Saturday, 1 March 2014

Beauty Bestfriend!

Hellooo my lovelies,

 If you have been following my blog for a while now then you'll know that at the end of January I came across this little gem of a product that I now could not live without. This product being YSL touche eclat which I'm sure most of you will have heard about! It's a well known product but it seems to be a bit like the Marmite of the blogging world, some people love it and some people loathe it. I for one loooove it! It's an illuminator but it can be used under the eyes to brighten up dark circles, as a highlighter or for reviving your makeup at the end of the day.

 Firstly the packaging is just beautiful as it always is with YSL. The luxurious gold, metal pen which is so simple but so elegant at the same time. The product comes out at the top of the pen through a once white (now cream) coloured brush and you get it out by pressing in the end of the pen.

 The YSL touche eclat comes in 7 different shades to suit all skin tones, I have mine in the lightest shade, number 1 because I truly am a little ghost. It's perfect for me and it magicly seems to work whether I'm tanned or at my palest so big thumbs up for that. I love to use this to highlight under my brow bone, my cupids bow and under my eyes (on top of concealer). This product is definitely not a concealer but if you don't have really baggy eyes then it could definitely be used in place of one and instead of 'concealing', it will just brighten the area up and make you look more awake. If I'm looking to have a really defined pout then I'll also line all the way around my lips with this which looks especially nice with darker, bolder lipsticks. This could definitely be used to highlight the cheek bones and down then middle of the nose aswell.

 A top make-up artist secret is if you've had a long day at work but you have to go straight out on a date or for a night out but you don't have time to fully do your make-up then you neeed this! Why you say? Because with this by your side you won't need to redo it! All you have to do is swipe it in a mini T across your forehead and down your nose and then brush it out with the tip onto your cheeks and under your eyes. It just instantly makes you look bright eyed, fresh faced and bushy tailed again! It's a miracle worker that I would definitely say is a beauty essential for all make-up lovers out there!

 My only regret is that I put off buying this sooner. It's not too badly priced either at £25 and the lovely lady at YSL told me it should last 200 clicks (I use around 3 clicks a day so I'll leave you to do the maths...)

TOP TIP:- With this if you find that you're applying too much product then click the pen onto your hand then dip the top in to the product on your hand and then onto your face. That way you don't put too much on at once AND touche eclat is buildable so you can put on as many layers as you feel you need!

Have you tried the touche eclat?


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  1. Sounds great!
    I've considered buying this for a while now but I think this has sold it to me now!

    nailsandteapots xx

    1. oooh I'm glad! It really is a treasure! xxx

  2. I am really starting to think that I should pick this up! Thanks for all the tips I will be using them if do pick it up (very likely haha) :)


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