Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Eucerin Day & Night Cream || Review

  I have never really used a specific day or night cream before, for daytime I just used a regular moisturiser and when it came to night time I'd either use the same one or a blemish targeted one. However when these dropped through the letterbox I thought I'd give them a go. They've been sat in my drawer of products to try out for a while until my regular moisturisers ran out and I was quite keen to try out using a specific cream for day and night time. Both jars contain 50ml of product and are very sturdy with a screw on lid which I personally prefer to a tube because it feels much more high end.

 Both these products are targeted towards evening out skin tone and reducing the appearance of pigmentation spots such as dark patches, age spots and freckles which make the skin look less bright and less even. This can happen for numerous reasons such as hormonal influences, sunlight exposure and oxidative stress. I personally don't really have any of these issues with my skin but I did notice that my skin tone looked more even and had less redness from spots that had left behind viscous marks.

 Since I was trying these out I thought I would do some research into the importance of using a moisturiser specifically targeted for the time of day that you're applying it at. Day creams are a lot thinner in consistency which I noticed with these creams, they also contain ingredients to protect skin from UV rays. The Eucerin one has SPF 30 is a lot higher than what most daily moisturisers offer. They also contain less oil than night creams because obviously during the day you don't want to be walking about with a greasy, shiny face. This moisturiser has a lovely consistency that is just right for hydrating the skin without leaving it shiny or having to wait ages for it to soak in. Generally after I've applied it by the time I pick up my foundation and brush it's all soaked in. My foundation always applies lovely on top of it too. This retails for £22.50 and you can buy it from both Boots and Escentual.

  The night cream is much thicker than the day cream and the purpose of it is that its heavier and more moisturising to replenish your skin with the nutrients that it needs. Night creams also contain more nutrients because your skin has time to absorb them during the night. The texture of this cream was lovely and a little goes a long way and my skin always feels amazing the morning after using it. The night cream is also available from Boots and Escentual for £23.50.

Have you tried any Eucerin products? What did you think of them?

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