Monday, 18 April 2016

Rainbow Club Shoes || Unboxing and Review

It's no secret that I am a massive shoe addict and when it comes to shoes, you can never have too many pairs. I was recently contacted by the lovely people over at Rainbow Club who asked if I would like to pick a pair of shoes, a colour and a clip to design my very own custom shoes. Obviously I said yes, and now my shoes have arrived and I'm in love with them so I thought I would share them with you so you can design your very own pair.

Rainbow Club specialise in designing special occasion shoes that you can entirely customise through the use of their dyeing service and their removable clips. All the shoes are handmade using the best materials. The shoes range from around £50-£120, the dyeing service is free with the shoes and the clips range from £20-£50. They would be perfect for a prom, bridesmaids, a bride or a special occasion because of the wide ranging colour charts that you can choose from so that your shoes perfectly match your outfit.

The style of shoe that I chose was the Vivian Satin Court Shoes and I got these dyed in a really pale baby pink. I can't even explain how long it took me to decide on a style and a colour and how many various combinations I came up with until I finally settled on this one! I decided to go for the Vivian because it's such a classic style and I think it could be worn to a wedding or you could even pull it off for dinner or for wearing to a meeting. I stuck with the pale pink colour for this reason as I didn't want mine to look too bridal (since I'm not getting married anytime soon hahaha!) and I thought it would go best for daytime and evening wear. 

The clip that I paired my shoes with are the Callisto clips and the satin parts of the clips are dyed to match the shoes. You can wear the clips at the back, side or front of the shoes and I really love this because it's almost like having a few pairs of shoes in one. I really love the fact that the clips are removable too because it allows you to pull off wearing the shoe more casually if you wish. If you wanted too, you could also buy more than one set of clips if you wanted to be able to change it up even more.

The shoes are really high quality, the dye is perfect and even, they feel very sturdy and well made. They fit true to size and when the clips are clipped on they stay on well. A really lovely touch is that on the sole of the shoe they have a little signature blue jewel as the 'o" on the Rainbow Club logo. 

I would mention that if you were buying these shoes for a wedding or a specific occasion where you'd have them on for a long time, that you break them in first, as they were a little painful to wear the first few times.

Overall, I absolutely love my shoes and think it's a really good service that Rainbow Club offer, which would be absolutely perfect for any special occasion - especially a wedding! If you design your own pair of shoes then please tag me in pictures as I would love to see them!

Lots of Love,


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