Friday, 13 February 2015

Jewel Candle Cinnamon Bun || Review

Recently I won a Jewel Candle in my lovely friend Daisy's blog giveaway and I was super excited because I've had a jewel candle before and really love the product and the concept of it. Basically it's my ideal, a candle which also contains a ring inside and each ring is valued between £10-£250. The rings used to come with labels saying the exact valuation of the ring on it but I think they aren't legally allowed to do that anymore but you can take it to a jeweller and get it valued if you want to know how much yours is worth.

My last jewel candle was a Candyfloss scented one which I'll be honest I don't really use other than when I'm in the bath because I'm not at all keen on the scent of it, it's very sickly. So I didn't really have massive hopes for this one but it smells incredible, much nicer than my last one. It smells exactly like cinnamon and has a sweet tinge to it but not overly sweet which I really like and have continued to burn this even though I already have my ring. 

The hardest bit about Jewel Candle is if you're an impatient person like me because you need to wait until the wax burns down low enough that you can grab out the tin foil package containing the ring. I stuck my candle on the moment it arrived to burn it down and kept it on all that evening, it takes about 10 hours burning time before you can get to the package. I let mine burn half way down the foil and then I lost patience and went in with my tweezers to retrieve it.

Inside the special heat protectant foil theres a little bag which contains your ring. It has a label that says what type of sterling silver it is, this time mines was 925, no idea what that means so anyone who does please let me know.

My ring was this pretty silver band with two rows of diamond style gems on it. It is really pretty but it's also really huge. I found this with my last Jewel Candle ring too that it came up really big on me. I would only be able to wear this ring as a thumb ring but it is really pretty. I'm a size 52/54 in Pandora rings if that helps give you an idea of how big their rings are. They also do an earrings version of the candle too in a smaller jar which I think would be interesting to try.

Have you tried Jewel Candle?

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