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Babyliss Hair Curling Wand || Review

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Lately I've been loving voluminous curly hair, I have no idea why as I used to love having straight hair and my curlers remained unloved but now I use them for every 'event' I go to. I don't really like using heat on my hair too often in case it damages it so I would never do this more than once a week unless I really had too. I recommend using a heat spray with this too because it does get super hot! I love that it's red aswell, obviously that makes zero difference to how good it is but it definitely looks nicer in my hair tools box. It comes in black too if you prefer it to not be coloured!

Hair straight after using Babliss curling wand
 This curling wand is really great as it's super simple to use, you just turn it on and pick your temperature using the arrows. I always use the hottest setting, 200 degrees, because I assume it works best and produces better curls but to be honest I haven't tried the other settings so I can't say for sure! It comes with a glove as well which I have of course lost because I've had this product for two years now but only started using it half a year ago. Be really careful though because I've burnt myself multiple times with this and it is reeeaally sore! I also don't know the exact price of these because they were a present and I no longer have the box but I think they're around £20 which is reasonable for a curling tool. Every one of my friends who has used this at mine before a night out has went out and bought one for themselves so that vouches for how good this product is!

 Top Tips:- Once I have finished curling my hair, I spray it with any hairspray (I'm not fussy) to set it a bit and then brush it out gently and this will just help you achieve looser curls rather than tight ones. After this I spray a lot of L'Oreals Volume Supersizing Spray which will give you added volume and make your look more interesting and less 'perfect'.

 These curlers are amazing and if anything ever happened to them I'd definitely repurchase. Even up to two days later my hair has good curls still in place that I'm happy enough with to not have to brush out.

Two days after 
Have you tried this product? What curling wand do you use?

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