Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Kinder Egg Valentines Day Surprise

Today I thought I'd share with you something that I've done for my boyfriend for Valentines Day because I think it's a really cheap, easy, creative and of course romantic thing to do for Valentines Day. Boys are notoriously hard to buy for and this one is super quick and easy (great if you're a bit last minute) I have actually got him proper presents too just to clairfy haha!! Basically it's a kinder egg and you open it and put a cute note/picture in the little plastic holder that the toy is in and then you seal it back up! The person will defo not be expecting you to have been able to tamper with a kinder egg and this is best given not as a 'present' for maximum effect but just hand it over like it's no big deal and you've just bought them a sweet!

I have tried to take pictures of every step so it's easy to follow and I'll explain each stage as I go along. I'm pretty sure most countries around the world sell Kinder Eggs, although I'm not positive on America because I think there's some kind of law against putting toys inside food. So I'm sorry if you can't get access to these in your country but I hope you enjoy reading this post anyway!

 The first step is to gently peel back the edges of the wrapper, really carefully and gently so as not to rip it because you don't want it to look like someone has tampered with it. Try to do it with cool hands aswell because you don't want the chocolate to melt or transfer your finger prints onto the chocolate because that might just give the game away...

 The next step is to gently peel these apart and seperate them so you have two perfect wrappers. It's a good idea to buy the three/six pack of these because it's unusual to get it perfect first time.

 Next you need a boiling hot mug of water and a sharp tool, I'm using this nail thingy I got in a set once that I never use on my nails. Make sure everything you use is sanitised and clean because you don't want to transfer germs onto the chocolate for your loved one!

 With this you dip the tool into the water so that it's boiling hot then you gently trace along the edges of the chocolate where it's joined together (very gently because you don't want the chocolate to shatter). Also stab it in lightly at four points on the egg until it's soft enough to break apart easily..patience is a virtue here guys!!

 You should then be left with two perfect egg halves and the little yellow tub that contains the toy. You want to empty the toy and instruction booklet out of this and add a cute notelet or picture. I just wrote a cute note because I don't have any pictures of us small enough to fold into that tub without ruining the picture. A nice idea would be to take a picture of yourself with a sign saying 'I Love You' and put that in it (which I was going to do but I was practicing and I got it right first time so wanted to make it up incase I couldn't do it as good again so I had to just have a cute note). You could even fill it with your other halves favourite sweets or a ring if it's a girl (wouldn't this just be such a cute way to propose to someone???...anywaaaay getting diverted here!!)

 Then what you want to do is reseal the little yellow tub and place it back into the egg.

 Then you want to soak your tool/needle into the hot water again (you may need to replace it if you've taken a long time so it's still boiling hot) and start to rub the tool against the edges of the egg. This makes the edges melt ever so slightly, you just want them to be tacky (kind of like how you want lash glue to be like ladies) just so it sticks to the other half again.

 Once you've got them to stick together just press them together lightly and then leave it to sit for five minutes or so till you're sure that it's firmly secured. Then you want to rewrap the egg again, I must admit this is the bit I found the hardest because its super hard to get the edges to go back into a position where it doesn't look like it's been opened or leaves a gap but I got there eventually. This does take a lot of patience but it's totally worth it!

 I think this would be an amazing Valentines Day gift for anyone, especially if you're on a budget or you and your partner have decided to keep things to a minimum this year! If you do decide to give this a go then be sure to let me know how you get on!

Lots of Love,

A x x x 


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    1. Thank you hehe, I hope he thinks so too! xx

  2. Ah this is so cute! Lovely to read such a different post! x

    1. I'm so glad people are enjoying it! I wasn't sure if it was taking a step too far towards 'cringy' but I thought it was too good an idea not to share! :-) xx

  3. Such a good idea - absolutely adorable! :)

  4. What a cute idea! Love it :D


  5. A rely sweet idea on a budget. Girls would absolutely love this I hope the boys reading are taking note ;-)

    1. Definitely! They have no excuses now ;) hehe xx

  6. How adorable!

    Chloe x


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