Tuesday, 3 February 2015

January Beauty Favourites

I'm not going to say how fast I think January has gone by because for once I actually don't think it has?? I think January has been one of the longest months in a long time, it feels like Christmas was months ago. It must be the January blues, saving money and getting back into a work routine after Christmas that has made it drag so much but I'm definitely ready to kiss goodbye to January.

Anyway I've fallen in love with some new products this month and also some old products that have been unloved by me but since I've been saving money in January I have been trying to shop my stash a little more.

 The first product I've been loving is MAC's Red Balloon lipstick which is actually a limited edition product but when I bought it, I ordered it online and when it came it didn't really strike me as anything special. However, throughout January I have been really enjoying using this, I think it's because it's quite a cool toned dark pink and in the warmer months it just wasn't the type of colour I wanted to reach for. It's am amplified finish so it's long lasting and I've loved wearing it to work because I know it will last my whole shift without needing topped up.

I have also been loving my Origins Overnight intensive mask because in Winter my skin becomes quite dry and tight feeling so this has been my saviour. You only need the tiniest amount of this for the whole face and neck and in the morning it leaves skin lovely and soft. This is my number one product that I've been recommending to any of my friends that have dry skin.

I also rediscovered my Maybelline Baby Lips which I've been obsessed with again due to the cold weather making my lips dry and chapped. My favourite of all the Maybelline lip balms is the coloured ones because they add a really pretty tint to the lips too. This one is Peach Kiss and it just gives a gorgeous nude sheen to the lips whilst moisturising and helps protect from the cold.

I love my Bioderma for removing make-up which is no secret but in the UK it's both really hard to get hold off and its also pretty expensive so because there have been many dupes released I thought it was about time I tried one. I chose the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water because I had heard lots of good things about it. I am going to do a full review on this but it's really good at removing make-up and considering it's a fraction of the price of Bioderma, I'm impressed.

For Christmas I was given the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, I've never tried it before which being a beauty blogger is like some kind of cardinal sin so I was so happy to get this as a gift. I've been using it to cleanse after using my Garnier Micellar Water and it leaves skin so soft. I'm probably going to do a full review later on this month but it has been a big favourite of mine in January and I think I'll need to buy a big bottle when this runs out.

Another Christmas gift I got was this NailKale red polish by Nails Inc. It looks nothing special but compared to normal Nails Inc polishes the bottle is so big and heavy and feels very luxurious. It's a gorgeous, rich red shade and the brush is amazing for painting nails. It has the perfect size and shape of brush for even application and it's good for your nails so I'm very impressed with this. So impressed that if I wasn't on a spending ban I definitely would have purchased a few other shades from this range. 

I've also been loving my vanilla brûlée lip gloss from The Body Shop. I got this in a free gift set so I didn't have high hopes for it but it's actually really pretty. I like applying this over lipstick to give it a nice shine and subtle shimmer. It smells exactly like the vanilla brûlée range (obviously) from Body Shop which is one of my favourite scents from them.

Another product I rediscovered was my Real Techniques beauty blender, when I first tried this I wasn't overly impressed and then I went through a stage of really liking it but went off it again. All through last month I applied my make-up using this little miracle sponge. It gives a really pretty, well blended, even finish however I do often wonder if it is the most economical because it's bound to soak some product up. It also takes quite a bit longer to apply makeup this way but I really like the finish and find it quite therapeutic bleeding my foundation with it. I must say though it is impossible to clean!

My last beauty favourite has got to be my Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body scrub, I'm sure by now you all know that this is my all time favourite body scrub. This month I've started using it to do a dry body scrub with and it is so much more effective! It feels quite abrasive on the skin but leaves it so soft, I feel like a new woman after I've used it. There's nothing worse than a body scrub that has like ten beads in the whole thing, this is so gritty and it sits in an oily moisture too so moisturises the skin whilst exfoliating it.

What products have you been loving lately?

Lots of Love,

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