Friday, 8 May 2015

April || Favourites

I am so, so excited writing this because it is now May which means that university is over for the Summer!! Three cheers for being able to have my life back!! I don't have very many favourites this month, again.. but I have been loving these five products so had to share them with you. I've also thrown in a few non-beauty favourites this month too because I love finding new lifestyle things to try!

My first favourite will be no surprise to anyone if you read my How Now Fake Tanning post. It's a gradual tanner but not like the usual streaky gradual tanners no, this one actually gives you the colour a spray tan would! Except you can do it at home, use it on your face, it's so natural you could actually eat it and it doesn't dry your skin out because it's a moisturiser with tanning ingredients added. Impressed? You should be!

I'm not a big dry shampoo fan, I used to use Batiste but only because there was nothing better that I had found to do the job. Now I reach for Ruth Crilly's Collab dry shampoo, I don't watch her channel or read her blog so there's no bias because of who she is. It just really is a good dry shampoo, it smells good, it's cheap, it doesn't leave as much of a white cast as Batiste and it adds volume to my hair.

My favourite lipstick this month was definitely Blake's red. It's such a classic, pretty shade that would suit anyone and it makes your teeth look whiter! Obviously, anything that makes me any closer to looking like Serena Van Der Woodsen I am going to be up for. It's really long lasting, it smells delicious and I personally think it's the most 'Hollywood' red out of all the L'oreal red collection. If you want a matte red lipstick and want one that's comparable to Mac then I'd try this one out.

Aussie hair care has always been a favourite of mine because their products smell delicious and this one is no different. As I have really long hair, it tangles and matts really easily so I need to use a leave in conditioner to keep it soft and try to stop it becoming a big mess. This one also contains a heat protectant so it's a good product for multi-tasking with and I've had the bottle forever and it's still only half way down.

The face cream that I've been using this month is the gel Garnier moisture match one. I had heard it was a dupe for the Origins Gin Zing moisturiser which I've never tried so I don't know how good a dupe it is. It does feel really soothing and cooling on the face though and although the tube is tiny, it's still going strong.

My non-beauty favourites this month are tv programmes because I have had a lot of time to watch tv during exam procrastination. The first is Ordinary Lies which was on BBC One and was based around people who worked in a garage. Each week was based on a different person and a lie they told and how it escalated to something out of control. I thought this was brilliant, it was clever, sad, funny and just a good watch so definitely try catch up with it on iplayer. My Netflix favourite was actually 'Mr Selfridge' which is about the start up of Selfridges in London but I found it most interesting learning about life in that time. It features a lot on Suffragettes, the war and attitudes to woman in the early 20th century. It has two seasons and I watched both in the space of a week so it's a really easy watch (if you happen to have a lot of spare time).

What products did you love last month?

Lots of Love,

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