Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Charlotte Tillbury, L'oreal and Garnier || Beauty Haul

As a lot of you probably already know, one of my biggest New Years Resolutions was to save money which I did a fantastic job of in January. However if you're a fellow spendaholic like me then you'll know that when you're saving you have this unruly desire to buy everything thats accumulated on your ever expanding wish list. For me, I think I've done quite well in controlling this (compared to what I normally do anyway) but Boots is dangerous territory for me when I'm saving.

I have been after some of the L'oreal colour riche collection forever especially Blake Lively's one because who doesn't want to look like Serena Van Der Woodsen?! Every single time I've been in Boots I've been down on my hands and knees foraging through the L'oreal drawer in hope for a Blake lipstick that isn't mashed up or already been tried on by 50 other girls but to no avail. So you can imagine that when I did finally find one I was so overcome with excitement that I had to buy two more...

I wanted Eva's nude initially because when swatched it was the shade I liked most but sadly I look nothing like her so I thought I'd pick up Julianne's too who I also look nothing like but her complexion is closer to mine than Eva's is.  They were on 2 for £12 so I very nearly bought 4 but I restrained because after all I am meant to be saving money so I settled for 3!

The next lipstick I got is probably the most exciting and that's Charlotte Tilbury's Glastonberry which I've wanted for the longest amount of time but have never been able to justify. I actually won this in the gorgeous Zoe's giveaway so I'm so thankful to her because now I can try it without actually having to break my spending ban too much! 

The last thing I picked up was two Garnier Moisture Match creams which I have never tried before but when they came out I remember really wanting to try them! I've heard that the revitalising hydrating gel is a dupe for Origins Gin Zing moisturiser and they were on 2 for £4 so since my skin has beeb really dry lately I also went for the rich moisturiser! 

I am planning to do full reviews on all of these products as soon as I get some spare time. Have you tried any of these products?? 

Lots of Love,

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