Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Clinique Take The Day Off Balm || Review

 When it comes to cleansing and skincare routines, I've always had the attitude that whatever does the job quickest with the least mess is best. When I'm tired, the last thing I feel like doing is dragging myself to the sink and doing an extensive routine. Therefore I never really strayed from my Bioderma because it did the job and it did it fast and pretty effortless too but I think it is quite important for your skin to give it a proper deep cleanse too. 

 Recently I have been trying out the Clinique take the day off balm* which I had high expectations for because I had heard amazing things and because Clinique are the skincare kings. This product did not disappoint, it has a consistency very similar to Coconut Oil where it's solid at room temperature but when it comes into contact with your skin it turns to an oil. The oil when rubbed into your skin breaks down your makeup and removes it even stubborn water proof mascara.

 The consistency of this product is so lovely and it feels like a real luxury when you're massaging it into the skin. Once removed it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple which is definitely where I noticed the difference after using this instead of Bioderma. I did find myself wishing that it had a lovely fragrance though because it's completely non-fragranced however this would be a big plus for anyone with sensitive skin. I have a pretty normal skin type and it works amazingly on me but I also know people with both oily and dry skin who have tried this product and loved it so it definitely seems like a people pleaser.

The only negative I've had with this product is that when removing eye make-up it can blur your vision for a few minutes if the balm gets in your eye which doesn't hurt but just feels really annoying and it also makes a bit of a panda eye effect but that washes straight off with a warm face cloth. I still have continued to use this to remove my eye makeup, just carefully but if I was tired or in a rush I think I would use my Bioderma to remove my mascara first and then use this balm for the rest of my face. 

 Although this product is up on the higher end of skincare products at £22 I can already see that it's going to last me a very long time. Even though I've been using it everyday there's barely a noticeable amount missing because you only need the smallest amount to breakdown the makeup.

Have you tried any of Clinique's skincare items? Next on my list to try is the take the day off cleansing milk!

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