Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm || Primer

Before anyone thinks I've gone mad and bought a mens shaving gel thinking it's a primer, I've not, I did intentionally pick this up as I had heard it made a really good primer. The product contains a lot of glycerin which is perfect as a primer because it locks in the skins moisture and provides a smooth, non-greasy base for make-up application.

The packaging of the product is quite simple like most Nivea products, although it does feel more luxurious than most as its in a glass bottle. Which is fab because it makes the product look nicer but a bit of an inconvenience for travelling with.

I don't usually bother with primers because I've never found one that doesn't leave my face feeling like it has some kind of film on it and I personally have never really noticed much of a difference. However, this one was entirely different - potentially because it hasn't been designed for use as a primer, it just sinks into the skin like a cream. You also only need a teeny tiny bit because it is extremely runny which is something to bare in mind when pouring it out to use. 

I apply it after my moisturiser has sunk in but before my foundation/base make up which tends to be the way this product works best. That being said, one time before a night out I forgot to put it on but wanted it on so I applied it on after and just blended it over my foundation with my foundation brush and it still worked and didn't affect the way my foundation sat on my skin. My make-up usually lasts really well anyway but it was still perfectly in place after nights out and I also wore it to work and went to the gym straight after and my makeup still looked as if I had just done it. So I am really impressed with this products ability to prolong the longevity of makeup.

The best part about this product is that it cost me £4 in Tesco which is cheaper than most drug store primers let alone high end ones like Benefit's porefessional, wh

ich I have tried and didn't think it made the slightest bit of difference. You can also pick this up in Boots or Superdrug as well. 

The only potential downside to this product (apart from it being easy to spill with it's runny consistency) is that it smells like a mans product which might irritate some people but after a few minutes the smell fades away so I personally don't think it's a problem.

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