Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tanya Burr's Lips and Nails

Hellooo my lovelies,

Last week I made a cheeky Feel Unique order for some of Tanya Burr's new makeup range which I'm sure you have all heard about. If by some chance you live under a rock and haven't then Tanya Burr is a make-up artist who also makes very good videos on Youtube who has now released her own beauty product line. Firstly I wasn't too bothered about whether these would be 'amazing' or not because I really wanted to support Tanya as a big fan of her videos to show appreciation for them. However, I actually do really like them!

 I got myself two lipglosses which are both pink shades (such a shock). The first one is Aurora which is a deeper pink and has shimmer in it and this is Tanya Burr's favourite from the collection. I then chose Picnic In The Park mainly because it's a bright pink and I also thought it had cute names. Tanya has named all the products herself and they're all clearly names which have significance to her which is a nice touch. Aurora was one of her favourite Disney Princesses (Sleeping Beauty). Her nail polish 'New York Night' also has a cute meaning behind it as I have strong suspicions it's because she got engaged to her fiance Jim there last year. Anywaaay.. I'm not normally the biggest fan of lipgloss because long hair in the UK (where it's regularly high winds) and sticky lips is not the best mix! I do really like these ones though as they aren't too sticky but they're still glossy which is great. The applicator is a doe foot applicator and it's an extra long one (so technical) which makes it really easy for precision application! Also they have really good pigment so look nice both alone or with a lipstick. I actually love MAC's creme cup under both of these but especially Picnic In The Park. The lipglosses cost £6.99 each from Feel Unique and they're coming to Superdrug soon!

Left:- Picnic In The Park. Right:- Aurora 
Picnic In The Park
Left to Right:- Bright and Early, Little Duck, Mini Marshmallows and Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You
 No surprises to anyone that I bought every shade of pink that was available! I've actually only tried Little Duck so far which is a gorgeous mint green shade that's really got me excited for Spring. I think it'll look really nice with a tan! It applied well and the brush is nice but my nails have chipped already. There's very few nail varnishes that don't chip on my nails though because they're so long and acrylic nails ruined them but that's a different story! The nail varnishes cost £5.99 with free delivery from Feel Unique.

Gold star to anyone who knows why some have love hearts on and some don't??
I definitely will be purchasing more from her range! Especially the lipglosses! Have you tried Tanya Burr's make up range? What's your favourite?

Nail Polishes-

Lots of Love,
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  1. Lovely review, I really want to buy some of these to support Tanya too. Good bonus that they're actually great products!

    1. Thanks lovely! She definitely deserves the support, it's just a bonus that she's a make up artist and knows how to make good products! x

  2. Really got my eye on the Picnic In The Park lipgloss, it's gorgeous! Lovely post <3
    Have you seen my makeup routine? You can see it at :) xxx

    1. I'll check it out now hun :-). It is a gorgeous colour! Absolutely beautiful over lipsticks or by itself! xxx

  3. 2 of mine don't have any hearts on the lid, it's a design flaw :/

    I bought little duck, mini marshmallow and be bright be happy too! I lover them all!

    Claire x

    1. Ahhh, thanks for letting me know hun! I was so confused! Be bright, be happy, be you is definitely my favourite out of the 6 I have! :-) x


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