Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Uncommon Goods || Home Inspo

Since I don't have my own house yet and still live at home, I love nothing more than pinning home inspiration pins on pintrest and looking at home-y things online for when I finally have my own place.

One website that I've been lusting after things on recently is Uncommon Goods as they have lots of quirky homeware that's right up my street. The first thing that I've seen on their site that I'm after is this cinema lightbox that comes with a combination of letters so that you can write whatever you want on the box. I don't really have a justification for buying this but I can't help but want it, I think it would be amazing for birthdays, parties, weddings and as a blogger for backgrounds of photographs. I'm quite tempted to buy it just now for my room and just have my name or my blog name on it, is that too far?! hahaha.

It's no secret that I love my two dogs more than I love most people (and I'm not ashamed to admit that hehe) so I squealed with delight when I saw that you can actually get a picture of your pet made into a cushion!! I think this would be so cute on an armchair or even to keep in your pooch's bed (if your pets are as spoilt as mine). One of the key things I think with house inspiration is personalising it to actually make it a home and what better way to personalise it than by having a cushion of your most loved four legged family members. You can get your own pet picture put on a cushion here or there's also really nice polaroid camera cushions which are perfect for any fellow bloggers!

I'm also a massive book lover so one thing I know for sure that will be on display in my home is books especially the books that I own with pretty covers. With having books on display, it can start to look a bit like a library and take away from that modern chic feel so I think it's important to have stylish bookends and pretty objects on the shelf to break it up. Uncommon goods have these stunning mother and baby giraffe book ends which I think would look amazing on a book shelf with some pretty books in the middle. You can find this and others similar here.

The Luna light is something that grabbed my attention right away (maybe it's the blogger in me that's obsessed with lighting), it's a little white ring that you can control the colour of by tapping it and you can set it to be one colour or switch between all the different colours. I think this would be fab for date nights or even when you're having a relaxing bath, being able to change the lightning can really affect your mood. The top part of the Luna light also spins round so that you can direct the light in whichever direction you please. Another thing I thought this would be good for is in a child or baby's bedroom to help them get to sleep.

Lastly, I am a quote lover and I'm all about positive prints and quotes to help me stay motivated and to keep a positive outlook. I absolutely love this print from Uncommon Goods, it's got gorgeous lemon prints on it with 'when life gives you lemons'. I think the colour combination is really nice and this would look lovely on a kitchen wall. Uncommon Goods also have other really nice prints if this one isn't quite your style which you can see here.

They also have really nice home and garden furniture which would be perfect for people wanting to add a quirky touch to their home which you can find here.

What sort of things would you put in your home?

Lots of Love,

* This post is a sponsored advertorial but as always all items are selected by me and opinions are my own.

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