Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I Heart New York || Lindsey Kelk

Last year I reviewed 'I Heart Christmas' by Lindsey Kelk and because I enjoyed it so much I bought 'I Heart New York' also written by her. All the I Heart books are written about the same character Angela Clark who runs away to New York to escape after a bad break up with her boyfriend.

This book is all about why Angela leaves London, her adventures in New York, her blogging job that she lands and her decision to stay in New York/go back home to London. Shortly after arriving to New York Angela meets a friend who takes her under her wing, helps her to try recover from her breakup and gives her a guide to New York living. The books main themes are break ups, friendship, dating and New York. 

I've never been to New York but this book almost makes me feel like I have because of it's stunning descriptions and all the names of different places and streets. Like Lindsey's last book it had parts that  had me laughing out loud and parts that had me feeling upset for the characters. It has also left me with even more of a burning desire to visit New York and at the back this book also has a whole section of tips on best hotels in NYC and restaurants to go to. It also has clubs that are good and shops that are a must visit and all the addresses and numbers of these places.

It's a good chick flick read and I can imagine it would be an amazing read for anybody going through a break up since thats what the book is about, it will make yours seem not as bad whilst cheering you up! I'm actually really sad that this book has finished now but I do already have another one of Kelks 'I Heart Las Vegas' on my bookshelf ready to read which going by the last two books I've read I'm sure it will be amazing.

Lindsey Kelk actually tweeted me after I posted a picture of her and Tanya's book together saying that they looked like a good pairing to her, I had a bit of a 'fan girl' moment.

Have you read any of the I Heart series?

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