Monday, 16 November 2015

Lipstick Haulin' || MAC Mondays

If there's one thing I love, it's lipstick, especially MAC lipsticks. The formula, pigmentation, wear time and scent of them are all incredible and although they're on the pricier side for lipstick, they're worth it because you don't have to re-apply them as much. I actually won one of these in the lovely Kizzy Hearts giveaway as well so check out her blog! 

The first shade that I picked was Sin because it'll be absolutely perfect for this time of year. It's a gorgeous deep burgundy almost brown toned reddy purple and I've already worn it so many times, I actually wore it on Halloween as well so I'll insert a few pictures of me wearing it below. 

Close up, this was actually at the end of the night so it's worn off a bit but you get the idea!

Another A/W inspired shade that I picked up is Rebel because every single year, around this time, I always say to myself that I need to buy it so this year I've eventually done it. The colour is a berry toned purple, it does show up a lot lighter and brighter than it looks in the bullet but on me it still looks quite purple.

Slightly different from the other two I bought is the third shade that I choose which is the nude shade Patisserie. It's just another shade that has been on my wish list for ages because so many bloggers and YouTubers rave about it. It's a lustre finish which isn't my favourite finish but it's a typical nude shade that just adds a nice nude sheen to the lips. It reminds me of a browner version of Pure Zen which we all know is a massive favourite of mine.

The last one that I ordered was another nude favourite which is the classic Kylie Jenner lip 'Velvet Teddy'. I put off buying this one for ageeeeees because I didn't think it would suit me and I'm not that interested in the Kardashians (I know, I'm the only girl out there who isn't, pls don't hate me) so didn't really feel a need for me to own it. However, when I tried it on in Mac, I really liked it as an everyday nude shade so picked it up. It's a matte formula so will be really long lasting and it's a brown toned nude, definitely one to pick up if you like the nineties lip trend.

The final lipstick is the one that I won and I picked Kinda Sexy because it's another nude shade and at the moment if I don't want a dark, Wintery lip then I just want a nice nude shade. Kinda Sexy is also a matte lipstick and it's very similar to Velvet Teddy but lighter and more peachy/orange toned.

Swatches R-L- Rebel, Patisserie, Sin, Kinda Sexy, Velvet Teddy

P.S apologies the lighting in these pictures isn't fab, I had to work with the best light that Winter would give me!

Have you got any of these shades? What ones do I need to pick up next?

Lots of Love,


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