Friday, 28 November 2014

Edinburgh Castle || OOTN

Lisa Ferguson
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 On Saturday night I went to a 50th birthday party at Edinburgh castle which was very swish. I can only describe to you that it must be like what celebrity parties are like, fancy venue, a photographer, fancy food, security and pretty dresses. I never really do outfit posts because I find the whole posing while being photographed in public slightly awkward but I do like to share outfit looks with you guys. So I thought I'd make use of the photographers pictures and show you what I wore on the night.

Lisa Ferguson
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 My dress is from Forever 21, it's jade green and I really like it because the back is longer than the front which gives a really elegant look whilst giving me a reason to tan my legs... I was more tanned than it looks the flash has washed me out #palegirlprobs. My belt that I'm wearing is from Asos, my shoes are from Garage and my clutch bag is from Primark ages ago. It was one of those purchases where you buy it just knowing it will come in handy and this has so many times! Moral of the blog post is you can always justify buying another pair of shoes, bag, dress, lipstick that you don't need because one day you will need it.. you can thank me later for that one!  I also have a statement necklace on from Next and my rose gold Michael Kors watch.

Lisa Ferguson
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 If anyone is interested in what anyone else was wearing then let me know and I'll find out for you. I do know that Gary's shirt was from Next, trousers from Topman and shoes from Kurt Geiger.

 One of the best things about the night was the fantastic views from the castle, this picture does not do it justice because it was taken from my iphone but it was breathtaking. You never really get a view from the castle at night because it's only open to the public during the day so it was really nice to see. One thing I did regret though was not taking a pair of flats! I'm fine with walking in heels and never have to take them off etc but throw in 100 steps and steep cobbled slopes and I've got a slight problem. I was clinging onto Gary for dear life and had to borrow my aunties flat shoes to get back down the hill again. I wish I had my DSLR with me too because I would have got some stunning pictures of Edinburgh and the castle. We also got a private viewing of the Crown Jewels (the Queen's that is) but I couldn't take a picture because we weren't allowed.

 So I may have an obsession with penguins.. so when I saw this life size penguin and then found out it was in fact the birthday cake I was pretty impressed!! It's very apt to have a penguin at the time the John Lewis advert has just been released too, don't you think?

Obviously we had to get a picture in front of the flamed torches outside the castles main doors.

My gran really enjoyed the private magician! 
Lisa Ferguson
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Although I don't really have a close up of the make up I was wearing I'll tell you it in case you're interested anyway and I'll possibly recreate it in a post later on. 

L'Oreal True Match Foundation in the shade W4 Golden Natural (1 1/2 pumps)
Nars Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc (1/4 pump)
Nars Illuminator in Copacabana
Make-Up Revolution Concealer Palette 'light'
Collection Concealer 3
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Palette 'Half Baked', 'Smog' and 'Buck'
L'oreal Liquid Liner
Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex mascara
Essence eyeliner in black
Maybelline the Falsies mascara
Eyelure lashes #101
Make-Up Revloution Sugar and Spice blush palette - peach shade
Sleek Face Contour - bronzer
Mac mineralized skin finish in Soft and Gentle
Mac Espresso - brows
Mac Pure Zen lipstick
Tanya Burr lipgloss in Afternoon Tea

Hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you'd like more ootd posts or make-up look posts!

Lots of Love, 

Monday, 24 November 2014

Northern Lights || Review

 When Lush released Northern Lights as part of their Christmas collection I was super excited. Firstly the shape of the bath ballistic is oblong unlike any of the other Lush ballistics, it is infact so long that it could easily do two baths and at a push maybe three. Which for £3.50 I don't think is bad at all especially when it makes this dreamy bath.

I thought it would maybe make the bath multi coloured but it doesn't really, there is quite a show of colour when it first goes into the bath but it settles as this rich purple shade which clouds over with a white foam? Then the white form mixed in with the purple just makes the most gorgeous mixture. I was worried that this would be taken away when all the Halloween and fireworks collection was but thankfully this is still available to purchase.

It also has that same relaxing smell that Christmas Eve bubble bar has so if you like that then you'll love this. It's a very zen smell almost quite lavender-esque. It's not my favourite scent from Lush, I'm much more into my spicy smells and also the sweet smells but it makes a nice change and it'll definitely be right up a lot of peoples streets!

 Have you tried this one?

Lots of Love,

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

DUO Boots #BootTribe

 About a month ago I was invited along to a store on Castle Street in Edinburgh called Duo boots to chose a pair of boots to take home with me. I'd never heard of the store but as you all know I have a shoe obsession so I was really excited to check out a shop full of lovely shoes and even better to chose a pair of my own.

Duo are unique in that they will fit the boot to your foot and also to your calf. They do a whopping 21 different calf sizes so you know that having teeny tiny legs or chunky calves are no longer a problem. Their boots are quite high end so prices range between around £110- £250 but they're so gorgeous.

Grey Dita that tempted me!

  When I got to the store it was absolutely beautiful inside, very spacious and pretty with all the boots laid out nicely. There was so many nice boots that it was so hard to chose but luckily I'd had a cheeky peek at the website before hand because I knew I would have this problem. I did quite fancy the long elegant knee high boots but I'm so small that I just felt they'd take up half my body and make me look smaller. Plus an ankle boot is much more wearable! The boots I chose were these gorgeous suede Abel ankle boots in a grey 'slate' colour. I was very tempted to chose another pair of Chelsea boots but decided that the three pairs that I already own were more than enough and that I needed to try something new. I picked the slate shade because I imagined it would go with more because grey against light jeans, leggings, black jeans and tights looks a lot nicer than black does. So the lovely Kelsey fitted me into my boots and they were the perfect fit and looked amazing so I was super excited for them to arrive!

 They had also laid out personal name tags for us bloggers that matched our blog logos which was a really nice touch and I've actually kept mine as a decoration in my room. The purpose of these tags were so we could attach them to the boot that was our favourite so that Kelsey and Claire could work out which Boot Tribe was most popular. I of course loving the Abel boot was channeling my inner Alexa Chung with the ankle boot tribe which actually was the winning tribe with 55% of votes. Another nice touch they had for us was they gave us a Duo memory stick which is very sleek with it's own little case to take home and it also had pictures of the boots loaded onto it for our posts.

 The customer service while we were in the store was incredible, I felt really relaxed and all our needs were taken care of. However, as I said previously I chose the slate pair but actually ended up with the black pair. The reason behind this was we didn't get our boots in store because they were getting packaged up and sent out to us. Everybody except two of us received their boots a few days later and I was so gutted because I hadn't got mine. After waiting a few more days I emailed to see what was up and it was something like they were out of stock but there was a pair getting sent up from Bath. Then after another week there was still no sign or news so I emailed again and was told that they were now getting a pair from London. Then after a further few days was emailed and told they were completely out of stock so could I pick a new pair. So I was obviously really disappointed because I'd waited two weeks for these gorgeous boots that I now wasn't even going to get. So because the Abel style was what I had been fitted too I went with that again but in the black so I knew it would fit.

 I wasn't overly annoyed that I had had to change my boot (although disappointed) I was still getting them as a very generous gift. I just found it very frustrating that I had to probe for information as to what was happening and that I had to wait over two weeks to get a different boot to what I had ordered.

 I do love Duo boots as their styles are beautiful and I think they offer a really unique service. I couldn't not mention the problem that I did have with them though. However, I don't think this would be as much of a problem as a paying customer because you would walk out the store with them or it wouldn't let you do a transaction online if they were out of stock.

Have you heard of or tried any boots from DUO?

Lots of Love,

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Real Techniques Nics Picks || Review

 When it comes to makeup brushes, Real Techniques are my go to. I love Mac ones but when I can get just as good...dare I say even better (in some cases) for cheaper then of course I'm going to. I don't really have a massive amount of make-up brushes which is okay... until I lose one that's quite hard to be without e.g. eyeshadow, eyebrows, blush, contour etc. I was quite torn between Sam's picks aswell because that has the buffing brush in it which is my holy grail and if I've forgotten to clean it or misplaced it then it's a disaster. However, I went with Nic's mainly because Sam's was out of stock in the Superdrug I went to and because it has an eyeliner brush which I would use in place of my Mac brow brush which is also prone to playing hide and seek in my room.

 The set contains 5 duo fibre brushes which are meant to be good for picking up less product so fab for blending things out. The two eyeshadow brushes I have been absolutely loving for blending out all the colours that I've been playing with from my Eyes Like Angels palette.. which take a lot of blending because they're so bright. The angled one especially is great for crease work.

 It also comes with a face brush which I wasn't too sure what to use for but lately I've fount that my Real Techniques powder brush picks up too much powder for my skin which is drier in Winter so it doesn't need as much. This is the perfect brush for just dusting a light sprinkling across my T-zone without caking my skin.

 Another brush from the set I was quite excited about was the cheek brush because I use my blush brush at the moment for both contour, blush and highlight because it's amazing. However, since I have this one I've been switching it up and using this one for either of those 3 and the blush brush for the others. It does almost as perfect a job as the blush brush so I was very impressed. It's also the perfect brush for pigmented blushers or those with a heavy hand to prevent the aunt Sally look. Alternatively if you've already accidentally slipped with the blush brush then this is great for blending it out.

  The last brush in the set is the eyeliner brush which I'm more likely to use for my eyebrows because let me tell you it is a Mac 266 dupe! It'll also be really handy for applying black/brown eyeshadow as eyeliner or even with gel liner to get a nice even line.

This set cost me £20 from Superdrug.. it's normally £30 so snap it up. Also it's worth noting if you have a snapfax you'll get 10% off on top of that in Superdrug. I'm not sure if Superdrug do normal student discount.. let me know?

Have you tried any RT duo fibre brushes?

Lots of Love,

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Eyes Like Angels Make-Up Revolution Palette || Review

 I recently did a haul showing a few makeup bits that I had picked up for 'coursework rewards' and this was one of the palettes that I picked up. It's so beautiful that I had to do a more in depth review for you because it's a palette that I hadn't heard anything about before I picked it off the shelf in Superdrug, I'm fairly new to makeup revolution products but I've completely fallen in love with them, they're pigmented, long lasting and cheap too. All the swatches below were taken without a primer because I'd have had too use an awful lot of primer to swatch all 32 shades so the shades are even more pigmented when they have a primer underneath.

 I haven't had the chance to use all these colours yet but the ones I have used are incredible. My favourite ones are definitely the reddy copper shade from the bottom row and the cranberry red shade from the top. Maybe I'll do a face of the day or eye of the day post on it if I'm brave enough but the two look fabulous together and very seasonal! I'm not big on colourful eyes but I'm trying to get more brave with it and I tried mixing the pinks and the purples and wow.. they are so pigmented and bright! It gave a nice look but not one I'm sure I'd be brave enough to wear out of the house...yet! A few others I've tried are the olive greens which blended nicely together too. I can't wait to have even more fun with this palette because there's so many colours to play with.

You can pick this up from Superdrug or from Make Up Revolutions website for just £8, what a steal!

Have you tried this palette?

Lots of Love,

Friday, 14 November 2014

October || Instagram

 October has been a hectic month for me once again with university work so I haven't got up to too many exciting things but I have been to a few blog events. I went to the Duo boots event where I was lucky enough to be able to choose a pair of boots to take away and I've also been to a Lush Christmas event where I got to see all the new Christmas releases. It's been a really cold, dull month here in the UK so I've also been making use of Lush bath products so overall it's been a very Lush month. We also started taking Luca to dog training in October and I don't think it gets much better than being a room surrounded by teeny tiny pups! Due to the amount of stress I've been under with coursework I have been treating myself.. lets just say quite a bit to try and get me through it so I've had quite a few exciting deliveries. I've also really enjoyed seeing Edinburgh get ready for Christmas especially the Dome, it always looks stunning at Christmas time and really gets me in the Christmas spirit!

Pretty view from my univeristy
Lush Northern Lights Bath
Late night snuggs with my baby boy!

I hope you enjoyed getting a little insight into what I got up too last month, what did October hold for you?

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Autumn/Winter Lip Picks

 When it comes to lipsticks, I think Autumn/Winter has got to be the most interesting season. I think there's much more fun colours that you can play with at this time of year and I tend to wear much braver and bolder lip colours than during the Summer. I've put together a collection of a few of my all time favourite lipsticks for this time of year to hopefully give you some inspiration or new lisptick ideas for the coming months.

 My all time favourite shades at the moment are reds, purples and berry toned lipsticks. I'm not a massive fan of purple lipsticks when we're talking summery light purples but when it comes to deeper richer purples I looove them.

Clinique Chubby Stick in Grandest Grape is a pretty unusual colour for me. I'm not overly keen on it yet but I'm really hoping it grows on me because it looks lovely on other people so I shall persevere. It's almost a cool toned dark purple shade? It's a nice texture and obviously being a chubby stick is very moisturising. (review here)

Cruel is actually one of Topshop's gloss inks that they released early this year but it's the perfect deep purple shade for Autumn/Winter. I have previously done a full review on the gloss inks which I'll link here. It's more of a glossy alternative to a A/W lipstick however it is very messy which stops me using it as much as I would like to.

 Revlons lip butter in Raspberry Pie is definitely one of my favourite drug store picks for Autumn/Winter. It's not really red or purple toned, it's just that perfect berry shade. For a lip butter it is incredibly long lasting, pigmented and not at all messy. I really like the name too and think it suits the colour perfectly because it really is the colour of raspberries.

 Red Balloon is one of Mac's limited edition lipsticks from the playland collection so I wasn't sure whether putting this in was helpful or just taunting you but I thought I'd throw it in anyway because it could give you inspiration. It's probably the best pink shade that I could wear in Winter because it's so cool toned but isn't as bright as Girl About Town so it suits the colder season perfectly. As pink lips is my favourite I had to find a way to incorporate it into the current season and I think this is the lipstick to do it with.

 This one is a new addition to my Winter lipsticks collection and it's Kate Moss number 30. I've done a full review of this the other day but it's a gorgeous purpley red shade that smells delightful. Even better, it's so reasonably priced. (review here)

 Brave Red is my oldest red lipstick that I own. It's pretty similar to Russian Red by Mac just slightly brighter and much creamier because it's a Cremesheen finish. Although I love my deeper reds in Winter I also really like going for the classic red lip too. (review here)

 The second red lipstick I own from Mac is of course Russian Red which is much loved by every Mac lipstick fan. It is your classic red lipstick which has a stunning finish and lasts literally forever. You could eat, drink and sleep with this on and you'd wake up with it still on. Its lasting power is down to it being a matte lipstick though so that does mean it can leave your lips drier. For those that suffer from dry lips Brave Red is probably a better option. (review here)

Kate Moss 107 is another cult beauty product which everybody has fallen in love with. Its so so pretty and it just reminds me of Christmas time. The Kate Moss lipsticks always have a gorgeous smell too and the classic red packaging looks lovely on display.

 As you want victoria is one of Revlons moisturising lipsticks which I've also done a review on. It's super pigmented, creamy and glossy but very messy. This one is more on the pinky scale of things but I loved this one when I was too scared of the more bold shades so this one is really good if pinks in your comfort zone but purple isn't quite up there yet.

Left to Right: Kate Moss 107, Grandest Grape ,Cruel ,Raspberry Pie, As You Want Victoria ,Russian Red, Red Balloon ,Brave Red

Lots of Love,