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Topshop Denim || Haul

Hellooo my lovelies,

 I mentioned in my last post that I hadn't done my Spring/Summer clothes shop and I was desperate to do it so I started this off on the Topshop website! I really want to go a proper shop in town but I'm yet to find a time during the day where one of my friends is free to come with me (is it just me that feels like when you're shopping alone everyone is watching you, thinking you're going to steal things?? Probably just me hahaha). It's definitely not the same shopping with a boy either as they just get in the way and don't like waiting around changing rooms while you try everything on! So there will be another haul once I get myself to the shops but I like to show you my clothes before I wear them and I couldn't wait to wear these any longer sorry! Let me know in the comments if you prefer one big collective haul post or a few smaller haul posts more regularly.

 I've never been a massive jeans kind of girl, I just could never find any that fitted me properly or were comfy enough and because I'm small they always seemed to be so long on me or not as 'skinny' as I like my jeans to be. So last year I got loads of Topshop jeggings which I absolutely love to bits and my favourite ones were these bleached blue ones. However, I managed to get foundation on them which would not come out and also recently pen ink which also would not come out. So I decided to get a new pair which I have worn and again already managed to get foundation on... I'm not sure what it is about these because I manage not to do it to my other clothes!! Anywaaay.. it's a smaller patch and hopefully it'll come out in the wash this time. I got these in a size 8 and they're £22 from Topshop and if you're a student you'll get 10% off on top of that. They do these jeggings in so many colours and they're super comfy and flattering! I love wearing them with crop tops in Summer and they also look good with longer tops too. Definitely a statement piece!

 I decided I needed some jeans because I literally only have one pair that fit me and they're Topshop joni jeans. Again these fit super nice and they're really high waisted so they look great with crop tops and cropped jumpers without having to show too much skin! I already had the vintage wash one's so I chose the 'Mid-Stone' colour this time and they're really nice and go with pretty much anything! They are £36 but for a good pair of jeans it's totally worth it and I've had my other Joni jeans for over a year and they're as good as new. These again are a total staple piece and every girl needs a good pair of jeans (or two, or three etc...).

 Joni jeans have two pockets on the back of them.. I do kind of wish they had front pockets too though as I'd not really put anything in my back pocket incase I sat on it and especially not my phone as that's pretty easy to steal.

 I also got the exact same jeans in black because you also need a pair of black jeans! You can dress them up or down and they're always handy to have for formal occasions like work or interviews. I wasn't sure whether to get black Leigh jeans or Joni one's but I went for Joni in the end because they look better with crop tops as they show less stomach off.

 The last pair of jeans I got were 'Leigh' acid wash one's. I've never tried Topshop Leigh jeans before but I'm definitely up for trying more now! They're so super comfy and soft! I really like the style of these and they'll be great for Spring and Summer. They look great with crop tops too although they don't sit as high as Joni jeans do but because I'm small I can get away with pulling them up slightly higher! I get all of mine's in length 30 which I think may be the smallest leg length they do but they fit really nicely and I'm around 5ft 1. The good thing about Topshop jeans is that every Topshop pretty much always has every size and every style in stock so you can easily pop in and work out which size is best for you. The Leigh jeans cost £38 which is expensive but again if you have student discount or know anybody who does then that's really good and they will last a long time. However, if you're on a budget then I have heard that Primark do really nice jeans but I haven't personally tried them.

 A plus point for the Leigh jeans is that they have both back pockets and the front pockets. So if I'm just nipping out then I don't need to take a bag or have to pop my phone in my bra (all good and well till you need to get it out again!!)

Where's your favourite place to get jeans?

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  1. I love topshop jeans, they're so comfy and actually quite well priced! You picked some really lovely ones x

    Lauren Evie

    1. Thank you hun! Defo agree with you, I'm tempted to get some more but I don't think any person can need that many jeans! xx

  2. i get nearly all my jeggings and jeans from topshop! they last so well, I've got jeans from years ago! x


    1. Me too, I think they're the best quality and they look the best aswell. I find jeggings from other places feel more like leggings with a jean print on the front, just me? xx

  3. Love topshop jeans, they're kinda pricey but so comfy! I have the JONI ones in black, my favvvvvv xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

    1. They are pricey but I think jeans are quite expensive in a lot of places so I kinda justify it to myself hehee. The black Joni's are lovely!! They go with literally everything and I love having jeans that I can wear blue tops with and other denim pieces cause I'm not a fan of the double denim look xxx


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