Saturday, 2 January 2016

Amsterdam MAC || Duty Free Haul

Recently my parents went on holiday to Amsterdam to celebrate their wedding anniversary and Amsterdam is known for having one of the worlds largest airports meaning a massive duty free area. So of course I gave them a list of a few things that I wanted from MAC and they also brought back a little surprise for me too so I thought I'd share with you the things I got because who doesn't love a MAC haul?!

The first thing I asked them to pick up was the satin lipstick in 'Spirit'. I knew I wanted a new MAC lipstick but couldn't think of which one to get and quite a few of my friends swear by Spirit so I thought it was worth giving a whirl. It's much darker than what I personally would usually go for but I'm really glad I chose it. It is definitely along the 'Kylie Jenner' theme so if you like lipsticks like Twig, Velvet Teddy, Brave, Whirl etc then you'd probably really like this one!

The second thing that I had on my list for them to pick up for me was actually Nightmoth lipliner because I needed a good lip liner for going underneath MAC's Sin lipstick and preferably one that could be used under Diva and Rebel too. It's a purple, burgundy toned red shade so it is quite versatile. I meant to ask for Nightingale because I think that would probably be a better multi-tasker for the three because Nightmoth is a totally different tone to Rebel however I got confused because of them being such similar colours with similar names! (a bit like Spirit and Stone...Mac why do you do this?!) However, I love Nightmoth under Sin and it can be really nice under Diva if you want to do an ombre lip or if you just want to make it that little bit darker. As it was Christmas time it also came in this gorgeous limited edition, purple packaging too.

The last thing my mum and dad got me was a total surprise (well I think mostly my mum was involved in this one somehow haha!) and it was one of the limited edition Christmas eye shadow palettes. Firstly, how beautiful is this packaging!? I absolutely love the pretty colours on the front and the ridged black part adds a nice touch too. I actually don't have a lot of MAC eyeshadows, when it comes to eyeshadow I'm very much an Urban Decay girl so I was happy to have some more to play with. This palette is the Enchanted Eyes Navy set and it has six different shades in it which I think you can buy individually if you wish too. The first one is a nice highlight shade, the second is a good sweep all over the lid shade with the third shade in the crease to blend it out. The silver shade would make a gorgeous smoky eye especially at this time of the year and the navy shade has a stunning shimmer through it and finally there's a matte grey/black which would be fab as eyeliner or for smoking out that eyeshadow. It comes with a little double sided brush too so it would be a really nice one to take for a weekend away. 

What do I need to pick up next from MAC? Have you tried any of these products?

Lots of Love,

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