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My February Favourites

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 February is now over, can you believe it?? It really doesn't feel that long ago since I was opening my presents on Christmas morning! However, with the end of Feb brings the promise of Spring and some long awaited sunshine that everyone in the UK (especially bloggers) are longing for...longer daylight means longer time for taking blog photos hurrah! So today I thought I would share with you the products I have been loving throughout February.

 No great surprise to anyone that my Naked 3 Palette is featuring...aaaagain! It really is that good guys! I've especially been loving Liar and Factory together on my lid this month! Another reoccurring favourite is Coralista and I'm pretty sure this is going to be my favourite blush for the Spring/Summer months! It's just the perfect coral shimmer and another thing I love about this is it seems pretty impossible to over apply this which I'm quite bad for doing with blushers. I have a review of my Naked 3 palette which you can read here.

 I've also been turning back to my old friend Nars Laguna bronzer which is just the perfect brown for bronzing up my face without making me look orange. I really love the look of Laguna with Coralista and I'll definitely be repurchasing this when it finally runs out.

 A huge favourite of mine this February has been Tanya Burr's lipglosses. I never used to be a massive lipgloss lover but with it being bang on trend right now, I seem to be favouring it more! My three favourite shades are Aurora, Exotic Island and Picnic in the Park and I always have at least two of them in my handbag at the moment. I have reviewed both Tanya's lipglosses and nail polishes both here and here.

 The nail polish shade I''ve been loving at the moment is from Tanya Burr's collection and it's a bright pink called Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You. This is super bright and it just makes me really excited for Spring and Summer. This shade is definitely my favourite of her polishes from the one's I've tried so far! Although the lids of quite a few of the polishes are really stiff which is annoying but it's a pretty colour and seems to last well on the nails!

 Of course, of course this little gem would find a way to sneak into my favourites once more. I love it pure and simple and I have done a review of it here if you would like to read more about why this is such a love of mine!

 A massive love of mine last month was fake tan! I don't really touch my tan asmuch in the Winter apart from special occasions just because I think it's a lot more fake looking then because obviously it's too cold to have a natural tan! Not to mention the fact that every shop near me seems to withdraw it from the shelves come October! However, from Valentines Day onwards I've felt it's been acceptable to crack out the tan again and give my skin a healthy glow. The tan I use is St Moriz mousse in dark , it's super cheap and you can get it from Tesco's and I think from a few places online! It gives a really nice colour, it does go on quite patchy which makes you panic but if you can avoid freaking out and washing it off right away (which I've done many a time) when you wash it off in the shower it leaves a nice colour. So I'll definitely be continuing to use this over the next few months!

 My favourite scent over the month of February has been another one of my Victoria's Secret body sprays. This time I've been loving Coconut Passion as it smells of sun cream and Malibu and it just makes me think of holidays which gets me excited for Summer!
 The hair product I've been loving in Feb has been my Mane n Tail shampoo and conditioner. A few weeks ago I finally bit the bullet and went to get my hair cut because it had gone all transparent and split at the ends and it was long overdue for a cut! As my hair hadn't been cut in nearly a year a good 4/5 inches needed to come off to make it look healthy again. I decided that I'd rather have shorter healthy hair than really long dead hair so I did it! By no means is my hair short and quite a few people have commented saying how long my hair looks recently...I think when it's healthier it must look longer! However, I still notice that it's shorter now so I instantly restocked up on humongous bottles of my favourite growth treatments. Now Amazon won't stop recommending me horse toys and other horsey related items but it's worth it! It cost me £20 for the two bottles and delivery from Amazon. I have a mini review of these in my hair care routine which you can read here.

 Lastly is a bit of a random one but if you've read my posts from the start then you'll know that I'm a big bath lover. I could happily spend hours in the tub with a good book and will happily reside there until my body is prune-like and the water is freezing. For Christmas, I got this bath pillow in my stocking and OH MY..if you like your baths then get yourself one of these. It has little suckers which attach to the side of the bath, it's waterproof aswell so it doesn't matter if it's half submerged in water but it is the comfiest thing and makes lying down in the bath so much more pleasant!

What products did you love during February? Have you tried any of these one's?

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  1. that Nars bronzer is amazing!! benefit hoola is really good too X

    1. It is beautiful isn't it? I've never tried hoola but I've heard really good things about it! Maybe I'll try it out when Laguna runs out before I repurchase it! x

  2. Loved this post! I love the Victoria Secret mists, beautiful scents :)

    Sian | Sian Marie Beauty

    1. They smell gorgeous don't they? Which is your favourite? xx

  3. The Naked 3 palette is definitely on my wish list! I love your blog by the way :)

    1. Thank you very much lovely! It's one worth getting for sure! x

  4. I'm also obsessed with several of these items including the Laguna bronzer, Coralista and Touche Eclat! I haven't smelled the Coconut Passion body spray but it sounds divine. I have the Pure Seduction range and I'm in love. I'm a bit coconut obsessed though, so I'll definitely be checking it out! I'm shaking my fist at you for making me want more and more haha it's all your fault!! I'm also going to read your review on the Naked 3 palette, as I constantly contemplate purchasing the Naked palettes. I don't wear eyeshadow everyday but after the endless raves I'm really starting to think that I might just need one. Which one would you recommend the most out of the three? xx

    1. How good are Laguna and Coralista together? DREAM TEAM! and my touche eclat is my one true love hehe! Oooh you definitely need to smell it, it's soo lovely. I love spraying it in my hair when it's down so I can smell it while I walk about haha! I'm so jealous that you can get Victoria's Secret on tap! I'm sorrrry hehehe, you'll defo thank me for it though, they're all amazing products! Mmmm out the three my favourite overall is probably Naked 3 but the past week I've been reaching for the original palette more because I've wanted more browny/gold shades. I'd say if you like cool toned neutral shades then go for the 2, if you like warmer golds and browns then the original. The Naked 3 is more everyday colours because it has lighter shades of pink, rose-gold, etc. I'd definitely say the 3 is the most versatile and the one you can make the most looks out of! I'll post the link below of my review of the first two palettes and you can give that a nosey too if you're still unsure hehe xxx


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