Saturday, 6 September 2014

Meet Luca

 As a lot of you may know already if you saw my puppy haul post or you follow me on instagram or twitter (@whatabbyloves). We recently got a Springer Spaniel puppy called Luca, he was my boyfriends 21st birthday present but he's a joint pup realllyyy... hehe. He's 9 weeks old on Monday and we will have had him for two weeks.

 He's very cheeky and very playful. He loves to climb on absolutely everything... he's even worked out how to jump on numerous items to make it onto a double bed. He also can climb up and down the stairs all by himself! One step at a time but he still does it.

 He also loves chewing on everything..including fingers. His teeth are already super sharp and we're having a bit of a hard time training him not to chew people and clothing. If anyone has any good tips for teaching pups not to bite then please let me know!

"Enough pictures now mum"

  He does currently sleep in his crate which is like a house to him because he's so small at the moment but occasionally during the day we let him sleep in his fluffy big boy bed for a nap.

 Eric is currently a really jealous big brother. When we first brought him home he wouldn't even be in the same room as the pup! Now they're much better together, he'll tolerate him but he still doesn't really want to play with Luca but that doesn't stop him trying 40 times a day! I think eventually he'll accept the puppy properly and want to play with him.


 When we first got him he used to have a bottle of puppy goats milk at night. We occasionally do still give him this but not always out of a bottle because he can drink himself out of a bowl. He loves the bottle teats for teething on though!

His litter, Luca is bottom left with all the markings!
I hope you enjoyed seeing pictures of little Luca. If you want to see more of him then make sure you're following me on my instagram @whatabbyloves.

Lots of Love,

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