on your lips and it's a colour a lot of us girls shy away from because it's so bold and vibrant. I have really got into orange lips though and have managed to build up quite the collection of orange lip shades which I really like and hopefully you'll find a shade of orange you like from it too.

Orange Punch
 A more muted orange that is ideal for newbies breaking into the orange trend is Bourjois' Orange Punch which is a very sheer dark orange. I would happily wear this before I got into orange when I was still shying away from the brighter bolder oranges. It actually is more of a orange toned coral shade because it is that muted so if you want to wear the trend but are a little self concious in it then try this one first.

 More of a pale orange that I have in my collection is Mischievous which is one of Revlon's matte balms which I think is slightly too pale for me on it's own but I love mixing it with other orange shades. It's a really nice shade on it's own if you are looking for a lighter orange that's not as bright and out there but personally I prefer the more brighter, darker orange shades now. I did really love this when I wasn't quite brave enough to pull off Morange and In Love With Ginger though!

In Love With Ginger
 Rimmel Londons 'In Love With Ginger' is one of my absolute favourite shades out of my whole lipstick collection. It's more of a red toned orange so it's still very wearable and for those who love their red lipsticks this is the perfect jump from red to orange without feeling too 'out there' and wild. It is one of the nicest formula's that I've found in a lipstick, so creamy and moisturising. If you hate lipstick clinging to dry patches then this is the one for you because it will instantly rehydrate any dry areas on your lips meaning you get to skip the whole lip scrub and lip balm routine before applying. I loveeee the name as well because it reminds me of one of my childhood friends from school who has the most stunning ginger hair...anyways sidetracked, basically it's a good'un!

MAC Morange
Probably my most favourite orange lipstick though and admittedly a little bit of a splurge is MAC's Morange. I ummed and aahed about this but in the end bought it anyway...shock! As you can see I bought so many drugstore shades of orange trying to get a morange dupe but none of them were ever a close enough match so I ended up having to buy it anyway. Moral of the story is just buy what you want in the first place and you won't spend more trying to get a replacement then buying the original anyway (or do and you get 3 bonus lipsticks hehe). It's an amplified lipstick so it is long lasting but not as long lasting as most of MAC's amplified lipsticks, I'm not entirely sure why but that's what I have found with this. I've done a more in depth review of this which I'll link here.

L-R 'Mischievous', 'Morange', 'In Love With Ginger' and 'Orange Punch'
What's your favourite orange lipstick shade? 

Lots of Love,
A x x x 

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Friday, 20 June 2014

Life Changing Tip || The Tanning Edit

Hellooo lovelies,

 Recently I discovered a way of fake tanning that has made my life so much easier and I just had to share it with you all. Ever been in that situation where you're fake tanning and nobody is there to help you or I'll rephrase that nobody is there that is both willing and capable of helping you apply your tan in those areas that you just can't reach by yourself.

 After so long of bribing my mum and little sister to apply my tan or trying to teach Gary to no avail on how to apply tan in circles and how to NOT get it on his own hands and wrists (don't ask) and even doing some weird body contortions I have found the fix. Even better? ... I have found a CHEAP fix done with three household items that you will 100% already have in your house.

 Things you will need:- 
1) A tanning mitt which assuming you fake tan you'll probably already have kicking around.
2) Fake tan, mines is St Tropez but any tan will do.
3) A hair bobble which is an essential for all girls after a long day at work/school.
4) A wooden spoon which every kitchen has.

Then what you do is put the mitt on the wooden spoon and you could just leave it there but the reality is the mitt will most likely slide off the spoon when you're twisting at those bizarre angles. Soo what will stop that you ask? Adding a simple hair bobble. It can be really tricky to tie this tight enough so it won't slip off without snapping the bobble but work with it and you'll never look back I promise. My back has never looked so well tanned and now I can tan as late as I like whenever I like because I don't need to rely anyone else. Also ideal for when you have a backless dress to wear or a bikini if you're going on holiday and pre-tanning!

If you try this tip then be sure to let me know how you get on! What is your number one tanning tip?

Lots of Love,

Monday, 16 June 2014

MAC Paints Peintures Primer || MAC Mondays

 Hellooo lovelies,

 This weeks MAC Monday is on an eyeshadow primer which aims to make your eyeshadow more long lasting, not crease and a lot more pigmented. I'm not entirely sure what the name of it is but I'm going with Paints Peintures since that's the only writing that it has on let me know in the comments if you know this products actual name please!

 I bought this product quite a while back now before I even owned any proper eyeshadows but I made a decision that I wanted to wear more eyeshadow so on the same day of buying urban decay's naked palette I picked up this. What the girl in MAC failed to tell little innocent me who knew not very much about eyeshadow was that the naked palette actually comes with urban decays primer potion so really there was never a need for me to buy this... which was quite annoying.

 However since I barely go a day without eyeshadow now my original primer potion has long since ran out and I've gone through a few more of them since then too and I use this occasionally too. The product comes out in a beige cream which you then spread over the eyelid and under the lower lashline if you want your eyeliner to last extra long or if you like smudging eyeshadow out under your eye.

Far right swatch (I was swatching for several MAC Mondays at once here..can you tell?? hehe)
 I do like this product, it does what it's meant too, my eyeshadow lasts all day with this and results in no creasing BUT I just like my urban decay primer potion more. I'm not sure what it is but it just feels nicer and is waaay more travel friendly. With this one because it's foil packaging it's easily squished and it's very easy to squeeze out excess product. It was slightly cheaper than primer potion though, it's not on MACs website at the moment but I think I paid around £12/£13 for it whereas primer potion by urban decay costs £16. In my personal opinion I will most likely not repurchase this...not because it's bad, just because I've found something that works better for me!

Have you tried MAC's paint peintures? 

Lots of Love,
A x x x 

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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Special Day || Boyfriend Tag

Hellooo my lovelies,

 Bit of a personal one today but since me and my boyfriend Gary have been going out for a year today I thought it would be an appropriate time to do the boyfriend tag and test him on how well he knows me!

Before we start I'll tell you a little about us...
Gary's 20 and he'll be 21 in November, he loves all things sporty, football, the gym and is studying to be a personal trainer after the Summer. He was in the year above me at school but we didn't really know each other so we didn't talk whilst we we were at school but because we knew of each other we were friends on most social media platforms. After months of him liking all my instagram pictures, favouriting my tweets and twitter conversations about our local pizza place (Caprice) I sent him a direct message about Newcastle because he was there with his friends and me and my friends wanted to go. Twitter messages turned into texting and we randomly met in a club up town and started seeing each other for about a month. Then he asked me out on the 14th of June 2013, 14 is my lucky and favorite number which is so random because he didn't actually know this before..I guess it really must be lucky! and the rest is history! Now on with the tag..

1) She is sitting in front of the TV what is on the screen?
G-Gossip Girl or Cornation Street
A- Definitely! Coronation Street is my all time favourite I just looove it! I love Gossip Girl too but sadly have managed to get through every episode of every season :(

2) You are out to eat what kind of dressing does she get on her salad?
G-None she wouldn't eat a salad
A-So true, I'm not the healthiest guys.

3) What is one food she doesn't like?
G- Meat
A- This is true, I'm a vegetarian but to be quite honest Gary could have picked a multitude of foods and still been right because I am probably the fussiest eater you will ever meet.

4) You go out and have a drink what does she order?
G- Blackcurrent vodka lemonade
A- Yessss, Blackcurrent, vodka, lemonade is my favourite alcoholic drink if I'm drinking to get drunk. However for a leisurely alcoholic drink I love Soco lemonade and lime mmm perfection!

5) What size shoe does she wear?
G- 5
A- Spot on!

6) If she was collecting anything what would it be?
G- makeup and mac lipsticks 
A- This boy really does know me well hmm?

7) What is her favourite type of sandwich?
G-Cheese and Onion
A- Yes, it is! This was pretty simple though because the only sandwich filling in the world that I like is cheese.

8) What would this person eat everyday if she could?
G- Pizza, Cheese and Macaroni Cheese
A- Mmmm yesss anything Italian and cheesy is right up my street.

9) What is her favourite cereal?
G- Cocopops and wheetos 
A- Cocopops is my all time fave but I also really love Frosties.

10) What's her favourite music?
G- She doesn't have favourite music she likes most stuff but Beyonce
A- Very true, my music taste is so varied. I definitely love a bitta Beyonce though and obviously the whole of the Frozen soundtrack.

11) What's her favourite sports team?
G- If anyone then chelsea
A- I hate sports so this definitely isn't my kinda question but if I absolutely had to pick then Chelsea because I went through a random phase of loving Chelsea when I was younger.

12) What's her eye colour?
G- Blue
A- Yesssss 

13) Who's her best friend?
G- Emma and Linzi
A- Yessss and also Robyn and obv my blogging bestie Charlotte<3 

14) What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn't?
G- Not listening
A- 100% yes, he has an annoying habit of drifting off instead of listening to me rambling on....can't think why!

15) What's her heritage/where she's from?
G- Scottish/English aka British
A- Yeaah my mums side is Scottish and my dad's side is English.

16) You bake her a cake for her birthday, what kind of cake is it?
G- Chocolate Orange
A- Mmmm if they made chocolate orange cakes my life would definitely be complete.

17) Did she play any sports?
G- Dancing
A- Is dancing a sport? If it is then yeah!

18) What could she spend hours doing?
G- Blog, Grand Theft Auto
A- So true my blog is my little baby and I would happily spend hours tapping away in my own world. I also really love Grand Theft Auto which is surprising since I'm such a girly girl but I think it helps me get out my road rage without hurting any actual people.

19) What is one unique talent she has?
G- Good writer
A- Awww I like to hope I'm a good writer! 

I hope you liked this little insight into our relationship! Have you done the boyfriend tag? If so link it below as I'm really nosey so reading personal posts like these are right up my street.

Lots of Love,
A x x x 
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Friday, 13 June 2014

Cocktail Masterclass || Bloggers Exclusive

Hellooo lovelies,

 On Wednesday night I was very lucky to attend a bloggers exclusive cocktail masterclass. Of course as soon as cocktails were mentioned I was up for it and it also gave me a chance to meet up with some of my beautiful blogging buddies that live near me! We were lucky enough to learn how to make cocktails and get to try as many as we wanted for free....sound ideal to anyone else!?

 The event was hosted by the lovely Andy Pearson who is the cocktail king and funny heart radio presenter Paul Harper who sadly had brought his car so could not enjoy the cocktails that were on hand. The PR and marketing girls were equally lovely and looked absolutely stunning despite the fact that they were rushed off their feet... very jealous girls! Andy told us a bit about the most expensive cocktails in the world and there's one in Dubai that costs £100,000 but.... it comes with the keys to a Ferrai but the most expensive one Andy has watched being being is in Dublin for £750, that's one pricey drink.

Me and Sultana

Me and Emily

 For my first drink I opted for the 'Zoom' which is layered to look like a rocket ice lolly which not going to lie was the main reason I ordered it first. It was really nice and tasted like melons but not overly fruity as you could definitely still taste the alcohol in it. This cocktail actually takes the longest time to make, so long that the staff have rejigged the way they make it 4 times in the manual in order to try and get it made faster. This has something to do with the ingredients being added in a certain order to ensure that the layers are formed correctly and don't just merge together to form a yellow colour.

 The filling station also brought out some of their menu for us to try which has been partially revamped and also a few new foods thrown in. As a very fussy eater most of it would not be good for me but everyone else seemed to love it, Emily especially loved their Pepperoni slices from their BBQ board. I tried the salted pretzels which are new if I remember correctly and they were very tasty, I'd never even tried a pretzel before much to many peoples surprise and I love the way they come out in a silver bucket with newspaper in it.

  I found it amazing watching cocktail expert Andy and Ivan who works at the filling station make the cocktails and the energy that goes into shaking the cocktails up looks exhausting!! It really was fascinating learning how some of my favourite drinks are made and picking up some handy tips so I can try (massive emphasis on the word try!!) and recreate them at home. The biggest tip I picked up was to not add ice until last with most of the cocktails in order not to dilute them and that the main thing to aim for in making a cocktail is to not let one flavour over power the others and create a balance of flavour.

 The second cocktail I had was a Red Berry cheesecake cocktail which is one of their after dinner cocktails because it's so heavy but oh my it is amazing!!! Guys, you have got to give this a try. I am not a massive alcohol lover...I love to drink it but I don't particularly love that 'alcohol taste' so I much prefer my sweeter more sugary cocktails. This is one of those and it actually tastes exactly like cheesecake, don't be fooled though cause this one packs some punch because it has a lot of alcohol in it. This is the one I really would love to be able to make at home and anyone at the event would back me up in saying how much I loved this because everyone was joking about how much I evidently loved it due to my glass being emptied very quickly!

Red Berry Cheesecake in the making!

 Andy also informed us of how they use fresh ingredients in their cocktails so instead of buying ready made lime juice they will actually squeeze the juice out their limes themselves etc. They also don't skimp when it comes to buying ingredients, the Coconut cream they buy is one of the most expensive out their but the taste is totally worth it for making the perfect pina colada..everybody's guilty pleasure drink!

 I also discovered that I actually really like Mohjito's which I had always believed I didn't like because of trying ready made bottled one's from Tescos. Nothing compares to the real thing! According to expert Andy the key to making a mohjito is not to crush your mint leaves so you aren't left with pieces of mint in your teeth which definitely is not the one.

 Near the end of the night some of the girls actually got up and got to create their own cocktail which we named The Edinburgh Handbag after Emily's bag. In this drink as far as I can remember was peach vodka, cointreau and something raspberry..maybe raspberry puree. It actually turned out amazingly and tasted exactly like Dollymix sweeties.. filling station I definitely think the Edinburgh handbag should be added to your official menu!

Red Berry Cheesecake and The Edinburgh Handbag

Don't worry if you like the sound of the Edinburgh Handbag and want to try it because the Filling Station actually want people to go in and tell them the kind of flavours they like and it gives the bar staff the flexibility to use their skills. So if you fancy some new exotic cocktails or traditional classics that actually taste as good as they should then definitely head over to the filling station and relax with some cocktails.

More Selfie fun!

More selfie fun

Have you been to the filling station before? What's your favourite cocktails?

Lots of Love,