Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Barry M Pastel Gelly's || Haul & Mini Review

Helllooo my lovelies,

I'm sure by now you'll all know that Barry M have released three new Gelly colours into their range. I absolutely love Barry M gelly polishes and I love pastel colours so when I found out these new colours were coming out I was super duper excited! I feel like I've been waiting for these polishes forever and when they were released I still couldn't find them anywhere. I went touring round all my local beauty stores and none had them and neither did Tesco so I ended up ordering them from Boots online instead. I also picked up another Gelly polish I've had my eye on called 'Guava' because they were on buy one get one half price.

 The new shades are a pastel Green, a duck egg blue and a off white pink that's similar to Essie's fiji. My ultimate favourite of the three is 'Huckleberry' which is a gorgeous name and the duck egg blue shade is absolutely beautiful especially for Spring! It goes well with a lot of clothes that I have and I love when my nails match my outfit. The formula of this was perfect, just the exact same as my other Gelly polishes and it took about 3/4 days before chipping without a top coat.

 'Sugar Apple' is the mint pastel green shade which again has an amazing name. When I wore this on my nails it came out a lot brighter than I expected and it is more of a blue-toned green but it is a lovely shade. I was less impressed with the lasting of this one as it chipped within 2 days but I'm hoping this will improve with use of a top coat and hopefully it was just a one off.

The last shade is 'Rose hip' and I haven't actually tried this yet but it looks a lovely shade in the bottle. I can already tell that it'll look amazing with a tan and it'll be a go to nail polish if I want something that'll go with every outfit or I'm not sure which nail polish colour to go for.

Have you tried any of the new Gelly polishes? Which shade is your favourite?

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  1. These are so lovely, I really want them as I love the Gelly range, but I am on a polish ban! I think Huckleberry would be my favourite.


    1. How come you're on a polish ban? I have way too many I should probably put myself on one! Huckleberry is gorgeous, definite fave! xxx


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