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Naked Palette's Review and Comparison

Naked Palettes

Original Naked Palette
Naked 2 Palette
Hello my lovelies!

 Urban Decay are famously known for their well loved Naked Palettes, a dazzling array of 12 neutral eye make up colours, perfect for creating numerous subtle eye looks, ideal for school or work and even going out. Although i have had these palettes a while, only recently have i started to enjoy using them frequently. When i was buying my first naked palette i didn't really know much about the difference's between the two in detail so i ended up just going for the first one. Then months down the line realising i'd rather have the second so as a result i now have both! So i have finally got round to making a blog post with information i wish i had known when i had been looking into buying mine!
 Before i got my first naked palette i didn't really venture into the world of eyeshadow, i didn't really think they suited me and couldn't quite perfect the art of blending and all that jazz! However after hearing it being raved about on YouTube and blogs i decided to give it a whirl. Which was a risky decision given the price (£37) but since you get 12 1.3g eye shadows which works out about £3 each it's definitely worth it! Especially given a singular MAC eyeshadow is only slightly bigger at 1.5g and retails between £10-£13. But don't fear if you're slightly afraid of eyeshadows like i was, the Naked Palette's are perfect to start off with!

Naked Palette first 6 shades up close

Naked Palette last 6 shades up close

 The first Naked palette comes with the Urban Decay primer potion which is an AMAZING primer and it really, really does make the eyeshadows appear brighter and more pigmented whilst making them last! I've had nights out where i've come back and been too lazy to take my makeup off (slap on the wrists for me) , woken up the next morning and been very impressed to find my eyeshadow still in place! It also comes with a single ended brush which is good for applying the eyeshadow with. The palette itself has two matte shades Buck and Naked and 10 satiny, shimmery shades.

Virgin- pale Satin shade, good for highlighting brow bone and inner corner of the eye
Sin- shimmery pinky champagne colour
Naked- matte nude, good for light crease definition
Sidecar- a beige glitter
Buck- matte brown, good for crease definition and also can be used for light brunette's/dark blonde's eyebrows
Half Baked- gold glitter that features in both naked palettes
Smog- bronze shimmery shade
Darkhorse- dark brown shimmer
Toasted- light purple shimmer
Hustle- darker purple shimmer
Creep- black with glitter
Gunmental- silvery blue with glitter

From left to right:- a barely visible 'Virgin', 'Sin', 'Naked', 'Sidecar', 'Buck, 'Half-Baked', 'Smog', 'Darkhorse', 'Toasted', 'Hustle', 'Creep' and 'Gunmetal'
  Out of this palette i'd say the shades i use most are Sin, Sidecar, Buck, Half-baked, Toasted and Hustle as i'm sure you'll be able to tell from the pictures! I rarely ever find a use for Creep or Gunmental. The palette packaging is nice with it's velvet cover however it does fade with age and use but the magnetic clasps which the brush can also attach to does please me(it's the small things in life). I feel the mirror in the naked palette could be bigger though!

First lot of shades from the Naked 2 and fluffy end of brush
Second selection of shades from Naked 2 and denser side of brush

 The Naked 2 packaging is less pleasing as it has a metally plastic finish however it does have the whole top lid as a mirror (big plus) which makes the palette alot easier to use on the go. It also comes with a double ended brush which i find is perfect for travelling too as it has a similar brush to the first naked palette on one end for applying the eyeshadow and a fluffy blending brush on the other side. As if the fandabby brush wasn't enough it also comes with an Urban Decay lipgloss in the shade 'Naked' (funnily enough) which is alright as lipglosses go and taste's like mint choc chip ice cream. The shades in this palette are three mattes, three glitters and 6 shimmer shades:-

Foxy- a very pale yellowish matte shade
Half Baked- gold glitter from previous naked palette
Bootycall- Shimmery cork eyeshadow
Chopper- a bronze glitter
Tease- matte taupe/purple, good for all over lid or crease definition
Snakebite- a dark brown shimmer, similar to dark horse from the original Naked palette
Suspect- a beautiful shimmery gold/beige
Pistol- a silvery shimmer
Verve- silvery pearl shade
YDK- light purpley glitter, bares close resemblance to toasted (original Naked palette) but glitter instead of shimmer
Busted- purple shimmer, very similar to Hustle (original Naked palette)
Blackout- matte black, perfect for smoky eye's or to use instead of eyeliner for a more subtle, natural look

From left to right:- a barely visible 'Foxy', 'Half baked', 'Bootycall', 'Chopper', 'Tease', 'Snakebite', 'Suspect', 'Pistol', 'Verve', 'YDK', 'Busted' and 'Blackout'
  I use most shades in the Naked 2 palette which is most definitely my favourite palette. The only shade i tend not to use is foxy as it's just too pale for me and never seem's to add much to my eye makeup looks.

   The best way to determine which palette is best for you is take the naked one palette and if you find yourself eyeing up the first 6 colours rather than the latter 6 then go for the Naked 2 as it has more of a lighter range of colours that are more subtle and 'naked' so to speak.

Where you can buy the naked palettes:-
House of Fraser-
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