Sunday, 10 May 2015

April || Instagram

April has gone by in a whirlwind of exams and studying but I did manage to fit in the time to take some pretty snaps. Here's some of my favourites from mine and Luca's instagram posts last month!

♥ Revision essentials 

♥ ShoeLicks, stickers to put on the soles of your shoes to make them pretty (or to make them look like Louboutin's!)

♥ Nutella milkshake and nutella ice cream (more revision essentials!!)

 ♥ Better than an Easter egg right? ;)

 ♥ Sunset in Musselburgh

♥ A vanilla hot chocolate is defo another essential for revision...

♥ Didn't have time to brush my hair before work but had time to take a selfie, priorities!  

♥ Dominos now do a large garlic and herb dip, finallllllly!! I also have learned they do garlic butter and extra cheese as a free topping!

♥ Pretty dresses 

♥ Fried egg in a cheese toastie with a cheese toastie heart

♥ Working off that Dominos

 Leave your instagrams below! Mines are @whatabbyloves and @lucathespringer.

Lots of Love,

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