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My HD Brows Experience || Zen Lifestyle

So a couple of weeks ago, I was invited by Zen Lifestyles to get HD brows done and I've never had them done before so I was really unsure but all the celebs get HD brows so I didn't want to pass up the opportunity.

HD brows is a unique process of waxing, shaping, threading, tweezing and tinting to create the perfect, unique eyebrow that suits both your colouring and face shape. Even if you have very sparse brows, HD brows can work on a re-growth programme with you, re-shaping every 6 weeks to create a thicker, fuller brow.

The salon that I got my brows done in was the Hanover Street salon and inside it is gorgeous, currently it's decked out in Christmas garlands and gorgeous red flowers. They have really nice silver baubles dangling from the ceiling with the most amazing mirror that I most definitely wanted to steal for my bedroom. Another thing I loved about the salon is the gorgeous spa smell it had and they had the nicest water on the table infused with lemon and cucumber. It's just one of those places where you instantly feel relaxed when you walk in the door and I guess their salon name is pretty apt for how it makes you feel when you're there.

Close up of my eyebrow before HD brows 

Naturally, I have quite a good eyebrow shape so manage to look after them myself without getting them waxed or threaded and because I like my natural shape I'm always very paranoid about letting someone else touch them. The lady who did my brows (who's name I can't quite remember, sorry!) was very good, she asked me what I liked and I showed her a picture of how I like my brows when they're at their best (I'd let them grow in a bit for the treatment) and she said she would stick to my natural shape, just enhance it.

I have to say it wasn't the most painless experience, the waxing part is okay although painful when the tail of the eyebrow is being waxed and threading made my eyes water but it was bearable and I'm a complete woose so if I can hack it, anyone can! The lady also asked me how dark I like my eyebrows, I chose quite dark because that's just how I like them. I had that sick feeling as she raised the mirror, paranoid that I was going to be left with no eyebrows or a shape that I detested but I actually loved them! It was like my natural brows, with a slightly more defined arch, she managed to make my good eyebrow even better and my bad eyebrow to match it (admit it we all have one good eyebrow!) and they looked like I had filled them in but I hadn't. I was completely wowed by how much thicker and higher my eyebrows were, I have no idea how my lovely therapist managed it but I was very impressed.

The first week and a half were absolutely amazing, I had no pain afterwards and my eyebrows were amazing, I had that extra 5 minutes in the morning because I didn't need to fill in my brows. Now I do have to go back to filling them in because the tint has worn off my skin but they're much quicker to fill in because the shapes already perfect, it's just filling in the sparse hairs. 

Close up of eyebrow straight after getting HD brows done

I would without a doubt get HD brows done again at Zen Lifestyle, I've always had compliments on my brows but now I get even more and it takes me much less time in the morning in perfecting them. They are slightly more expensive than your usual wax treatment (£38) but I've had my eyebrows waxed before and I never looked at my eyebrows for weeks after and still admired them like I have been with my HD brows.

My brows yesterday in work, two weeks after treatment

If you're wanting to get HD brows done I completely recommend Zen lifestyle, I always think its better to get your eyebrows done somewhere you've had a recommendation from than going in blind cause lets face it nobody wants to be fixing their eyebrows for months after a botch job.

Also top tip if you are planning on getting them done, don't wear face makeup or eyeshadow to your appointment because it does come off with the waxing which leaves awkward patches. It's not a good idea to fill the patches in with more make-up either because the pores are open from waxing so it's tempting spots if you put make-up over freshly waxed skin! 

If you're wanting to buy a voucher for HD brows at Zen lifestyle either for yourself or a fabby Christmas gift then you can do so here.

                                  Have you had HD brows done before? What did you think of them?

Lots of Love,


* This treatment was complimentary but as always all opinions are my own

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