Friday, 22 May 2015

So...?|| Review

So have released four new scents into their collection and I was kindly sent them over to try out and share what they're like for you guys! All four scents are named after four prominent cities, Rio- the summer scent, Paris- the saturday night scent, London- the everyday scent and NYC - the super sweet scent.

The first thing I noticed about the perfumes is their amazing coloured glass bottles, I love this effect and think it definitely adds something to the brand. I like that just the bottom of the glass is coloured but I definitely would change the lids to silver because I find the different coloured lids a little tacky. The bottles are very simple with just a landmark of the city they're named after rather than a name which I thinks a really nice touch. 

Rio has been named the scent for summer and I definitely can smell why....see what I did there?! *wink wink*. It smells super fruity and would be an amazing holiday scent. It contains notes of 'mango, citrus, pineapple and melon' and for me I would say the melon scent is the one that stands out the most. It is surprisingly strong considering these fragrances only cost £9.99! and you can get the body spray version for £1.99. It's not as long lasting as my usual fragrances but because it's so cheap you can afford to be spray happy.

The London scent is gorgeous, I would say it's quite sweet and actually smells much more expensive than it is. It's definitely one of the more grown up scents in the range and I wouldn't mind wearing this as an everyday scent at all. I actually love to keep this in my hand bag for when I'm out and about to top up with because it's so cheap I don't mind using it lots. I like to keep this one in my gym bag too, I'm probably the only insane person who wears perfume to and after the gym but I obviously don't like wearing my expensive ones. These are just ideal for spritzing on and if I sweat it off then it doesn't matter! This one contains notes of 'Grapefruit, Mandarin, Apricot and Vanilla'. I'm usually not a big fan of vanilla in fragrances but it's really subtle and nice in this one.

Paris is another one that I think smells quite grown up and I guess that is why it's renowned for being the Saturday night fragrance. It smells a lot darker and muskier than the others and definitely is the most evening-esque out of the four. It contains 'Mandarin, Patchouli and Plum' which is an unique mixture but I think it works really well. I think this one is my favourite bottle design too!

Last but not least, New York City. This one contains 'Lychee, Peach, Jasmine and Praline' and it is a very sweet smelling one. I'm pretty sure it's the praline scent that's strongest in this and I really like that. I never thought 'praline' would be a scent I'd be drawn too but mixed with the sweet fruits it packs a nice punch. This one actually reminds me of something from my childhood but I can't remember what it was but for that reason I really like this one!

I think these scents are amazingly affordable for what you get and I think So have managed to grow away from their younger market by making more grown up scents. I think that the brand needs to change their bright packaging as for me that's what makes me associate it with being for younger people but if you get past that and give them a sniff you'll definitely be pleasantly surprised! I think my favourite out of them all is Paris but it was a tough call between London, NYC and Paris because they three are all winners for me. I do like Rio but just think it's slightly too young for me with it being so fruity! 

What do you think of So..?

Lots of Love,

 * This post contains press samples

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