Thursday, 6 August 2015

Maybelline Lash Sensational || Review

It's no secret that when it comes to mascara's that I'm very fussy with what I look for. For a long time I stopped using drug store mascara's because they just did absolutely nothing for my lashes and the amount of money I wasted, it worked out cheaper just to buy a high end one. That was until I found a Rimmel one that I loved which restored my faith in drug store mascara's.

I know Maybelline in general are frequently raved about for their mascara's but this one especially is one I keep hearing only positive things about. Many have compared it to Roller Lash by Benefit that I've been wanting to try so I gave in to the hype to see if it really is that good. 

I really like the packaging of it, it's a pretty pink colour and I like that the writing is just plain black. It looks much nicer than my bright green Rimmel one and it's also a lot less chunky which is handy for carrying around in make-up bags.

The wand on the mascara is really good, it's curved round to hug the lashes much like the Roller Lash one and it's a synthetic brush which generally I prefer. However, the formula of the mascara is really, really wet and I think it will be a much better mascara once it dries out a little.

I really wanted to like this mascara but I just don't. It takes me much longer to get ready in the morning when I use it because the formula is so wet that it's hard not to get it all over your eyelids which is not ideal when wearing eyeshadow. Despite this mascara being so wet, it sets to rock hard once it's on, this is quite possibly the most difficult mascara to remove.. and this isn't even the waterproof version! If you've tried They're Real by Benefit and found that hard to remove then I would completely swerve this one. It's great if you want your mascara to last but everytime I remove it, I lose a couple of eyelashes with it and it takes me way too long to remove when I'm tired. 

Maybe this would work better for you if you had longer natural lashes so you could use less product. However, because I have awful natural lashes I really need to use a lot of product and the messy formula is a nightmare for me. I'm going to try and use the rest of it up but I think I'll end up giving it away for somebody else to try!

What do you think of this mascara?

Lots of Love,

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