Friday, 6 February 2015

January Non-Beauty Favourites

These are probably my most favourite type of posts to read because I love finding new foods to try out, new books to read or tv series to watch and I'm quite a nosey person so I find them really interesting.

I don't always have enough non-beauty favourites to do a post every month but I definitely have enough non-beauty favourites from January to do a whole post dedicated to them, yay.

My biggest non-beauty favourite of January has got to be without a doubt Netflix, more specifically Pretty Little Liars. How have I never seen this series before?! I'm currently on Season 4 and I'm so hooked, I would have finished it by now but I have to wait till me and Gary both have free time to watch it because I'm not allowed to watch it without him. How lucky am I that my boyfriend not only watches Pretty Little Liars but actually enjoys watching it?! He actually woke me up the other day to ask if we could watch it hahaha. I love watching it and am dreading when I actually catch up with everyone and have to wait to watch it! I have got every single one of my friends who didn't already watch this hooked on it so definitely a good one to watch. How stunning is Aria by the way?! New girl crush!

 I have been loving my tan Chelsea boots from Clarks, they are my work shoes but I wear them out of work too because I love them so much. I think a lot of you must agree since I did a whole post dedicated to my Winter boots and it is my most popular post by far! I'm going to be really sad when the weather gets warmer and I can't really wear these anymore.

I think I lied before when I said Pretty Little Liars was my biggest favourite, I think that award definitely has to go to my Macbook Pro. I have wanted one of these for years now and my old laptop was slow, buggy and on its last legs so although I was meant to be saving I splashed out and got it. It may seem an extravagant purpose but its made a massive difference in that I can take it to uni, import blog photos easier, have the integration between my iPad and iPhone and the whole laptop is seamlessly designed. If anybody is sat on the fence (like I was) about whether they're worth the money or are you paying for just the brand name - no, no you're not they are really, really worth it! It may not have the highest processors or technical things but nothing that you would notice unless you're a hardcore gamer. I did nearly cry paying that much money for something at once but it was worth it, no regrets!

Pug slippers, these are the comfiest things possibly ever. I have hundreds of these little slipper Primark socks and all are equally as comfy but the newer they are then the comfier they feel and these are so cute! I'm not big on pugs but they're cute anyway.

I've also been loving my Pandora rings, I haven't had them off since I got them because I think they look amazing with everything. I'm trying my very best to take care of them because I'm a nightmare for losing rings and earrings. I think my favourite is the Romance ring because its so small and delicate and looks lovely by itself or layered with the heart ring on top.

This is a bit of a random one but I am a complete lounger, and by that I mean I'm at my happiest sat in front of Netflix in sleepwear. I wear more pyjamas than I do clothes and I have fallen in love with this snuggle jumper from Next, if you follow me on instagram then you've probably seen me wear this a lot! Talking about pyjamas I read on the Daily Mail that on average most people change their pyjamas every week-2 weeks?! Is that right? I can't be the only one who changes mine every night/two days?? It's so snuggly and warm and its really big with pockets and a zip that can cover your mouth so you could zip it all the way up to your nose if you really wanted too. It even has the cutest label on the inside (which completely sums me up) "today I chose to hibernate".

I know this only came out at the end of January but I got it early and had already finished it before the end of the month. I love this book, the layout of it, the information in it and the pictures are all simply stunning. Although Tanya has released she had a ghost writer for this because it is still about her and has lots of helpful tips that are beauty/fashion/skincare related and clearly not just the opinions of a ghost writer I don't mind. Plus I remember Tanya saying in a video a while ago that she was going to have somebody helping her with her book because of course she is not a writer. I would 100% recommend this book if you're interested in Tanya and her life or if you just want some interesting fashion and beauty tips! However, it does seem that every big Youtuber seems to automatically think they're an author these days.. I can't help but feel that both Penguin and Gleam should have spread out the announcements/releases a bit more to stop it being so blatantly obvious. 

I have been loving this Cinnamon jewel candle that my friend Daisy sent me after I won her giveaway. This candle smells incredible and as you can see I've been burning rather a lot of it. I will do a full review post on this soon so you can see what ring I got inside!

Obviously as soon as I got this baby I knew it would be in my favourites, how beautiful is it?? I love having a purse that matches my bag and its handy for keeping all my change organised because I always used to stuff it in my bag loose then lose it because my purse wasn't very pretty but not anymore.

What have your non-beauty favourites been this month?

Lots of Love,

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