Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Topshop, Asos, Office, Nike, New Look & More || Haul

It's been a long time since I've done a fashion haul on my blog and it's mainly down to the fact that I've not really bought loads of clothes at once for ages. Then when I do, I have all the good intention of keeping them to photograph before I wear them but realistically that never actually happens. However this time I have managed it (mostly) so thought I would share them with you!

 The first thing that I bought was a new pair of Converse and this time I went for the leather version, my reasoning being that I wanted to be able to keep them clean, easier! I already have two pairs of white converse but both are manky and I only ever get down to washing them when I want to wear them. I bought these ones from Office and they were around £60 which I don't think is too bad. I do like them but I feel like they make my feet look and feel massive and I'm only a size 5! The leather style has definitely been much easier (and quicker) to clean so I would recommend them for that. 

 I desperately needed new bikini's for Summer especially because I live at my gyms swimming pool. I really wanted ones with cup sizes because they fit so much nicer on and I found that Asos was the best place to shop for cup sized bikini's. The first one I bought was this gorgeous floral print one which I desperately wanted the matching high waisted bottoms for but couldn't get hold of.

The second bikini I bought was this Triangl look alikey which is an amazing dupe. The white colour makes your tan look fantastic and the bra fits perfectly. Something to bare in mind about the bottoms are they're ever so slightly more revealing than your average bikini bottom but I kept them anyway because I like the look of the matching set!

I fell in love with this navy/grey and white striped top from Topshop. It's not a crop top but it's a really short t-shirt. It looks amazing with high waisted jeans or under dungarees.

From Nike I picked up this mesh crop top for the gym, again this one is slightly longer than a crop top but you would definitely have to wear this with high waisted bottoms if you didn't want to show any skin. This is amazing for the gym, it's dry fit so it absorbs sweat and because of it's loose, mesh material it really helps to keep you cool. I don't feel very comfortable just going to the gym in a sports bra so this is the perfect way to show off your coloured sports bra, stay cool and not be revealing. It was around £30 which is quite expensive for a gym top but that's because it's Nike and has the dri-fit technology. 

I also picked up a neon yellow sports bra from H&M because it looks amazing under all gym tops. This one especially looks great under the Nike mesh top. It isn't the most supportive sports bra ever but it does the job for me and it was under £10 too.

My gym is absolutely roasting especially when it's hot outside so I bought some new shorts to switch my yoga pants for. I apologise for the creases but I pulled these straight out the ironing basket. I chose a plain white pair and a plain black pair because they'll go with everything and both are from New Look.

Another fitness themed item of clothing I bought was this swim suit from Tesco. I really wanted a swimsuit for doing swimming at the gym because it just seems a lot more practical than a bikini and I wanted to look like I was 'serious' about swimming hahaha. At the same time I didn't want to look like a frump and this was the best one I found on the market and believe it or not it's actually from Tesco!! It gives you an amazing bust because it's quite low cut and because of the ruching on the front and the side panels it is quite slimming. I wear this to death because it is stylish but at the same time very, very practical so ideal for anyone who does swimming for exercise purposes!

Last gym related purchase... I promise! I bought two t-shirts from New Look, just a plain black one and a plain grey one. They do fit a little on the small side so I'd recommend going up a size if you're inbetween sizes.

I never, ever thought that I would buy into the dungaree hype. They just remind me way too much of growing up so they still feel a little uncool to me however lately I've seen people looking amazing in them. I'm definitely not into the long ones because I'm so small they would just look ridiculous on me but I do love the short ones. These look amazing paired with the Topshop stripey t-shirt that I showed above and are also from Topshop.

My last purchase and probably my most favourite purchase that I've bought in a long time is this yellow rain coat from Topshop. I wanted it for a while but wasn't sure because it might not go with much being yellow but when I went into Topshop and it was the last one in stock I just had to get it. It is out of stock online so if you want this, I'd hurry to your local Topshop to see if they have any left. It's so cute and makes me feel like Paddington bear. I think the little checked sleeves and hood are a really cute touch however if you don't like the sleeves you can roll them down. Although it is expensive for a rain coat at £55, I've already had my moneys worth out of it and will continue to do so therefore I think it's worth the money! Especially because in Britain you are always, always going to need a rain jacket.

I hope you liked seeing the fashion bits that I've picked up recently. Let me know if you like them and   how you would style them up. 

Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

July || Favourites

I know, I know, I am getting so bad at posting my favourites on time these last few months but I'm going to put it down to the fact that the days are just flying by. I am finally getting round to it though and have quite a few new products that I've been loving to share with you guys!

The first favourite this month has been my Body Shop Pink Grapefruit body sorbet. This stuff smells incredible, so fruity and fresh and not only does it smell great but the smell is really strong and lasts on the skin. I've been around people hours after I've applied it and been told I smell really nice - like grapefruits (funnily enough) and it also makes your whole room smell of grapefruit too. It comes out really cool so is amazing if you've been in the sun all day or if you've been working/working out and you're all hot and bothered. I just love this, it's amazing and as soon as it runs out I will definitely be repurchasing!

Urban Decay setting spray is one of those products where I'm not entirely sure if it does what it's meant too but I love using it anyway. I tend to find that my make-up lasts a long time on my face with or without using this so I'm not sure how much of a difference this product makes in that way. However, I like using this to add extra hydration to my face and to stop my make-up looking cakey.

I've been using my Tresemme hair protection spray loads lately because when you're out in the sun it's just as important to protect your hair from the heat as it is if you were curling it. This one does the job and smells gorgeous and lets face it who doesn't want to have healthy, good smelling hair?

Definite favourite this month has been my Toni & Guy salt spray. This cost literally only a few pounds and although it's a super small bottle, you really do not need a lot of product. This is probably the best salt spray I've ever tried because I can visibly see it working on my hair. It also has the most incredible smell (there's a theme throughout this favourites), the smell lasts on my hair for hours which makes me love this all the more. The only downside of this is how fast I'm going through it because I use it so much!

A new discovery but a complete favourite is the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer. It's a thinner concealer than the Collection one I usually use but I kind of like that about it and you can use layers to build up a thicker finish if that's what you want. This concealer really does brighten up your eyes and because I struggle with bad under eye bags this is just fab for hiding them.

My last favourite is another new discovery and that's Soap and Glory's Glow Job which I definitely didn't buy just because of it's intriguing name...... This product is a tinted moisturiser and it just gives a nice bronze glow to the skin which is ideal for those days you don't really want to wear make-up but still want to have a bit of colour. 

What have your favourites been the past month? Have you tried any of my favourites?

Lots of Love,

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Maybelline Lash Sensational || Review

It's no secret that when it comes to mascara's that I'm very fussy with what I look for. For a long time I stopped using drug store mascara's because they just did absolutely nothing for my lashes and the amount of money I wasted, it worked out cheaper just to buy a high end one. That was until I found a Rimmel one that I loved which restored my faith in drug store mascara's.

I know Maybelline in general are frequently raved about for their mascara's but this one especially is one I keep hearing only positive things about. Many have compared it to Roller Lash by Benefit that I've been wanting to try so I gave in to the hype to see if it really is that good. 

I really like the packaging of it, it's a pretty pink colour and I like that the writing is just plain black. It looks much nicer than my bright green Rimmel one and it's also a lot less chunky which is handy for carrying around in make-up bags.

The wand on the mascara is really good, it's curved round to hug the lashes much like the Roller Lash one and it's a synthetic brush which generally I prefer. However, the formula of the mascara is really, really wet and I think it will be a much better mascara once it dries out a little.

I really wanted to like this mascara but I just don't. It takes me much longer to get ready in the morning when I use it because the formula is so wet that it's hard not to get it all over your eyelids which is not ideal when wearing eyeshadow. Despite this mascara being so wet, it sets to rock hard once it's on, this is quite possibly the most difficult mascara to remove.. and this isn't even the waterproof version! If you've tried They're Real by Benefit and found that hard to remove then I would completely swerve this one. It's great if you want your mascara to last but everytime I remove it, I lose a couple of eyelashes with it and it takes me way too long to remove when I'm tired. 

Maybe this would work better for you if you had longer natural lashes so you could use less product. However, because I have awful natural lashes I really need to use a lot of product and the messy formula is a nightmare for me. I'm going to try and use the rest of it up but I think I'll end up giving it away for somebody else to try!

What do you think of this mascara?

Lots of Love,