Saturday, 13 September 2014

Clinique || Event & Haul

 A few weeks back now I was invited by BBC Radio One DJ Gemma Cairney to a VIP Clinique event in a secret venue up town. This secret venue actually turned out to be a stunning house on Carlton terrace that had quite possibly the most beautiful interior design inside. It was all very lovely, there was a lot of people there and I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Kate from Gh0stparties and Adrienne from Thesundaygirl. It was such a lovely event and I wish I could have stayed a bit longer but if I'm honest I felt so overwhelmed and anxious that I left after a few hours because I just felt so out of place. Everyone there was so important and I didn't really know anyone else there and the busy environment only made me feel more panicky.. anxiety is awful! I'm really glad I managed to go though because I met some amazing people and got the opportunity to try out some amazing products. Even being there a few hours was an achievement for me because a year ago I'd have ignored the fact that I'd been invited and been too anxious to even go so small steps.

 As I left early I didn't actually pick up my goody bag so Clinique kindly emailed me saying would I like my goody bag to be sent out to me so obviously I said yes because who wouldn't want a bag of Clinique goodies?! Long story short, the Royal Mail confiscated it because it contained perfume which is apparently a 'restricted good' so it didn't arrive. After a few weeks I emailed Clinique to let them know I hadn't received it so they knew I wasn't just being rude and not thanking them. They then asked me if there was anything I would specifically like to try out so I said the take the day off balm because I'd heard wonderful things about that and the pore refining correcting serum. A few days later I received a big parcel which contained those two things and lots of other goodies for me to try out and review. Then this morning I came home to find that the original perfume they had sent and a custom repair serum had finally arrived with a note from the post office about how they had to confiscate them etc.

Left to Right:- chubby stick, baby tint, cheek tint, chubby stick intense

 I feel very, very lucky to have this opportunity to try out all these skincare and makeup bits. Never did I ever think when I started this blog at the start of the year that 8 months later a company like Clinique would want to work with me. It really does give you that boost when you see your hard work paying off. If there are any of these products you'd specifically like a review on then please do let me know!

What's your favourite Clinique product?
Lots of Love,

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