Thursday, 11 September 2014

Winter Boots

  One of my all time favourite things about Autumn/Winter is the shoes and especially buying those new Winter boots. So I bought not one pair but two...woopsy. I am very lucky because I work in Clarks (aswell as going to university) so I get 75% off shoes which is why I justified buying two pairs because what is saving money? Something I definitely cannot do.

 The first pair I bought are the style 'Maisie Hotel' and I got them in a tan leather. How beautiful are they?! I'm in love with them, I think they look amazing with skinny jeans and leggings and they will be well worn throughout Autumn/Winter.

 The next style of shoe is called 'Mariella Busby'. Quite a few people have said to me aren't they just the same shoe in black but no they aren't, they're very similar but this one is a much softer leather and has a nicer sole. I do already have black chelsea boots but they aren't as nice as these ones and they really hurt my toes so it was definitely time I got a decent pair since I love them so much. I needed a new pair of shoes for work too and I don't want to wear my tan ones to work because if the leather gets scuffed it's much harder to hide. Whereas with black leather you can hide it with black shumagic and polish etc so these are much better for kneeling down and measuring feet with. I will of course wear them out of work too because I love them so much.

 I have worn them both and both pairs are really comfy and I'd recommend them to absolutely anyone. Both of them cost £79.99 from Clarks. I definitely have a shoe addiction but you can't not purchase one.. or two as the case may be boots at the start of Autumn/Winter.

What Winter boots have you got/are you getting this year?

Lots of Love,

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