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Hair Saviour || Argan Dew Review

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I'm sure by now you'll all have heard of Argan Oil and the vitamins and nutrients that it contains. Argan Oil is extracted from the Argan nut which grows in Morocco and is one of the worlds richest and rarest natural oils that is so nourishing for your hair. The company Argan Dew uses Argan Oil as their main ingredient and their products are 100% natural. 

  I have been trying out two of Argan Dew's products, the Replenishing Hair Mask* and the Miraculous Argan Oil* for almost a month now and I've really been enjoying them so far. I'm going to continue using them even though I have already reviewed them because I love them that much!

 The hair mask retails at £29.95 for 250ml which I do think is quite pricey for a hair mask but this is one of my favourite hair masks and usually it is around the £20-£30 price bracket for a really good hair mask. This mask doesn't just revitalise the hair but it also helps protect it from future damage from both heat and natural elements by creating a protective layer that keeps the hair moisturised. Which is great for really lazy people like me that often forget to use heat protection *slaps on wrists*. Every time I have used this mask, I've found that I haven't needed to wash my hair for 3-4 days which is a really long time for my hair! (I usually wash my hair every two/at a push 3 days) It smells absolutely amazing like perfume! The other day before I washed my hair (4 days after using this product) when I took it out of my bun I couldn't work out what the amazing smell was then I realised it was my hair! I love the texture of this aswell, it's really stretchy almost? so you need a lot less than you would think because it spreads really well. One 10ml sachet was enough for my hair, which I never imagined it would be and my hair is really long so although it's pricey I would expect it to last a long time. 

It looks rather dodgy but I promise you it's the hair mask!
 The Argan Dew Argan Oil is hands down THE best hair oil I have ever come across. It has such a luxurious texture AND it actually warms in your hands much like a self-heating face mask which I've never come across in a hair oil before. It retails for £24.95 for 100ml which is again pretty extortionate for a hair oil but it's one I totally recommend investing in if your looking for a luxury hair product. I've been applying this product to damp, towel-dried hair and then using a tiny amount when it's fully dry to add shine and to smooth the hair follicle. It much like the hair mask smells amazing and the smell will last on your hair throughout the day. It does feel very unnatural at first to put this much oil into freshly washed hair but it leaves it looking amazingly shiny and also helps to tame any frizzy fly away's too! The product helps to strengthen the hair as well as protecting and re-hydrating it. I don't suffer from particularly damaged hair but my hair definitely doesn't look dull when I've used this oil. I'm pretty certain that I'm going to have to buy a bottle of this oil when mines runs out because I can't imagine my hair routine without this now!!

Hair Oil sachet
 To top it off all Argan Dew products are not tested on animals and are free from parabens and SLS which I really love in a product being an animal lover and all that!

 Although I loved both of these products, they are very pricey for hair care so if I could only buy one of them I would definitely pick the hair oil as I could not love it anymore! I think these would be great for treating yourself or for someone special in your life.

Have you tried these products out?

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  1. Where can you purchase this hair mask? I love argan oil products and have never seen this hair mask before! x


  2. http://www.myargandew.co.uk/products/argan-dew-mask

    Just go to myargandew.co.uk hun :-) I'd never heard of it before either but it's really good! xx


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