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Rimmel Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex Mascara Review

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As I am extremely lacking in the eyelash department (naturally) I am always on the hunt for new decent mascara's that do the job. It takes a lot for a mascara to impress me, it has to be voluminous, lengthening, last all day and not have the tendancy to smudge under my eyes or on my browbone (THE worst!!) Previously I have really struggled with this until I found Benefit's They're Real and it was perfect and it did the job so I spent the money (£19.50) because it was worth it to have long lashes! From then on I was convinced that no drugstore mascara would ever be good enough and I vowed never to buy one again after repeatedly buying new ones hoping they would work and them always being a resounding fail. Then one day I was in Boots buying lipsticks (which is actually much more regular an occurance than it should be haha!!) and when you bought two Rimmel products you got their new Scandal Eyes Flex mascara free, it normally costs £6.99. I had actually bought Rimmel London's Scandal Eyes mascara before and it was a pink colour?? and it was awful, I hated it and I only used it about three times. Everytime I used it, it made literally zero difference and I just looked like I didn't have mascara on! So I wasn't holding out much hope for this one but who would say no to a freebie?!

 Due to the fact that I did not think this product would be going anywhere other than the bin, it sat in my drawer not looked at for about a month until I decided to try it. I was truly astonished, it does almost as good a job as my Benefit one and I have already repurchased another one for when this one runs out because I was buying more lipsticks (quelle surprise!!) and it was on a deal again so I just picked it up! It even has a bristles wand which I usually don't go for, I usually go for the silicone applicators e.g. They're Real so I was truly stumped with this gem! I won't say that I prefer it to my benefit one but i find it does the job quicker than my Benefit one did because the brush is bigger and thicker so it can do more at once. This one doesn't last aswell as my Benefit one does as I could wear that days on end if I wanted too(which I never did) but it literally would not budge from my lashes without being scrubbed at. It also never smudged on me at all whereas the Rimmel one has a few times if I've been exceptionally hot, sleeping or have rubbed my eyes. All things which can mainly be avoided though but I won't completly replace it with my Benefit one. I now use this one for everyday where I don't really need my lashes to withstand high temperatures or heavy water but for nights out, holiday's and special occasions I will still reach for my Benefit They're Real.

 The amount of money I will be saving though on buying this mascara which is around a third of the price is ridiculously good! I may even do a blogpost on how much I hate the other mascara because it is truly appalling! So it looks like Rimmel may actually be getting there and producing better mascara's and now I feel that I'd be a bit more confident about picking up another drugstore mascara to try out!

What are your favourite mascara's? Have you tried out either of these and what did you think of them?
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Rimmel Londons Lycra Flex Scandal Eyes mascara
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