Saturday, 14 February 2015

Have a Lush Valentines Day || Haul

Happy Valentines Day you beautiful bunch!

Obviously with it being Valentines Day today, I thought it would be nice to share some bits and bobs that I picked up from the Lush Valentines day range because I am a magnet to anything that glitters, sparkles or smells nice!

The first thing I picked up was the giant love locket that left a giant dent in my purse at near enough £7 which I think is pretty expensive for a bath ballistic. However this beauty does redeem itself in the fact that it would do about three baths with its outer shell and also contains another bath ballistic inside it. I am looking forward to using this but not to having to cut it up and separate it. Although I was planning to avoid this one in order to save money, it smelt so beautiful that I just had to pick it up. It has a very sweet vanilla scent but not overpowering, it's a really nice smell.

I also picked up the Unicorn Horn which is so different to anything I've seen Lush do before. It has so many colours in it, pastel colours which obviously drew me in and has sparkles and pretty little stars. This one I'm not entirely sure of what the smell is but I know I wouldn't have bought it for its smell alone, it was definitely the aesthetics that made me fall in love with this one. It's quite a relaxing, herbal, lavender almost earthy smell, definitely not a favourite by scent but it is growing on me slowly but surely.

I was in need of another Lush lip scrub because my bubblegum one has started to taste a little funky because its passed its use by date so instead of buying the same again I thought I would go for something different. In the end I went for The Kiss with it being Valentines and all, this has cute little sprinkles on top and love hearts. I wasn't sure about getting a limited edition one because I really don't like the Christmas Santa lip scrub but I'm hoping this one will be a lot nicer!

The last thing I bought isn't from the Valentines collection but I believe it may be part of the Mothers day collection because I haven't seen it before in the shop is this Ultraviolet bubble bar. It looks a lot like the Comforter or Brightside but in deep purple and blues but it was it's beautiful scent that made me unable to leave the shop without it. Parma violets are one of my favourite sweets from my childhood and this smells exactly like a big packet of parma violets, so like it that if I closed my eyes I'd probably try eat it. This one was nearly £5 but this is massive so you could definitely get four baths out of this and I'm so excited to see what colour the water goes with this one.

Have you tried anything from Lushes Valentines collection? What are you doing this Valentines? Me and Gary are just going out for a nice meal, then out for some drinks before coming home to watch a movie and have snuggles with the pup. Hope you all have a lovely night whatever you're doing! 

Lots of Love,

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