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January Favourites

Hellooo my lovelies,

Since January is now over (hurrrraaay!) I thought I would do my favourites that I have had this month! I've included a couple of non-beauty favourites in this post too but next month I could do a beauty favourites and a non-beauty favourites if that's something that would interest you? Anywaay I'm really happy January is over because we can get rid of those January blues and we're one step closer to Spring and warmer weather, yay!

 The first favourite I've had this month is probably no surprise to you all so I'll get it out the way first and that is my Naked 3 palette! I don't think there was a day in January when I was wearing make-up that I did not have an eyeshadow from this palette on my eyes. It is so versatile and I've been having great fun playing with it throughout the month and I will continue to use it for a very long time! It's definitely my favourite out of all the Naked palettes so far. I particularly love Buzz, Dust, Liar and Mugshot. Honestly, there isn't an eyeshadow in this palette that I don't use! I have done a blog post in great detail on this before which I shall link below for you.

  Another favourite I have had this month is something that I've had for a very long time that I'd shoved to the back of my makeup collection. I'd not shown it a lot of love lately but I've started to really use it again and I used it a lot throughout the month of January! This product is Nars Orgasm blushers (Nars blushers all have very sexualised names e.g. Deepthroat, not sure what was going through their mind when they named them!..) It's a gorgeous pink with gold shimmer through it and it's a well-loved product by many! It is pricy at £23 but it's pretty comparable to a lot of high-end blush prices and it's good quality and lasts a long time.

 Two favourites I have had for my eyelashes this month are Eylure lashes. I love, love, love falsies and I would definitely wear them everyday if they weren't such a fiddle and so time-consuming. I think they really add to a look and are great for everyday use or going out on a night out. It's always really expensive buying Eylure lashes seperately (usually around £5) especially if you struggle to get more than a few uses out of them so I was super pleased when I saw a multi-pack of them in Superdrug. You can get multipacks of lashes on Ebay but I usually find they look horrendous, fake and they're usually really awkward to put on aswell. I got my ones in Naturalites 101 which is one of my favourites that Eylure do. They look really natural and you could easily pull off that they were your own eyelashes if applied well and the best thing about these is they come with glue aswell, 3 tubes to be precise! Although if you bought the 5 lashes seperately you would get 5 glues, I always find that my Eylure glues could be used about 10 times each so that's definitely not a problem. They cost £20 which isn't too bad considering you can probably get 25 uses of them altogether! I've also been loving for my lashes this month, the Rimmel ScandalEyes Flex mascara which is not only cheap but the best drugstore mascara that I have ever tried and believe me I have tried a lot!! I've done an indepth review on this aswell which I will link below.

Two recent favourite that I only got at the end of January are firstly Nars Copacabana illuminator which I have used religiously throughout the end of the month and into February everyday. It's just a gorgeous shimmer which is great for highlighting and it looks especially nice on the cupids bow! The second is YSL touche eclat which is possibly one of the best beauty products I have ever bought and it really is a multi-purpose product that can hide a multitude of sins! I will be doing a full review on both of these products soon!



My fragrance favourite this month has got to be Victoria Secret body sprays, they're so sensual and smell amazing. They really make me feel good after I've come out a bath or a shower just to spritz all over my body to make me smell nice. I also really like spritzing them in my hair so that I can smell it all day when my hair is down! My ultimate favourite one has to be 'Mango Temptation', I love mango's in every form so it's not really a surprise that it's in my favourites and obviously it's pink so...hehe.

 Two lip products I've been loving this month are Topshop's gloss ink in Sugar Rush and Rimmel's Moisture Renew lipstick in Oxford Street Fuchsia. Sugar Rush is a gorgeous rich pink shade that has a lovely texture and goes with pretty much all make-up looks so it's been a great one for when I don't know which lipstick to wear. Oxford Street Fuchsia is the perfect baby pink and I've loved it especially in the Winter months paired with baby pink cheeks just to look fresh and it's such a lovely moisturising texture that it stops your lips from getting dry too, bonus!

 I've also been loving my Real Techniques Buffing brush this month! I love my Expert Face brush as you all know but this one has taken over in my foundation routine the past month as it just buffs the foundation in so flawlessly with minimal effort. I'm really lazy so anything that requires a lack of effort on my behalf is a winner! I have a in-detail review that I have done on it so I will link that post below for you also.

 My final beauty favourite this month has been Algenist firming and lifting cream from Space NK. Now I know you're all probably thinking your 19 why do you need a firming and lifting cream? and the truth is I probably don't! Buuut Space NK sent me it for my 19th birthday as a present which was really nice of them...although I'm not sure what they're trying to say.This moisturiser is amazing just as a moisturiser though as it's so think and lightweight that it's an amazing one for using in the morning before you apply your foundation. If you wake up in a hurry (e.g. me every morning), you don't really have time to apply moisturiser and wait for it to sink in before you can apply your foundation. With this, you literally don't have to wait, literally by the time you've rubbed it on, squirted your foundation onto your hand and dipped your brush into it, it's already soaked in! So I have been loving that! It's also really good for using on your bum and your boobs ladies, area's that can always do with a firming and a lift unless of course you happen to be Beyonce or Rihanna! However, I did look online to check how much it was because I was really interested in repurchasing... it costs £76 for only 60ml (over a pound a ml)!!!!! Now I like a beauty splurge as much as the next person and this moisturiser is amazing but I could never justify spending that much on a moisturiser as I'm pretty sure you can get other moisturisers with similar properties for a lot cheaper. However if you have a wad of money spare and are looking for a good moisturiser for your morning routine then this could be the one for you!

 My non-beauty favourite this month is Sour Patch sweets! I don't know if you can actually get these anywhere in the world other than America as I had to go to a specialist American sweet shop and pay £1.89 for each small bag. Which is very over-priced for sweets in the UK but these are so worth it, if you live in America you probably think I'm crazy getting excited over these but they're so nice! My favourite flavour is the Blue Raspberry one's and I couldn't not share them with you. I did try to save a sweet to take a picture of one but I couldn't resist eating them all..sorry! They're basically a blue sweet that looks like a raspberry shape and they have a sour coating and then when you bite into them they're sweet inside..yummy!

 Those are my favourites for the month of January, what have you been loving this month? Have you tried any of these products?

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