Monday, 18 May 2015

My Little Box || May

I have been a lover of My Little Box for a good while now but the past few months have left me feeling a bit disappointed and if you've read my previous reviews you'll know that the past few have left me undecided about whether to unsubscribe or not. Well this month is the month I've finally decided to unsubscribe from My Little Box for good and I think you will see why....

The first thing I noticed when I opened my box this month was again that the magazine was in that strange poster format that they started last month. Not only does this not feel as nice as a magazine to read but it's awkward and inconvienent therefore I end up chucking it out straight away. This month the theme of the box is My Little Provence Box and it was a pretty box once again and there was a poster card and I do like that but I'm not paying £15 a month for cute packaging and a poster card.. 

The lifestyle product this month was magnets, I wish I was joking but they genuinely sent out magnets. To be fair to them the magnets were a doll with nice outfits and it does look pretty on my fridge but I feel it's aimed more towards a much younger market than the majority who will receive this box. The idea is you can dress the doll up and put outfits on her etc but I'm 20 years old and have better things to do with my time. So I felt this was much of a disappoint like the stickers were in My Little Super Box which are still sat unused!

The fashion product this month was equally bad. It was a gold bracelet with lots of holes in it so you can stitch a pattern on to it. I can't see many people over the age of 13 wanting to do that and then wear it as a fashion piece. The bracelet is a big gold cuff and is definitely not something I would want to wear with or without crocheting on it.

The beauty products usually have a way of pulling the box back but not this month. It contained a bunch of L'occitane samples... to be fair to them they gave four different ones but all were tiny samples that you could have got for free. The only product that I liked in this months box was the My Little Box eye crayon in a gorgeous bronze shade. This is beautiful and I hope it's just as nice when I use it so I at least get something for the money I paid.

I'm so disappointed to have to unsubscribe from My Little Box because I absolutely love receiving it and getting surprised each month. However the past three months have been more disappointment than excitement so I think I'd rather spend the money on things I really want!!

Did you get this months My Little Box? What did you think of it?

Lots of Love,   

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