Sunday, 8 February 2015

January || Instagram

January has been a really long busy month so I've shared quite a lot of instagram posts this month and I always find it really hard to pick just a few so as you can see there is quite a lot this month!

I have developed a massive Frijj milkshake addiction

♥ Dog walks by the lake at sunset are my favourite 

♥ Lush Sparkler bath ballistic

♥ Cuddles with mum

♥ Pup was scared of the windy storms we had earlier this month so held a cushion in his mouth till he fell asleep, n'aww bless.

♥ Customised slush puppy from Lucas cafe

♥ My new Macbook Pro which has become my favourite thing ever

♥ People Watching

♥ Cookies n Cream ice cream from Luca's (Yes that is what Luca is named after)

 ♥ Cinnamon Bun Jewel Candle from my gal Daisy

♥ One of the photos I took for my Salt Air Post, it was one of the 'product photoshoots' if you like that I'm most happy with!

♥ This is realistically what I have looked like throughout the whole of January, in my snuggle jumper from Next, hiding behind it whilst watching Pretty Little Liars. Both are in my Non-Beauty Favourites. I started watching Pretty Little Liars in January and I'm already on Season 4 eeek!

♥ Sparkly Pumpkin hands

 ♥ Don't study law, all my textbooks and all my revision notes!

♥ My Love Tanya book which I highly recommend!

♥ My #SmearForSmear which I have done a full post about on my smear test experience and why I think it's something really important for all girls to get done!

If you want to see more of my instagram posts then you can pop over and have a peek @whatabbyloves.

Lots of Love,


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