Monday, 22 June 2015

Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt || Review

 When it comes to bath products I'm not very adventurous because I love Lush products so I always have a stash of them on the go. However I recently got sent this as a free gift from The Body Shop for spending over a certain amount of money - I'll be honest I actually spent more to get the free gift because it was a pretty good free gift set. Isn't that always how it works?

I have never tried Laura Mercier Honey Bath that comes with the swizzle stick but I imagine this to be the closest version you can get of it without the price tag. It unfortunately does not come with a swizzle stick but most people have plenty of things in their house that they can use as an alternative. It has a very sweet mixture of vanilla, floral and honey and it smells even more incredible when you mix it into the bath.

 I love how dreamy the texture and colour of this is, it mixes into the water nicely and doesn't just lie in gloops at the bottom like lots of bubble baths do. It doesn't create masses amount of bubbles which I really wish it did, it just gives a small amount but the smell is heavenly. It leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft too so definitely makes up for the lack of bubbles.

It's a massive tub and you barely need to use any of it, maybe if you use more you would get more bubbles though but I think this will last a long time. Especially considering with Lush I'm willing to pay £3 for something I'll only use once but this only costs £8 and will obviously give many more uses.

What's your favourite bath treats?

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