Monday, 17 February 2014

My Valentines Day 2014

Hellooo my lovelies,

I hope you all had a really amazing Valentines Day! I actually had a blog post scheduled to go up of Valentines Day outfits but annoyingly it didn't post so I'm assuming nobody will really want to see it now?? Anywaaay this Valentines Day I was a very lucky girl and Gary (my boyfriend) took me away to a five star hotel in Glasgow which is about an hours train from where we live and we also went for food and cocktails! When I came back there was gorgeous red roses waiting for me at my house with an adorable note so I have been well and truly spoilt this year! I took some pictures of the hotel and the roses so I thought it would be nice to share it with you. (photo-heavy post oncoming)

Fried Egg hearts for breakfast (chef Abby)

Nutella Cake that I made Gary

Long train journey essentials are obviously Company, Cosmopolitan and Millies cookies (yum, yum, yum!)

 How amazing does this bed look?! I tell you I've never had a comfier nights sleep and I fell asleep as soon as I got in (could have been down to the numerous cocktails...). It's so beautiful aswell I honestly just wanted to move in and never ever leave!

Cute little desk

 Our room had a gorgeous bay window which looked out to an unfortunately very rainy/snowy Glasgow!! However on the Saturday it was an absolutely beautiful day and sunny which was a complete change from the snow storms the night before!

Even the toilet roll had little Hilton stickers on it! (cute)
   The hotel had a really nice pool with a spa, sauna, jacuzzi and steam room with sunbeds around the edge of it that I really wanted to photograph. However, I felt I'd look a bit of a creep if I went down with an SLR and started snapping away whilst people were swimming haha!! The steam room and sauna both had dark ceilings with lights embedded into it so it was like a starry night sky which was so cool and really relaxing. We're both hoping to go back there soon!

Quick selfie sesh before we went out for drinks and food was obvvviously an essential!

  This is the outfit that I wore on the Friday night which I really really like. It's a black playsuit with a pink floral print on the top and it has lace detailing around the edges and the middle. I thought it was very elegant and quite classy too. We decided to stay in our hotel for drinks and food because the hotel was perfect as it was and it was a very snowy, wet and cold night in Glasgow. So luckily I was able to wear bare legs without being cold and I also wore creamy nude heels from Misguided that were suede so it was definitely a good plan staying within our hotel! The playsuit is also from Misguided and was £27.99. I went for a really simple makeup look using my Naked 3 palette Buzz, Liar, Dust and Blackheart and on the lips I wore Mac's cremecup and on top Tanya Burr's lipgloss in Picnic In The Park. On my cheeks I used my Sleek contour kit and also filled in my brows with this since I 'forgot' my eyebrow eyeshadow (it was in my bag all along...sigh) and Benefit's Coralista blusher. With my hair I just curled it then brushed it through with my tangle teezer!
Accidentally cut off Gary's head oops!
Teeth-cleaning selfies hehehe.

Cocktails (How pretty are they?!)

Hotel Bar
 I had a really nice dinner, pizza obviously because why would you ever eat anything else when pizza is on the menu?! The cocktails were amazing -very very pricy at near enough £9 a cocktail and £6 a vodka but they were so so worth it! The staff were so lovely and the drinks came presented beautiful with different fruits floating in them. My favourite one's were the Summer Solstice one which was citrus vodka and mango and different fruity flavours and it just tasted like tropical juice...very yummy! Another nice one was the Drumstick Mule which tasted exactly like Drumstick lollies!!! The resemblance was uncanny and that one had three different vodka's, vanilla, raspberries and ginger beer in it! The atmosphere in the bar was pretty nice aswell with lots of boothes that had cute little candle's which were the only light in the bar.

A sunny Glasgow the next day!

My beautiful flowers in my very messy room

 I was truly spoilt on Valentines Day, I am very grateful and I think Gary deserves a gold star for his effort here! What did you get up to on Valentines Day? Have you ever stayed at a Hilton hotel before?

Lots of Love, 
A x x x 


  1. You look beautiful - you lucky girl! But then so is Gary for all the lovely things you brought & made him! Glad you had a lovely vday bebs xxxxx

    1. Thank you babe!:-) Hope you had a lovely day tooo beaut! xxxxxx

  2. Hey I love your blog, great work :) please come and have a look at mine. If you decide to follow me, I’ll follow you back :) xx


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