Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense || Review

 Last week I was invited to a Clinique event in town and we were allowed to swatch their chubby sticks and pick a shade to take home. There were two types of chubby stick the regular ones and the intense ones and being a bold lipstick junkie I much preferred the bright colours that the intense sticks gave. After much umming and aahing and deliberating on whether to pick another bright pink which I know I would wear but I already have 100 of I decided it was time to be adventurous and pick something different.

 So in the end I went for a dark purpley plum shade which will be the perfect shade for Autumn/Winter. It is much scarier than any colour lipstick that I normally wear but I really hope that I can pull it off. I personally think it will look amazing with leggings, chelsea boots, a leather jacket and I'm really excited to play around with it when the weather gets colder.

 Firstly I love the packaging of these, I do prefer the traditional lipstick packaging but out of all crayon lipsticks Clinique definitely steal the show for packaging. I love the silver lid and twisty bottom with the coloured section in the middle that matches the shade of the actual product. It also makes me really happy that the bottom is twist up so that no giant sharpeners are involved which always annoys me because I can never find a sharpener that fits.

 The colour pay off itself is good, it's not as pigmented and opaque as say a MAC lipstick but it is more of a pigmented version of their normal Clinique chubby sticks. I find the colour to be a pretty good dupe to MAC's Rebel but less opaque and more moisturising. The pigmentation can be built up on the lips to intensify it even more which I like because I'm definitely more a fan of the bold lips look than sheer ones. The secret to the moisture in Cliniques chubby sticks is apparently down to the shea butter and mango seed butter and jojoba seed oil in them. With it being a darker colour it leaves a nice stain even after the moisture has soaked in which leaves you more time to top up the lipstick without that awkward patchy fading lips look!

 I'm actually really looking forward to styling this during the coming months as it will certainly add a bit of edge to an outfit. What are your favourite Autumn/Winter lipsticks?

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