Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Frenchie || My Little Box

If there's one subscription box that has taken the blogging world by storm lately then it is My Little Box. Within a few months I've gone from knowing nothing about the brand to being desperate to subscribe myself but not being a lover of subscription boxes I hung back. As a general rule I think these type of boxes tend to be a waste of money, glorified samples and products that for the most part you wouldn't buy or use. However, as the months went buy, I only got more and more impressed by what was in peoples My Little Box so I decided to give it a go myself.

Firstly the box itself is beautiful and other months boxes have all looked beautiful too and I plan on keeping this and my future boxes to store things in. So much thought goes into these boxes and their creation, even the cardboard box it arrived in had a quote stuck to the inside of it. I also love the little illustration card each box comes with that has another quote in it and I plan on collecting these too since they're so cute.

The first thing that came in my box was this smartphone case that also has a pouch at the front for putting bank cards in or receipts/tickets. If I'm honest it's not the type of case I would buy for my phone and I probably wouldn't keep it in this but my phone is covered in scratches from being chucked in my bag. Therefore I will get use out of this cause I'm going to keep my phone in it when it is in my bag.

One of the cutest things in the box was this little bottle that contains 28 inspiring notes or tips that you can slip in your pocket to give you confidence during the day. It is a cute idea but having opened a good few of the notes a lot of them really aren't that special, however it would be a cute bottle to keep or to get someone to refill with cute notes when they run out. 

Another good thing about My Little Box is these little bags that the beauty section of the box comes in cause again they'll come in so handy for storing things or for traveling. In the bag there was DHC blotting paper which I was really excited about, although I've never heard of the brand before, I've always wanted to try blotting paper. I'll definitely be popping these into my handbag in the Summer because thats when my skin tends to have excess oil.

I was quite happy to see this L'oreal Brow artist plumper in my box too because I love brow products and L'oreal is my favourite drug store makeup brand. This one is in transparent and is similar to a clear mascara wand to plump up your brows.

Undoubtedly the thing I was most excited to see in my box was this full size, yes you read write full size By Terry kohl crayon. By Terry is one of those raved about brands and I for one love their ombre blackstar eyeshadows so I have extremely high hopes for this little beauty. It is in the shade Bronze Generation which granted being jet black with gold particles through, it isn't my usual eyeliner shade but I'm really excited to try it out all the same. 

My Little Box also contain one of their own products in each box, this time I got their apricot skin tint which is aimed to brighten and freshen up the face. It comes out in an apricot coloured liquid and also smells very apricot like so I'm excited to give this a trial.

The box also contains the My Little World magazine which I kid you not is actually a really good read with lots of tips and handy information. It also has little cards explaining about each of the products in the box, how much they retail for and what they're about.

Have you tried My Little Box? Do you think it's worth the £13.95 that it costs?

Lots of Love,

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