Friday, 11 September 2015

July/August || Instagram

♥ Yellow Topshop rain jacket that I showed in a haul recently

 ♥ The dream team

♥ Nandos Peri Peri chips

♥ New work shoes

♥ Les Mis phone case

♥ New Boots

♥ Night out nails

 ♥ Poorly snuggles 

♥ Feet up in the Audi

♥ Frankie & Benny's chilli garlic bread 

 ♥ Adult colouring in books 

 ♥ New Asos bikini

♥ Minions in work

♥ Fresh eyebrow kit

♥ Luca's 'I'm feeling naughty' face 

Decided to combine both July and August's pictures together because I hadn't posted very many pictures in July to give it its own post! All these pictures are from my instagram @whatabbyloves and Luca's @lucathespringer. Please come say hello!

Lots of Love,


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