Sunday, 16 February 2014

Maybelline Baby Skin 'Pore Eraser' Review

Helloo my lovelies,

I have never really been a fan of primers, I sort of feel like it's just slapping more layers on your face that aren't really necessary and that they just clog up your pores. However, I have been thinking of getting Benefit's Porefessional because I've heard so many good things and I do have quite big pores around my nose that I'm quite self conscious of. The pores aren't visible once I've applied my foundation so really it was just for those 'no make-up days'. I had seen quite a few positive reviews of this primer so when I seen Maybelline Baby Skin primer in Boots I thought I'd give it a try because at £7.99 it's quite a bit cheaper than Benefit's Porefessional.

  Firstly the texture of this is a strange gel like formula when smeared on your skin does make it feel 'baby smooth' and soft which is lovely. I'm not fond of clear things though because then I find it hard to see which area's I have covered and which I have not so I would much prefer this if it had a tint or a bit of colour to it.

 Secondly this is not what it proclaims to be. It does not 'erase pores' at all, it doesn't even minimise them. This product literally does absolutely nothing for me other than add an extra layer that I would definitely say is unnecessary to my skin. I don't know if the people who do like this maybe don't suffer from visible pores but from someone who definitely does, this does not cover it. I've tried everything from using less product to more and from leaving it to soak in for ages to applying foundation straight away but nothing seems to work. I wouldn't even say that it has giving my foundation extra staying power as my foundation has always lasted well regardless. Possibly if you do have really oily skin and struggle with getting founation to last on your skin this would be worth a go but if you're looking for a 'pore-eraser' then this definitely is not the one for you!

 Overall I'm really disappointed that I didn't like this product because after the amazing baby lips I had high hopes that there was finally going to be a really good drugstore primer but it looks like the hunt for that is still ongoing!


Have you tried this product? What did you think of it?

Lots of Love,
A x x x 


  1. I didn't like this either. Just feels like a gloopy mess on my face...


    1. Definitely! I gave it a good try aswell because I really wanted to like it but nothing seems to work for me with it :-( xx

  2. That's a shame! I wanted to try it but I think I will save my money :) lovely post xx Agostina

    1. I'd save your money and go straight to Benefit's Porefessional if you want one that definitely works since everyone seems to rave about that one hehe:-) xxx

  3. such a shame, I was wanting to try this. I'd definitely recommend porefessional by benefit, it's pricey but definitely worth the money X

    1. Ooooh I think I'm gonna need to try it hun because I was dying to get it and I seen this and thought it would be the perfect alternative but it's really really not :-( xx


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