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Here Comes The Sun || Topshop, H&M, Primark & More Haul

Hellooo my lovelies, 

 If you live in the UK then you will probably have noticed that the weather is getting a lot sunnier and a lot warmer which I am super excited about and in my excitement I decided I needed to go Summer clothes shopping. Yes that really was a need...

 To warn you in advance I did have quite the shopping spree!! but when I can actually face hitting the shops I really go for it. Go hard or go home!

 The first thing I got which you'll probably all be thinking WHY?!?!? was this Lion King top from Primark. I need a Lion King top like I need a hole in the head BUT it's my all time favourite Disney film and I just couldn't leave the shop without it! I probably won't wear it as a top though, I'm just going to use it as a pajama top for sleeping and lounging around in. I got this in a size 12 because I wanted it to be baggy and long enough that it would cover my bum so I could just sleep in that because I couldn't find any pajama bottoms that it went well with. It's really comfy and it has baby Simba on it so it couldn't get much better really could it? hehehe.

 The next thing I picked up in Primark was some Jelly shoes. Now at first when I saw jelly shoes were on trend I sort of laughed and thought that's what I had when I was a child, how have they become fashionable again?! BUT I always loved my jelly shoes and really wanted a pair. I originally wanted a white pair from Topshop but they were around £25.00 and I didn't want to pay that much for a shoe that I might actually not wear. Sooo when I saw these in Primark for £4.00 each I just had to get them! It was such a good deal infact that I had to buy three pairs....but I'm justifying it by the three pairs still being cheaper than one Topshop pair. I'm not sure how I'll style these yet but I really hope I can be cool enough to pull these off haha! The glittery one's are actually a lot nicer than expected when you try them on and look more like sandals than jelly shoes! I have worn all of them so far and I think they do look really nice and summery (just me??). The best thing about these is that my feet always get really dry in sandals and I just feel like I want to slather moisturiser all over my feet after wearing them for an hour or so. However, with these they're water proof so you can dip your feet in a pool or pour water on them, moisturise or whatever and it won't do any damage to the shoe whatsoever because they're water proof! Hopefully I'm not the only weirdo that gets the dry feet in sandals situation (?!) .

 Another thing that I'm not entirely sure if I can pull off is this gorgeous pink maxi skirt. Near the end of last summer I got really into maxi skirts and I desperately wanted one but none of the shops had them because they were preparing for Autumn. So this Summer I was determined to have one and pull it off, the only thing is I'm very small (5ft 1) so I'm not sure if this will be too long on me or if it'll make me look even smaller but I'm going to make it work!! It comes with a little black belt, I got it in a size 8 and it was £10.00. There was actually another one I had my eye on which was a gorgeous turquoise blue but it looked a cheaper material (it was more expensive..logic??) and I thought I'd best buy one to see if it suits me first!

 I also bought this gorgeous shrug from Primark for only £8.00! It's a sort of crochet/lace material?? and it will be perfect for throwing on top of a dress or a little summery top in the evening when it gets cooler. They actually have these in so many different colours - beige, black, blue etc. I'm so excited to style this and would love to do a Summer look book in the future if you would be interested in seeing how I would style all the things I've bought!

 The very last thing I bought from Primark was this beautiful daisy print playsuit. It's super Summery (florals for that film!) and it's a lovely cotton material so it'll be great for keeping cool and breezy too. This is slightly big on me it's a size 8 and I probably should have had a size 6 but I'd already asked the assistant to get me another size which she wasn't happy about so just went with the 8! How annoying is it when shop assistants won't do their job or make you feel bad about them having to do it?!?! The best part about this playsuit? It was only £5..b.a.r.g.a.i.n!

 No shopping trip would be complete without a visit to Topshop...or two! I actually picked this up on my second visit (to a different Topshop) and I know you're all thinking 'it's the hottest it's been this year so far why is she buying woolly jumpers. However, this was in the sale for £18 and it's meant to be £36 so with discount I got it for £16.20, which is not bad for a jumper let alone a Topshop one! There was a gorgeous pastel pink one too but I think mint is one of those shades that you can pull off all year round and there will be cooler days before Winter that I can wear this too I'm sure! It's lovely and oversized which is great and it's in a size 8. Unfortunately I think you'll struggle to get your mitts on it though because it was in the sale but it might be worth checking out your local Topshop sale section for some bargains!

 Probably one of my most favourite things I bought was this gorgeous white lace crop top. I had a white lace crop top on my shopping list and when I walked into Topshop it was right there and too good to miss! I can't wait to style this in the Summer and I'm sure it'll look amazing with a tan! I got this in a size 8 and it was £16.00 which is really well priced for Topshop!

 The next thing I picked up probably won't be a surprise to most of you and that's another two of Topshop's burn out t's. I really love these because they're oversized, comfy and just really nice to slouch about in or for those days where you're not doing anything particularly special. I already have one in grey, blue and also a coral kind of one so you know I really like them! I would have bought the lemon coloured one as well but they didn't have it in a size 6 in either of the Topshop stores I visited but I managed to get a lovely mint green colour and a gorgeous lilac shade too. Both perfect colours for Spring/Summer too.

£16! Sorry forgot to take pictures of all the price tags (bad blogger)

 The most exciting part of my shopping trip was that I finally got to go to H&M because I've been lusting after so many pieces of their Spring/Summer range since I seen it over a month ago but was too busy to make time to try everything on etc. I picked up another one of their skirts in a babydoll pink colour and it looked really lovely on so I just had to buy it! I got this in an XS and I think it was only £12.99. I did have quite the splurge in H&M but the best part about it is that their clothes are really nice and really affordable. Plus I had been waiting such a long time to get my hands on this stuff that I couldn't resist!

 The next thing I bought was this gorgeous grey flecked top and I instantly fell in love with the colouring of it. There was just one problem...I did higher ( A level) French and I do know that this says 'I love bad boys' which kind of put me off but I loved the top so much and unless you're a) French or b) quite good at French then the chances are you won't know what it means! Plus every girl loves a bad boy don't they?!

 The next thing I picked up was this beautiful white jumper and it is knitted but it's still quite light and white is one of my favourite colours to wear in Spring and Summer. This would look gorgeous on it's own but also with a statement necklace. I love H&M's range so much this S/S, I had to refrain from buying a lot more than I did!

  How beautiful is this necklace?! I got this from Accessorize and it was pricey for a necklace £22 (eeek) but it's so beautiful and it will go with so many of my clothes so I just had to buy it. Accessorize actually have some beautiful statement necklaces in at the moment and I wanted to buy so much more but just couldn't justify it! So if you're on the hunt for your perfect statement necklace then definitely check out Accessorize.

I also picked up another jumper from H&M which yes is very similar. As soon as I showed Gary it he said 'is it not almost exactly the same as the other one' which I can see being a boy how you'd think so (rolls eyes). BUT the materials are different and this one has a lower neckline and this one will be a lot nicer for warmer days because it's lighter. It also sits different on and H&M is so affordable that I just thought why not have both! Both the H&M jumpers were £14.99 and I got them in a size small.

 The last fashion thing I picked up were these sunglasses from River Island. I had no intention of buying sunglasses at the start of the day but it was so sunny and my eyes were squinting everytime I went outside and I don't actually have a decent pair so it made sense to buy one! I don't like glasses on me, any glasses really so when it comes to picking sunglasses I'm a bit useless but my bestie Emma assured me that these were the one's that suited me most so I went for them. Be warned they are MASSIVE, they literally cover my whole eye area , eyebrow the lot but I actually really like them. They have a snake on the side which I obviously did not notice until I got them home because I hate snakes but since it is made of metal and I won't really see it I'm sure I can deal with it ;-).

 I also picked up one of these cups from Primark because it was only two pounds and I'm trying to drink more water. For some reason I always drink more water if I'm drinking out of a bottle rather than a cup. So ever since everyone has been going on about plastic bottles being bad for you I've wanted one of these bad boys! I actually have drank a lot more water since getting one and it's really great for not spilling and you can tip it upside down and nothing comes out. The straw can never fall out because it has a wider rim at the bottom. It's also a lovely turquoise colour and for two pounds I think it was quite the bargain!

What are your S/S must haves? What do you think of the Jelly sandal trend? Cool or Childish? Would you be interested in me doing a look book? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Great haul, (Devil Wears Prada love that film!) I really like the baby pink skater skirt and the playsuit, may have to go out and find them for myself haha! xx


    1. Thank you! :-) Well done ;) ooooh they defo should still have the pink skater skirt in but you may need to have a rummage for the playsuit, you know what Primarni is like hehe. Good luck! xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you hun! H&M actually have quite a few really nice skirts in atm! xx

  3. Love the skirt from H&M! I almost picked this up the other I wish I did! xoxo

    1. I'm thinking you'll need to pop back for it now hehe! :-) xx

  4. Love the pink skirt! And I'm envious of all those jelly shoes!x

    Lauren Evie


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