Monday, 25 May 2015

Dusty Girls Sunshine Bronzer || Review

 A few weeks back I posted a review of a fake tan by Moogoo which if you read you'll know I absolutely adored. MooGoo also have a 'sister company' Dusty Girls where they sell natural make-up and knowing how much I love a tan they sent me their bronzer to try out. I have had so many compliments since using their tan and this bronzer in combination that I had to share it with you. The company uses the name Dusty Girls because of the 'dusty' look your skin has after a day in the country and they try to recreate this using natural minerals and clays from the earth.

When it comes to make-up and skincare I'm all for products being as natural as possible because you only get one skin so it's important to look after it. One of my favourite make-up products is bronzer, I use it as contour, to add colour to my face, on my chest and anywhere else that I feel needs a touch of colour. So it would be fair to say that I've used quite a lot of different bronzers and know what works and what doesn't!

The first thing I love about this bronzer is how big it is. It's the perfect size to swirl a brush round  but not so big that it isn't make-up bag friendly. The colour of the bronzer is really nice, it isn't at all orange, it's the perfect brown shade which makes it great for both contouring and bronzing up the face. It does have a tiny bit of glitter in it but as you can see from the swatch it's very subtle. I think the shade would suit all skin tones, it looks gorgeous when I have fake tan on and when I don't.

The natural ingredients used are joboba and macadamia oil, both products renowned for having benefits to the skin. I love the name of the bronzer 'Sunshine' because it really does leave you looking like you've been out in the sunshine and have that outdoorsy glow. It costs £15 so it's far from the cheapest bronzer on the market but I think the quality is incredible and it's cheaper than a MAC bronzer would be and of course much better for your skin!

Have you tried any of the Dusty Girls range? What do you think of natural make-up?

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* Post contains PR samples.

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