Saturday, 27 September 2014

Maybelline The Falsies || Review

 As a lot of you know when it comes to mascara, I very much had the view that it was high end or the high way. However, my trust in drugstore mascara's was restored after trying the Rimmel Scandaleyes flex one that I got for free which I have gone on and on and on about multiple times and repurchased several times. However, the past few times I've been in Boots and Superdrug it's not been there so I'm assuming it must have been discontinued, if anybody knows then let me know in the comments.

 So once I'd got over my devastation it was either try out another drugstore mascara and hope for the best or go back to using They're Real by Benefit which is obviously much more expensive. After much deliberating I decided to go for Maybellines famous Falsies mascara because everyone seems to love it. Plus it had been a mascara I had wanted to try for a while but having tried so many 'hyped up' drug store mascara's previously and had them do absolutely nothing for my lashes I wasn't convinced enough. I'm super glad I tried this now because it's absolutely amazing. I wasn't sure which one it was everyone raves about either because there seems to be about 5 versions of this mascara but I eventually decided upon the flared one. It's just as good as my Rimmel one that I was in love with so I'm really happy I found a new holy grail mascara painlessly!

 It has a curved wand which I'm not fussed about but apparently it helps to lengthen the lashes and add volume. The idea is that you use the spoon side of the applicator and then flip it over and use the straighter side. I'd be lying if I said I did that, I just use whatever side of the applicator I pull out first and it still gives my eyelashes amazing definition. I don't think I will ever try another mascara again because I've found something that works (unless this gets discontinued of course... there will be war if it does).

Have you tried Maybelline the Falsies mascara? Which one and what did you think of it?

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