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Skincare Saturdays || La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo || Review

Hellooo my lovelies,

 A few weeks ago I went out and purchased the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo after being told by so many people how amazing it is. I don't have acne but I do have blemish prone skin, I'd say it's normal to combination and I usually get blemishes on my cheeks and the odd spot. This product claims to correct imperfections, unclog pores, fight against marks and that after 24 hours skin will be visibly less red and after four weeks pores will look unclogged and skin texture will be refined. Furthermore it also claims to give 24 hour hydration, lasting mattifying base for make up and helps control the appearance of shine. That's a lot of claims!!!

 I have been using this product for nearly three weeks now and I have noticed a massive difference in my skin!!! As the brand states- after 24 hours you really can see a visible difference, not a massive one straight away but you can definitely see that the products working. With this you have to apply it to your whole face day and night so just before you go to sleep and in the morning before you put your make-up on. I had no problems with using it in place of a moisturiser as my make-up base, it did as good a job if not better in hydrating my skin but also keeping it matte. I actually found myself forgetting to powder this morning because even with a dewy foundation on top my face didn't look like it needed powdered! As I don't suffer from dry skin I'm not sure if it would be enough on it's own or if you would need to use a moisturiser before it to keep your skin hydrated.

 The product is a white creamy texture and it's a thin consistency so spreads nicely on your face. I do find that I need quite a lot of this product to cover my entire face but my tube still feels like its over three quarters full so I think this will last a long time.

 Although I don't suffer from acne, I do get hormonal spots every now and again and I do still have these even with using this. So I'm not entirely sure this product would help take all spots away but it would definitely help those who have really red, angry acne as it helps diminish redness. It did seem to help quite a few smaller spots that I had on my cheeks to pack up their bags and leave because I now have less spots on my cheeks! As for the unclogging pores, I'm not sure if it has done this or not because I have still been getting the usual amount of spots I would get but that could also have been other products causing them. However, it's definitely worth purchasing for the improvements it will make in reducing redness and smoothing skin texture alone. My skin feels smoother and I haven't had any red marks or discoloration appear since using this product.

 I will 100% be repurchasing this when it runs out and I'm super glad I was convinced to buy it because I now feel confident to leave the house without wearing any face make-up and if I do wear any I can get away with just concealer! Whereas previously I would have had to cover my cheeks as I felt self-conscious about the red blemishes.

If you have blemish prone skin, suffer from redness, spots or any kind of imperfection then you should definitely give this a try. I'm convincing everyone I love to try it because it's so so good. It's £15.50 from Boots and if you try it out before June then La Roche Posay guarantee to give you your money back if you don't notice clearer skin!

Have you tried the Effaclar Duo? What did you think of it?

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  1. I've been meaning to try this product for ages but was a bit sceptical as it did just seem a bit too good to be true. I'm glad it worked for you and I will definitely be purchasing this now! I hope you have a lovely weekend,

    X Emma

    1. I was sceptical at first too hun. It just seems a bit too good to be true but I'd literally had enough of the redness so I thought why not! Sooo glad I did though because everyday my skin looks better, can't wait till I've been using it a month to see the end result! At least if it doesn't work for your skin you can return it and get your money back too! Although I've never heard of it not working on anyone yet..let me know how you get on chick xxx


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