Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shinebox Review

 Hellooo my lovelies!

 A few weeks ago I was contacted by a company called Strawberry.net asking if I would like to review one of their products the 'Fusion Beauty Ultraflesh Shinebox'*. I'd never heard of this brand before nor Strawberry.net so I was intrigued to try it out. They are the biggest online retailer of discounted make-up, perfume, skin-care and haircare and even better? they stock over 600 leading brands products. They sell the products with up to 65% off and they also offer free shipping worldwide with all orders which is a big plus!

WARNING RANT AHEAD (skip to next paragraph for actual product review) Firstly, I had an absolute nightmare with getting this delivered (by no means was this the company's fault) as firstly they 'tried' to deliver it when I was in but managed to 'miss' me which they obviously didn't as my dog barks everytime anyone comes near the door. Then when I tried to get it redelivered the next day, it didn't come and then on contacting them they claimed they couldn't deliver it until the third of March because that's when I'd asked for it. WHY would I order a parcel for a day that I wouldn't be in??? As I needed to review this for the company in early March I was not impressed because obviously I need time to try out the product or I can't write a genuine, honest review on it. As I needed it sooner my dad kindly said he'd drive to the depot (a good 45 minutes away from where we live) and I told the depot the night before that my dad was going to the depot to get it. When my dad got there he was told that it was on the van for that day's delivery as I'd requested it for that day and he was also very rude and not at all apologetic.. so I requested it for the Wednesday, they tell me I requested it for the 3rd of March and then they tell my dad I requested it for the Thursday?? I thought this was worth mentioning as just as company's deserve recognition when they do well, they also deserve negativity when they let their customers down. The parcel courier delivering it was APCovernight so be very wary if you order anything because the courier was horrendous!!!! So if I could recommend anything to Starwberry.net, it would definitely be to swap couriers!!!

 Now onto the bit you're actually here for! The product is very compact which I like as it takes up a lot less room in my make-up collection and is ideal for on the go. It has three tiers, in the first it has an all over highligher called 'anyplace', in the second it has two cream highlighters called 'anywhere' and 'anytime' and in the bottom tier there are two pencils called 'Nude Shimmer' and 'Secret Shimmer'. The first thing I don't entirely understand is who would need to carry 5 highlighters around with them at once?? I think the set would have been a lot nicer if it had a bronzer, a blusher, a highlighter, a lipliner and an eyeliner. However, the five highlighters are really nice, I'm just not sure why anyone would need five highlighters at once but it's definitely nice to have in your make-up collection. Plus I think the names are super cute!

 The first powder is an all over highlighter which is a rusty toned bronze shade which is really nice in many different parts of the face which I suppose is why it's called 'anyplace'. I found this could be used for contouring or even as a blush, it can also be used all over the face if you like having an all over shimmer. I find this could be used in a similar way to MAC's soft and gentle mineralise skin finish. 

 The two cream highlighters are probably my least favourite out of the five purely because the pigment when transferred to your face is not amazing. However, in saying that they really are nice as a subtle glow on the cheek which I know a lot of people look for in a highlighter. They also look really nice as an eyeshadow base, I don't think they could be pulled off on their own though as they're far too subtle. I actually really like 'anytime' which is the more pigmented of the two and is more bronze toned compared to 'anywhere' which is more of a gold colour. The top finger is 'anywhere' and the bottom is 'anytime'

 The last tier contains two tiny pencils which really are tiny but they pack 0.19g of product into these tiny things! They work by twisting the bottom of the pen to get the product up which I like because I personally hate having to sharpen pencils because it's just messy. These are super pigmented and I really like both of them. They're great for highlighting those areas that need more precise application for example on the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye. I also really liked using these to highlight around the outline of my lips - it really makes your pout more sleek and defined! The nude shimmer is very similar in colour to the cream highlighter in 'anytime'.

Left to Right:- 'Secret Shimmer', 'Nude Shimmer', 'Anytime', 'Anywhere' and 'Anyplace'

Highlighters in the light:- 'Anyplace', 'anywhere', 'anytime', 'Nude Shimmer' and 'Secret Shimmer'
Let me know if you decide to pick up this! Check out Strawberry.Net for your discounted make-up goodies here .This make-up kit is meant to cost £24.00 which I personally probably wouldn't pay for it because I don't love it enough BUT Strawberry.net sell it for £7.00! This is definitely worth more than £7 because it will only cost that because of the free shipping and there are at least 3 really good highlighters in here!

Lots of Love, 
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  1. I love your reviews missy! How annoying about the courier though & poor Daddy Knowles having to travel 45 mins for nothing :-( Anyway nice little set this definitely agree with you & prefer 'Anytime' I also like the two pencils & totally agree on twisting the bottom of the pencil is better than sharpening! Never heard of Strawberry.Net before going to check it out xxxxx

    1. Good, I'm glad someone likes them hehe! Very annoying! Daddy Knowles was not impressed! Anytime is just a nicer shade of highlight and the pencils are super handy! I hadn't heard of them either but the actually have some pretty good discounts! xxxxx


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